In Which Pink Cheeks Create Lascivious Desires

Harry's took it upon himself to make it his mission to reunite Zabini and Hermione. Sure, the bloke was a Slytherin. And he thought, with good reason, that Slytherins were generally a slimly lot. But if Hermione liked him, well, he could accept that. After all, there were exceptions to every rule, and he knew Hermione was a whole lot smarter than he, so he trusted her judgment.

And he feared her wrath. Not that he'd ever be stupid enough to try and tell her what to do. That was strictly Ron's job. Just like it was Harry's job to keep the truth from Ron for as long as possible. He did not want to see that argument.

Harry's opportune moment came about a week later in Transfiguration when they were taking a quiz. Most of the class already had chosen their seats when the Gryffindor trio arrived, and Harry, using the quick thinking that got him out of trouble so often, yanked Ron into a seat and plopped himself next to Ron before Hermione could. That left the only open seat right in front of Zabini and Harry.

Hermione pointedly ignored the boy, who didn't seem bothered in the least. McGonagall passed out the quizzes, explicitly stating that no cheating was allowed. And thus, the plan began.

Harry ducked his head and reached out to Hermione to poke her in the back. She shrugged her shoulder in irritation and huffed. He waited, wrote an answer on his quiz, and quickly jabbed her again.

Hermione sighed and turned to stare at Zabini, who looked at her in bemusement. Harry ducked to hide his grin at how well his plan was going. They'd be in detention in no time.

"Miss Granger, please keep your eyes on your own paper," McGonagall snapped. Hermione bent her head, her cheeks tinged pink.

Harry wrote a few more thoughtful answers and one completely made up answer and poked Hermione again. She fidgeted in annoyance, mumbling under her breath, but she didn't turn around. Obviously she was determined to ignore the poking.

Harry glanced over to make sure no one was looking and gave Hermione three quick jabs with his finger. In a flash he was back to work with no one the wiser, including Hermione.

"ZABINI! Stop poking me!" Hermione screeched, staring Zabini right in the face. The class looked up, some sniggering discreetly at Hermione frazzled expression and Zabini's obvious confusion.

"MISS GRANGER!" McGonagall called out sternly. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Zabini keeps poking me!"

At this, Zabini came to his defense. "I was not! You're the one who kept twisting around to look at me!" He ended that with a little smirk.

"Did not! You poked me!"

"Was not! You were the one interrupting me!"

McGonagall yelled out, her nostrils flaring, "Stop it right now unless you wish to make your punishment worse!" Immediately, the bickering students shut up, causing Harry to duck his head to hide his laughter. Hermione looked positively horrified.

"Detention. Both of you. Tonight. And if I ever see this horrible display of behavior in my class again, I assure you your punishment will be much worse!" McGonagall gave them both a stern glare before returning to her desk.

The class ended with no more incidents, unless Hermione's face achieving the heat to burn an egg counted. "What do you reckon is wrong with Hermione?" Ron whispered to Harry as they exited.

"No idea, mate," Harry lied, barely able to control his smile.


"Bloody hell," Blaise muttered, a little too loudly, Hermione thought. But then, she had to agree with him.

"And remember, no magic. I will know," McGonagall warned sternly, her lips pursed so tightly they were nearly invisible. Hermione grimaced and rolled up her sleeves. Blaise scowled as he did the same.

For several minutes all that could be heard was the slopping of soapy water as the two students scrubbed, scraped, and soaked every single dish dirtied during dinner. Hermione couldn't help but feel that McGonagall spent too much time around Filch.

"You know, Granger," Blaise said out of the blue, dropping his plate casually back into the sink," I really should just make you do all of these." Hermione stiffened and slammed her dish back into the sink, finding it a poor substitute for ramming her fist into Blaise.

"Excuse me?" she nearly growled.

"It's your fault you landed us in detention," Blaise shrugged.

"You were the one poking me!"

"I was not!"

"Then please do enlighten me as to who was," Hermione snarled, thrusting her hands on her hips and glaring at him. Blaise opened his mouth and shut it nearly immediately. It surprised Hermione that he was so quick to not rat out someone else, but she was still determined to get him to admit he did it.

"You're really quite cute when your cheeks are pink with anger," he commented, the sultriness she was used to seeping back into his voice. Hermione had to bite back a growl. How dare he be so infuriating and cold one minute and then sexy and desirable the next? It was not fair!

"Oh no you don't!" Before he could blink, she had her wand level with his chest. "Tell me this instant," she ground out, emphasizing each word with a sharp jab.

"And that stick is supposed to impress me?" he drawled. "Cupcake, I've got one much more impressive." He winked. Gods, Hermione had to try so hard not to let her mind go where he was steering it.

"Funny, Zabini." Her voice wavered and she internally groaned. She trained her wand at a much lower part of his anatomy, smirking diabolically when his face paled. "Oh, it appears you find it much more impressive now. Do tell."

She watched as Blaise argued with himself. His eyes flicked worriedly to her face and back down to the wand.

"It was Potter." Hermione stayed silent for a moment, putting away her wand. Blaise relaxed as he was lured into the false calm.

"How dare you!" she screeched. "Do NOT even try to put the blame on my best friend. I cannot believe this! Wait, yes, yes I can, especially from a slimy, foul, cold, uncaring Slytherin like you!"

During a breath, Blaise cut in, "I'm telling the truth, Hermione. Don't yell at me if you refuse to believe me. I'm not as slimy or uncaring as you may think."

"Oh yeah?" Hermione retorted sharply. "You could have fooled me." Finding the conversation finished, she turned and resumed her scrubbing. Blaise, after a moment, followed suit.

It made time pass much more quickly imagining Blaise's face on the plate she was viciously scrubbing. She was happily working on her thirtieth Blaise mutilating when she felt something very wet slide down her back.

"Blaise," she said through gritted teeth. In a flash she grabbed a bowlful of water and turned to throw it in his face. Blaise expected it though, and with a wide grin, he grabbed her arms and redirected the bowl to splash at their feet. Hermione shrieked at her sodden trainers.

Blaise was soon chasing her with the sink hose in hand, gleefully spraying everything she managed to expose while trying to hide behind chairs and under tables. Hermione sprinted towards the sink to grab another bowlful of water with Blaise right on her heels. She grabbed the bowl and turned just in time to see Blaise sliding into her.


The both fell to the ground tangled up in each other. The bowl flew up and the water drenched them thoroughly. And that was how Hermione found herself pressed against another wet body, staring into Blaise's darkening eyes, beads of water dripping of her nose.

"Blaise," Hermione started to say, quite sure that he would have to listen to her now. But Blaise, apparently, had other ideas. Ideas that Hermione began to quickly love.

He pulled her face down a mere inch from his. Hermione gasped a little as Blaise's tongue flicked out to lick the sensitive skin of her throat. All thoughts of talk vanished from her mind as Blaise's hands tangled in her sopping hair and his mouth did things to her neck that made her insides writhe.

Gods, I missed this.

She pulled away from him and just as his brow was furrowing, she crashed her lips down to his. Her hands roamed his arms, reveling in the swells of his biceps and the strong forearms. He eagerly swept his tongue along her lower lip, sending a shiver down her spine. He swirled his tongue on the roof of her mouth, pulling out to flip them over so his soaked body was pressed against hers. He pecked her twice, once on each corner of her mouth. He smiled down at her, looking at her lying there with a smile on her face and her eyes half-closed in pleasure. He dove down to give her one last kiss.

"It was Potter," he whispered. Hermione's eyes flew open, looking put out at the lack of lip contact.

"Why would he do that?" she mumbled, absently running her hands up Blaise's chest. Blaise shrugged and continued to stare at her with his dark eyes.

"Oh, perhaps..." Hermione trailed off.

"He did it on purpose," Blaise finished for her. "What was that you were saying about risking your friendship?" He raised his eyebrows and carefully lifted himself off of her, rising to his feet. She just remained there, feeling really stupid. Of course they would have been okay with it. After all, they'd rather have to deal with some Slytherin than lose her as a friend. But Ron...she glanced at Blaise. Her eyes followed the little curls on his neck to his forearms that flexed methodically with his scrubbing. Psh, who cares about Ron? He was worth another spat with Ron.

She rose and cautiously walked up to Blaise's back.

"I realize... now, that I'm, we're not just having a snog in a broom closet. I just didn't think we had a really important thing going on. Half the time you're all distant, so I have no idea what to think. There aren't any books on this!" Hermione clapped a hand over her mouth in surprise at saying that last bit. Her embarrassment only grew when she saw Blaise's shoulders shaking with laughter.

"Don't laugh!"

Blaise turned, trying desperately to keep the smiling that was tugging his lips at bay. "You're so cute when your cheeks get pink." He finally gave in to the grin and stepped closer, wrapping a half dry curl around his finger.

Hermione put her hands on his chest, but didn't push him away. "Explain."

"Perhaps," Blaise said softly into her ear, "I was just a dumb Slytherin who had too much house pride to fully believed I could be so crazy about a Gryffindor." He gently placed his finger over her lips when she started to open them. "But damn, I was wrong. I've never seen anyone has sexy with sopping wet clothes and pink cheeks." He nipped at her ear. "I was stupid. I was a Slytherin. I was trying my hardest to ignore this and find someone suitable. To hell with suitable." He breathed into her ear, "I'm a man, Gryffette, and I have...needs." He roughly pulled her hips into his.

If possible, Hermione's cheeks darkened. "Well, I agree with you on the wrong part. And the dumb part. But the man part? You'll have to prove that too me." She gently pecked his lips, and nearly giggled when she saw his eyes darken.

"With pleasure." He stalked forward, and she participating in the chase game by slowly backing up, giving him a little smirk. He growled playfully and absentmindedly flicked his wand at the dishes.

"Don't worry," he said when she raised her eyebrows, "my other wand his better."


"Why didn't we make up sooner?" Hermione mumbled into Blaise's chest, quite out of breath. It vibrated and she could hear a chuckle. Now she knew what it meant to be snogged senseless.

They hurried out of the kitchen and began the trek back to their common rooms. Hermione nearly jumped when she felt his hand tentatively slide into hers. She looked up at him only to be caught in a dazzlingly smile...a smile he was smiling just because of her.

"You know Blaise, it's after curfew. I may have to put you in a detention," she teased.

He grinned. "Oh please Miss Prefect, do you think you could give me detention with this girl I really like?"

"I don't know. What's this girl like?"

"Oh, she's a know-it-all, a goodie goodie, always has to tell the truth, and she's a Gryffindor!" Blaise said, making a face. Hermione's jaw nearly dropped before she remembered they were joking.

"Well, that girl doesn't sound appealing."

Blaise smiled, acting very much the role of a love-struck teen."Oh, but she is. Her eyes light up when she's excited, she's very intelligent, and she gives a mean mud fight."

"Well now she sounds just lovely."

Blaise sighed. "But, there's just one thing wrong."


"She's an awful kisser," he said sourly.

"What?!" Hermione cried out, stopping in her tracks.

Blaise turned at took her other hand in his, saying with roguish grin, "Yeah. Definitely needs more practice."

"Well, then this girl needs someone to practice with," Hermione said huffing in mock annoyance.

"Oh really? Who?"

"Yeah. There's this guy. He's all right. She sort of likes him. But he's a Slytherin."

"Only alright?" Blaise asked, sounding hopeful.

"Well, maybe he's better than only alright. He's got eyes like a sapphire and knows just what to say to rile her up, but she loves the thrill of it." She tried to hide a smile.

"Sounds like a pretty nice bloke."

"Indeed. But there's one thing wrong with him."


"Yeah. He's not helping the girl practice," she whispered, closing the small gap between them.

"I think," Blaise dropped his head, "maybe," Hermione raised up on tiptoe, "the guy can fix that." Their lips met in a tender kiss. Blaise pulled away, pulling on her lower lip as he did. They stayed still for a moment before Blaise grinned.

"So am I getting that detention tomorrow night?"

"We don't have to wait for detention..." Hermione said shyly. She still wasn't quite used to the idea of having Blaise as her... boyfriend?

"Excellent!" Blaise exclaimed, rubbing his hands together and waggling his eyebrows at her. "I'll ready the broom closet." She giggled, only to scream as he swooped her up and gave her sloppy, wet kisses.

She never thought she'd say this, but thank god for that detention!

The End

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