A/N: We shall say that this is AU, since I want Snape and Dumbledore to be here and Voldemort shall be, for the sake of being able to concentrate more on Blaise and Hermione, dead. Standard disclaimer does apply.


In Which Hermione is Ravished in the Potions Classroom

The school was abuzz with startling news. Hermione Granger, perfect Prefect and all around goody two shoes, had detention.

The fact that Snape had done his usual greasy evil and doled out the unfair punishment was the only thing that assured the student body that the apocalypse was not right around the corner.

But when they heard the second bit of news, everyone immediately assumed Hell had frozen over and the Dark Lord would soon adopt Harry Potter.

Blaise Zabini, best Potions student in all of Hogwarts and in Slytherin, was given detention as well.

Snape had given detention to one of his own students.

And Hermione Granger was furious.

"That—that bastard!" she seethed, throwing down her bag and sitting down hard in the nearest chair. Harry, Ginny, and Ron looked up, startled at her using such language.

"C'mon Hermione, detentions not so bad," Ron said, attempting to cheer her up. "Well, yeah, it is with Snape. And yeah, you have it with a slimy Slytherin. And yeah, you'll probably have to scrub the dungeons without magic 'til your arm falls off..." Ginny glared at him, and he wisely shut up, returning to his chess game with Harry.

"It's not detention," Hermione explained. "It's that stupid idiot Zabini." She groaned and rested her forehead on her hands.

"What'd he do?" Harry asked curiously. Hermione ran her hand through her bushy hair and looked at him to see he had a very suspicious look on his face mixed with a hint of anger.

"Snape's had us working on making a variation of a potion for months now, and I finally made a breakthrough. Then that idiot decides that a dungbomb would be a nice addition to my potion!" she exclaimed, not moving her head. Ron had a look on his face that bordered on amusement. Ginny noticed and quickly comforted her friend.

"No worries, Hermione. You're the most organized person I know, and I'm sure you have such thorough notes that it won't be too hard to restart." The words pacified the Prefect and she dug a folder of parchment out of her overstuffed bag with renewed determination and vigor.

"I'm going to go the library before detention. I'll see you guys later," she said, getting up to leave.

"Oi, don't kill Zabini tonight," Ron warned. "Snape doesn't like death threats against Slytherins." Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron's parting words and climbed out of the portrait hole.

"You're late, Granger," Snape scolded as Hermione slipped into the dungeons. She scowled and checked her watch; she still had a minute to spare. Wisely, she kept her mouth shut, merely thankful that Snape had not decided to deduct more points on the matter.

Zabini sauntered through the door five minutes later, just polishing off the last bit of a cupcake. Hermione ground her teeth in anger when Snape didn't say a word at his late appearance.

"Thirty cauldrons." Snape pointed a long finger at some of the grimiest cauldrons Hermione had ever seen. "Scrub them. No magic. I'll check in on you in an hour." He gave Hermione one of his glares reserved for especially annoying Gryffindors and swept out of the room with his robes billowing.

"Fifteen to you, fifteen to me?" Hermione suggested, ever the organized, planning one. Zabini shrugged, which she took as agreement. She picked up her bucket of soap and brush and made her way to the imposing pile. She had just dipped in her brush when Zabini pulled out his wand and muttered scourgify.

"Snape said no magic," she accused him. Zabini shrugged indifferently and pulled out another cupcake.

"Snape's not here. How's he to know?" Hermione frowned. He did have a good point, but she was a stickler for rules and Snape had said no magic. She picked up her brush again.

"Would you like me to do yours, Gryff?" Zabini asked casually, all his attention focused on unwrapping the cupcake. "I mean, if you don't know the spell, I understand..." Hermione narrowed her eyes at his insinuation.

"Of course I know the spell," she snapped, snatching up her wand.

"Really? 'Cos you're still standing there." Hermione chewed on her lip and gave the dungeon a quick once over before whispering timidly the cleaning charm.

"See? Easy," Zabini said matter of factly.

"I suppose. But now what are we supposed to do until Snape comes back?" she mused. The Slytherin took his eyes off his cupcake to raise an eyebrow at Hermione.

"Surely you can amuse yourself for two hours, Gryff." There was something in his voice that made Hermione want to prove that very much. She looked at him disdainfully and yanked the shrunken book Hogwarts, A History out of her robe pocket. After a quick enlarging charm, she stuck her nose in the worn book.

When she read a sentence three times over, she knew she couldn't concentrate. Only Zabini could make eating a cupcake so...erotic. She peered over the top of her book, staring through her bangs.

His tongue flicked out gracefully and swiped up the green icing, causing Hermione's mind to wander to other things he could use his tongue for, and she felt her cheeks heat. He daintily licked off any crumbs from his lips with that tongue, leaving his lips glistening. His very kissable lips. She nearly jumped at the thought, and hurriedly directed her eyes back to a paragraph about the Astronomy Tower, which didn't help her much.

"See something you like?" a voice growled sensually in her ear. Hermione gave a yelp and turned to see Zabini's mocha-colored face only centimeters from his. Her eyes were drawn to his lips, which then curved into a cocky smirk.

"Apparently so," he teased. Hermione blushed.

"I do—I wasn't..." But those lips distracted her from defending herself. She tore her eyes away to find where she had thrown her book in surprise, but soon she found that annoying cupcake in her line of vision. There was still some icing innocently waiting on it. She swallowed, finding herself unable to watch as Zabini tantalizingly drew the cupcake up to his lips and bit into the rich chocolate.

"You've, ah, got some icing, er..." Hermione stammered out, her voice several notches higher than usual.

"Oh I do?" Zabini feigned surprise. "I don't have a mirror. Perhaps you could get it off for me?" He smiled suggestively, which was not diminished in the slightest by the icing coating his lips. Hermione gave a small eep and blushed miraculously.

Zabini quirked an eyebrow and made short work of licking his lips. "Bloody hell, I thought you Gryffs were brave." He shook his head. In the face of an insult, Hermione found her voice again and managed to stop thinking such sexual thoughts.

"And just what's that supposed to mean?" she snapped.

"Nothing," Zabini replied casually. "It's just, most girls would have jumped at the chance to lick icing off me." Hermione frowned. The man was just so annoyingly cocky!

"I'll have you know I'm not most girls," she said haughtily.

"Indeed," Zabini agreed, eying her with an expression that made Hermione distinctly uncomfortable for some reason. She fumbled with her robe clasp a bit before hopping up on a desk to get more comfortable. Zabini copied her pose, his feet still sitting on the ground, and he seemed to be lounging. Hermione found herself very aware that her feet swung in the air and her hands were primly folded in her lap. She tried to surreptitiously slouch and find a place for her hands.

Zabini noticed and chuckled quietly, effectively annoying Hermione. There was a silence she just couldn't bear, as it left her with nothing to do but stare at Zabini. He was beyond handsome, he was sexy and beautiful, and as masculine as can be. His face was angular with fine features, and his muscular physique showed through his clothes. Curly black locks fell in a perfectly tousled way, framing his liquid sapphire eyes so dark it was hard to say they weren't black. Hermione found herself unable to look away. They were entrancing and seemed to catch her breath every time she saw them.

He noticed her eyes roaming over him, unfortunately as this elicited yet another cocky smirk.

"Why'd you put that dungbomb in my potion?" she questioned, glaring at him. The glare had little outward affect, so she settled for crossing her arms.

"I...was bored," he explained. But Hermione distinctly heard the way he said it, as if there was something else to add.

"I've been working on that potion for weeks."

"True," Blaise (No! Zabini.) agreed. "It was wrong though. So, perhaps I did you a favor, because I have no doubt that right after we get out of here you'll run back to your notes to check them over and find you did make a mistake. Then you'll insist that I was only bluffing, guessing, to give an excuse." He looked at her smugly, and Hermione had to force herself to look like what he said was not completely true.

"Hermione..." he said, shaking his head with a smile.

"Excuse me? I do believe that's Granger to you."

Zabini shrugged. "Fine. Hermione is such a nice name though. Can I call you Lioness instead? I find it a rather endearing pet name. Fitting too," he added as he saw her vicious glare.

"I'm a Gryffindor, Zabini," she reminded him sternly. "We cannot have pet names, or like each other."

"My, my, my. When did I say anything about liking you, Lioness?" He paused, looking thoughtful. "I don't believe I did. Which means, you must have been thinking about it." He smiled and tilted his head at her. "So you like me, little Lioness? You find me irresistibly attractive?" He pushed off the desk while speaking and slowly prowled towards her. Her eyes were caught in the predatory gaze of his, lost in his eyes which had turned nearly black in his desire. Every motion screamed sexy, and Hermione licked her lips in unconscious anticipation.

He placed his hands on each side of her and leaned forward so his face was nearly touching hers. She hadn't moved. She couldn't. Her breathing was heavy and her lips were wet from her nervous licking and parted.

Blaise lifted a hand towards her face and traced her features, his ebony eyes following the movements of his hand. Every touch sent shivers down her spine. That liquid sapphire gaze seemed to have frozen her to the spot. His fingers skipped along her hairline and traced the curve of her ear down along her jawline and up to her lips. The sensation of his warm, chocolate breath on her face and his gentle fingers was unbelievable.

Then he kissed her.

And boy, was it a kiss.

His lips meet her with an urgent need, pressing against each other forcefully, but not with a bruising intensity. It took her a second to react, then she pressed back with equal fervor and fisted her hands in his silky hair. His lips repeated the movements he made earlier with his fingers, making it twice as pleasing with her lips being so sensitive. They parted instinctively, and his tongue slipped in nimbly. He far surpassed her assumptions that he was good with his tongue.

Hermione moaned softly, and he pulled back slowly. Obsidian bored into chestnut before he moved his mouth to her ear. His hands moved to her waist, pulling her to the edge of the desk. Her knees separated so she straddled his hips. His need pressed against her crotch, eliciting another groan as he nibbled gently and she blushed.

"Don't be embarrassed," he murmured in her ear between kisses. "It turns me on." He moved down to her neck, and she titled her head to allow him better access to the sweet spot below her ear. He sucked and kissed, gently scraping his teeth along her flesh once it was sensitive before gently licking. The sensations made her purr.

"Little Lioness," he teased, breathing hot air in her ear. A burning heat was blooming below her stomach, driving her crazy. Feeling the intense need to, she ground her hips against his slowly, reveling in the feel and the noises she caused him to emit. He paused and Hermione took over, capturing his lips in another kiss.

In retaliation, he eased his hands between her legs and his and spread them more. He shimmied her skirt up higher, revealing more smooth ivory skin. With a soft touch, he placed his hands on her thighs and rubbed circles with his thumbs. Slowly, agonizingly, he moved his hands upwards, keeping his thumbs circling.

They broke apart hesitantly minutes later, both breathing heavily. Hermione leaned her head against his forehead, and they locked their gaze. His eyes were still sensually dark.

Then suddenly the realization of what had just transpired hit Hermione like a bludger.

"Oh my god." She scrambled back, or rather, she tried to, but she was trapped between the desk and Blaise, no Zabini.

Zabini saw it, he saw the change in her, and when he did he changed. The blank look reappeared on his face, and he stiffly backed away from her.

"I suppose Snape will be here soon. We should make it seem like we were busy with the cauldrons," he informed her formally.

"What!" Hermione exclaimed. "That's it? You practically ravish me in the potions dungeon, and then you just go bloody cold and Slytherin on me!" She jumped off the table and struck her most annoyed pose.

Zabini didn't flinch at her yelling, but something flickered in his eyes. "I didn't see you complaining when I 'ravished you'. You seemed to enjoy it, actually," he pointed out, smirking. Hermione seethed, grinding her teeth, and tried not to let the images that were replaying in her mind affect her expression.

"I did not!" she demanded hotly, taking a few steps forward. His expression changed to something unreadable.

"You're such a bloody, insufferable, haughty Gryffindor!" Zabini growled, not raising his voice. She opened her mouth, at a loss of what to say, and became very aware at just how close they were. Her eyes were level with Zabini's chest, causing her to look up at him where he stood slightly bending over her. For a moment she thought he was going to close the small gap between their lips, but...

"Quaint," Snape said curtly. Hermione jumped away from Zabini, crashing into the desk painfully. Zabini's face snapped back to his bored expression.

Snape's eyes flicked towards Hermione's neck, and thin lips curved into a smile as Hermione hurried to hide the marks she knew must be on her neck. "Busy, I see? Hmm..." He stalked towards the cauldrons and inspected them with a hawk-like scrutiny. He turned to Hermione, who was silently praying that he not realize she did magic. She caught his gaze, and hurriedly tried to look away, knowing he was a master of Occlumency, but obviously she was not quick enough.

Hermione's wand flew to Snape's outstretched hand, and after a brief examination, he smiled again at catching her. "I do believe I said no magic, Ms. Granger. That will be another detention." Hermione gaped at the slimy Head of Slytherin for a moment, trying to yell out her frustration at the fact that Zabini was walking away free. But so many things had happened, and such anger and confusion was coursing through her that she just looked like a pathetic goldfish.

"OUT!" Hermione didn't need to be told twice and scampered. Zabini was ambling down the hallway ahead.

"Zabini!" she called out. "Zabini! Urgh. Blaise!" He turned, slowly, tilting his head in question at her.

"What—why..." she stumbled over all the questions running through her mind. "Thanks a lot. How's he to know? I just got another detention because of you."

Zabini ignored the accusation and grinned. "Pity I can't be there to share it with you." He gave a wink, turned on his heel, and disappeared, leaving a very annoyed Gryffindor behind.

A/N: So that ending may frustrate you. It frustrates me, and I wrote it. This was originally meant as a one-shot, written for the potions classroom challenge from 30-minute HP fic challenges. However, it took me much longer than 30 minutes to write this, and now, I'm thinking of making a few more chapters. Please review with some constructive criticism, especially on their little snog scene. It was originally written a little more, um, risque? But then I realized that this is Hermione. So, please help me out and review.