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Five years had passed. They were still happilly married. And completely in love for each other. Her dream came true ,after all. She bought the little store, in London downtown, which only brought her more fame, and after a few months she opened a store in Milan, and was living a very good life with her husband Eriol and her beautifull twins. A boy and a girl, Susuke and Kaoru.

Susuke was the "oldest". He was born first followed by his little sister Kaoru. They both had their mother's amethyst sparkling eyes, and their dad's midnight blue hair. Kaoru's hair was wavy like her mother's and she was always smiling and laughing. She didn't like drawing that much, but she did love singing and playing. Susuke was very much like his father. He was always smiling too, but in his eyes there was that expression that meant hidden secret. They were only four but Tomoyo could already picture them all grown up, though she hoped that they would grow up slowly, so she could enjoy every moment with them.

She missed her friends, Sakura, Sayoran and the others, but for now she needed to stay there, at least until her husband finished his bussiness in England and they could return to Japan. Sakura and Syaoran had a little boy his name was Kohaku. He looked a lot like Syaoran except of his green eyes, that resembled his mother Sakura.

For their surprise , Kaho Mizuki is engaged and about to get married with no one less than Touya. Tomoyo thought she was mistaken when saw both of them kissing at their wedding, but she wasn't. It was their first kiss, and after that they took it slow to see where it would lead them.

Tomoyo sat there in her yard thinking the little tricks that fate played with them. But she was soon interrupted by her daughter.

"Mommy! Mommy he keeps pushing me!" her daughter complained almost crying.

"It's not my fault she is on the way." he said seriously. Tomoyo chuckled.

"If she is on your way , you use the magic words. You remember them, right?" she said to her son.

"Yes..." he said in a bored tone." Please, thank you, excuse me, I am sorry." she smiled.

"Exactly. Now, apologize to your sister and let's go to the dining room cause dinner is ready and your cusin is waiting. Be nice to him , it is not always that we see him." she said and waited for her son to apologize.

Susuke mumbled an I am sorry and left the room, his siter following him. Tomoyo got up and watched them slowly walk towards the living room, where Syaoran , Sakura and Kohaku were waiting.

"They are amazing aren't they?" Eriol whispered to her ear while he encircled her with his strong arms.

"Yes they are." she said and smiled while kissed her neck lovingly. She shivered like she always did.

"You still shiver when I touch you..." he said sensually in her ear and ran his hand from her shoulder to her waist.

"Eriol...they are waiting for us." she said , in a warning tone.

"I think another kid would be great , don't you think so too hunnie?" he said, his hand sliping under her shirt. She gasped and took a deep breath.

"Yes..but not now, I don't want them walking on us...you know." she said and removed his hand. He pouted.

"Fine...but tonight" he whispered in her ear and held her tighter against his body."...you are mine." he said and left for the dining room. She took a couple of deep breaths before entering the house herself.

Sakura and Sayoran were talking to Eriol, whose eyes locked on hers when she walked into the room, the children were playing with their toys in a corner, refusing to eat. She laughed said hi to them and sat near her husband, who put an arm around her waist and placed a quick kiss on her neck. Syaoran and Sakura smiled.

She looked at the perfect scene and smiled too. Everything she wished for, finally came true.