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Teaser: Natasha almost hates Eirika

Notes: Theme # 4 for the Fire Emblem community on Livejournal. I hate Livejournal so much… ironic, no? Drabble. Very short.

/A Faithful Knight/

Natasha is a cleric and hate has not been a staple of her emotional diet. And yet, now, it has become familiar with her.

Because there is Seth—a blazing redhead on his snowy mount—standing beside her, being with her, because she is Eirika of Renias. Because he is bound to her and he will never look at anyone except her.

Shamefaced, Natasha loosens her clenched fists. No. Eirika is a good person, a good woman. She is kind and brave. She fights for good and right and justice—all the things that are Natasha's duty to uphold.

But she wishes, not for the first time, that he would look upon her fragile, golden self and see her, a young woman desperately wanting to be loved by a handsome, young paladin whose life is duty and power and regality.

That will never happen. Natasha must come to terms… but I don't want to… oh, Seth…

Such thoughts have no place in the battlefield. She knows that. Her focus must be on healing. The wounded need her constant attention. She must not cloud her mind with blasphemous thoughts and foolish, hateful, jealousies.

And yet… there it is, pounding in her chest.

On the battlefield they are together while she stands off in the distance. She is nothing while they are everything.

She is a frail, shaking girl and they are two brave warriors.

How she wants to forget—

There is movement from the corner of her eye. Natasha gasps, barely manages to dodge the axe aimed for her. But she cannot dodge forever and this creature of darkness wishes to seal her fate.

The axe swings down…

But the blinding darkness never comes. Everything has been forgotten.

Natasha stares up at Seth as he stares down, a sword outstretched, covered in crimson. It drips onto the bottom hem of her robes.

She opens her mouth to speak, but there is something between them, something that steals away all words that could have been spoken. She holds back, lost in the crimson, cool depths that are his eyes. There is a moment. She is almost sure of it. It is an almost tangible substance on her skin.

Then he turns and goes back to his lady-lord, leaving the mere slip of girl to stare after him, trembling.

notes: I told you it was short. Sorry. On the bright side, I really, really like writing Seth and Natasha (God knows why) so they'll be more. In fact, I wrote up nearly a hundred drabbles from the community. I'm just only joining to post the ones I like. Comments are always welcome!