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"We have to at least try to get him help," Banner said breathlessly, sprinting with the unconscious Slifer boy in his arms toward the brightly lit school.

"We could try CPR," Syrus squeaked, attempting to catch up with his professor and failing due to the length of the teacher's legs.

"I can't do CPR," Banner called back. "Can you?"

"Well, no, but I thought teachers were supposed to know how to-"

"That was too long ago for me to remember," Banner interrupted. "Now quiet, please. Miss Fontaine is the only teacher I can think of who still knows CPR."

That reminded Crowler of his earlier phone call. "I left a message on her cell," he wheezed. "Hopefully, she got the message and is on her way."

Unless she's asleep, he thought glumly. Which is probably what she's doing-

He was cut off from his thoughts when he heard a low rumbling sound coming from the school.

"What was that?" Zane asked in alarm.

"Dunno, but it's getting louder-" Syrus began, right before a golf cart - yes, a golf cart - landed in front of them with a thud.

"Hey," the brunette aboard the cart said cheerily. "Got your message." Miss Fontaine grinned at the scraggly group, adjusting her purple pajama shirt. Her smile dripped right off her face when she caught sight of the Slifer boy, and she was off the cart in seconds, rushing over to him. "How long has he been unconscious?" she demanded, regaining her professional composure. "Who wrapped this wound? How long has he not been breathing?" Even as she spoke, she had taken his pulse and had also begun chest compressions.

"Fifteen minutes, me, and about three minutes," Banner said hurriedly.

Fontaine tilted Jaden's head back, listened for breathing, cursed softly, and blew into his mouth. His chest rose, and she lifted her head. She continued the process until he was again breathing on his own, if even very weakly. The group waited anxiously as she finished, and she nodded. "I need someone to help me get him on the cart and back up to the school," she announced. "Lyman, would you-?"

Wordlessly, Banner scooped the now-breathing boy into his arms and lifted him onto the cart. He turned back to the waiting students and Crowler and nodded. "You can go back to your dorms now, please. We've got it under control."

"But-" Syrus began tearfully before Zane placed a hand on his shoulder to silence him.

"Professor, Atticus, Alexis, and Chazz are still back there," Zane said quietly. "We can't just leave them there-"

"Please, Mr. Truesdale, they will be fine," Crowler said. "Atticus is plenty capable of getting himself out of sticky situations, and Alexis is a fiesty woman. They'll be fine."

"C'mon Syrus, I'll take you back to your dorm," Zane murmured, nudging the boy along. "We should tell Chumley what happened, and Miss Fontaine will take care of Jaden."

Sniffling, Syrus nodded, and the two headed off toward the Slifer dorms while the golf cart sped back to the school.


Two days passed before Fontaine let anyone see Jaden. He was doing fine, the school had been informed, but he wouldn't be in classes for a few days. Not that Jaden minded, apparently.

The first one who went to see him when he awoke was Chazz.

"Hi, Charlene," Jaden said, smiling brightly.

Chazz shook his head. "I'm not Charlene, dolt."

Jaden wiggled into a sitting position, wincing slightly as his bandaged arm rubbed the side of his bed. "Yeah, sorry. Hi, Chazz. How are you?"

"I've been better," Chazz muttered, recalling the rumors that had started that day.

"Why, what's wrong?"

Chazz's eyes went dark. "Everyone in the school knows that I'm really Chazz Princeton, and all sorts of rumors are spreading across the school now. Nothing really bad," he added, catching the look on Jaden's face. "Just silly things, really. Like people thinking I just wanted attention or something, you know. I'm used to that kind of stuff, actually."

"Why don't you tell them the truth, Chazz?" Jaden inquired.

"What's the point?" Chazz countered. He gestured at his body. "In a few days, I'm going to be back to normal. I'm getting surgery and turning back into a guy." He thought for a moment before adding as an afterthought, "even if my sex life is pretty much shot..."

Any other person would come back to this proclamation with a witty comeback such as "what sex life?", but not Jaden. The Slifer boy merely looked puzzled, and decided not to tread those waters. He immediately changed the subject.

"What happened to Alexis and Atticus? How'd you guys make it out, anyway?"

Chazz considered this question for a moment. "Well, it's kind of funny, really. Alexis pulled off this awesome ninja move or something and kicked Slade in the face and rendered him unconscious again. Atticus - well, this is the funniest part, actually. Jagger is allergic to bee stings."

"Oh boy," Jaden murmured, biting back a laugh.

"Yeah. Jagger demanded that Atticus give him the gun, so Atticus threw the gun at a nearby hive of wasps. The wasps got pissed and went after Jagger. Out of compassion, Alexis stuffed some allergy meds down his throat and we left him there. I think Miss Fontaine might have treated him and then had them both picked up by the police. They were shipped off this morning."

"That's good to hear," Jaden said, suddenly tired. "And is Bastion out of the looney bin?"

"Yeah. He's still very paranoid and edgy, but he can at least put a comprehensive sentence together now. In fact, I believe his first actual sentence was 'is mental illness contagious?'"

Jaden laughed weakly, then fell silent. The two sat in this odd silence for several minutes as Jaden fiddled with his bedsheet and subconsciously rubbed his shoulder. Finally, Chazz broke the silence.

"How's your arm?"

Jaden shrugged his good shoulder. "They said I'm not allowed to duel until it's better..." He trailed off sadly.

"Oh. Well, I have to go to class now," Chazz said, standing up. "Syrus and Chumley are going to drop by after Banner's class."

"Bye, Chazz," Jaden said.


Chazz opened the door and had one foot out when Jaden called after him. "Chazz?"




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