One Step Away—Hey, You Know…

by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and crossbreeding

Disclaimer: If I owned Final Fantasy, I'd be rich. And I wouldn't be writing fanfiction, now would I?

Author's Note: Yes, I joined the 30kisses challenge on LiveJournal. And I picked perhaps the oddest OTP I have. Hmmm, should prove to be amusing though. This is my first Final Fantasy fanfic of any kind, but I'm trying my best to keep people in character while still keeping it fluffy and light. Don't expect a ton of angst from Vincent. He is falling in love again after all. Oh yes, and I like the theory that Cait does things on his own with an advanced AI program (no matter what the games says so call these AU if you'd like), so I'm going with that. Title significance? Vincent and Cait are both one step away from being human, so there you go. Oh, and unless otherwise stated, all of these themes are unrelated. Other than that… Enjoy my crack-induced one true pairing:smile:

30kisses theme: #5-"Hey, you know…"

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 03-31-06

Vincent hadn't been devastated when Cloud had informed him who would be his partner for the latest split the team was taking. After all, it certainly could have been worse. It could have been Yuffie, who had the annoying habit of taking nonstop and shortening his name no matter how many times he glared at her. But still…

"Do you ever smile?"

…It certainly could have been better too.

Vincent pointedly ignored the robotic cat, opting instead to stare into the blazing fire, meant of course to keep them warm for the night. Cait almost pointed out that it had, in fact, been he and his fire materia to start it in the first place but decided against it. He still wanted an answer after all.

"Well? Are you going to answer me or not?" The silence he received was a good indication to Vincent's reply. Cait wasn't about to give up though. His AI system had plenty of information about manipulating people, and he was quite confident that he could get the man's attention without being shot. He allowed his database to be scanned for anything that may help him and smirked as he picked up something that was, to put it lightly, very interesting.

Vincent was so engrossed with ignoring Cait that he didn't even notice when the cat jumped off his Mog and slinked over to him. In fact, Cait thought that the man must be getting rusty, because he wasn't even noticed until he had hopped into Vincent's lap and was merely inches away from his face. This, needless to say, forced Vincent finally to pay the cat a bit of attention.

"What do you want?" He expected Cait to repeat his question again, but was surprised when he was met with silence…

…And a soft feeling against his lips.

He normally would have batted the cat away, threatening to tear out his circuitry if he tried a stunt like that again, but the feeling of being kissed for the first time since he'd been a member of the Turks made him pause. Sure, Cait wasn't human, or even a cat, but his lips were surprisingly soft. Vincent figured it must be because of the plush material Reeve built him with and made a mental note to ask about it some other time. Right now, he had a kiss to return.

However, he never got his chance, as Cait pulled away just as Vincent was about to respond. Before the dark-haired man could say anything, whether it would be to yell at him or demand that he finish what he start, Cait had jumped off his lap and scampered back to his Mog. No words were spoken for quite a long time after that. It was probably for the best though. Vincent was much too busy wondering why in the world he'd actually been about to kiss the male robotic cat back to talk. Cait watched him carefully all the while, the smirk from before back in place. Just as Vincent decided that he'd kill for some hard liquor at the moment, Cait determined that it was time for the silence to be broken.

"Hey, you know…" Vincent looked over to Cait, sitting proudly upon his Mog, and gave him a nod that clearly said, 'Go on.' Cait felt his smirk widen a bit more before he continued. "I'm still not sure what you look like when you smile, but you're really cute when you're confused."

Vincent didn't say anything, but Cait hadn't expected him to. He turned back to the fire, his back to the cat. If Cait had been able to see though, he'd have noticed the small grin gracing the pale man's features. No doubt, Cait would have found it just as cute.