One Step Away—Look Over Here

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and crossbreeding

Disclaimer: If I owned Final Fantasy, I'd be rich. And I wouldn't be writing fanfiction, now would I?

Author's Note: With all the long fics I write these days, these little drabbles masquerading as fics kind of amuse me. Anyway, this one had a lot of embarrassing typos to fix. Other than that…I don't have a lot to say. Maybe I'll do something with the human body again someday. Who knows?

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"Vince, hey Vince! Look over here!"

Vincent knew better to look, he really did. Nothing good ever came of indulging Cait in his requests, especially when there was an audience. The others looked more readily though, and it was more their reactions than anything that prompted him into turning around. After all, it was a bit hard to ignore that many gasps.

And when Vincent finally looked, he could see where their surprise came from.

"Oh wow Vince, I'm so jealous! I take back every crack about bestiality I ever made."

Yuffie's words did nothing to ease his shock. Had he been a lesser man, he likely would have passed out. But seeing as he was indeed still the same Vincent Valentine he woke up as, he settled for his red eyes widening to an almost impossible size. …Even as a young man with cat ears and a tail ran up to him…wearing a crown and red cape…and nothing else.

No one could ever say Vincent had weak willpower, that was certain.

"Vincent, have you ever considered a threes—"

Of course, the same couldn't be said about his sense of sharing. Before Tifa could even finish her question, the gunman snatched his lover's wrist—oh that seemed so odd for him to say!—and dragged him off. He stoically ignored the catcalls they received from those…idiots and their misconceptions. Honestly, how old were they?

"Oooh, Vince! You're gonna take advantage of me so close to the others? You're bold!"

…It was going to be a very long day.


Once they finally reached a suitable distance from the others, Vincent unclasped his clock and wrapped it around Cait's waist, ignoring his suggestive comments about Vincent taking off the rest of his clothes and…well, regardless, Vincent wasn't about to do anything of the sort. Nothing was going to happen until he had some answers.

"Ah, you're no fun…" The sharp glare he received stopped his pouting before it could start. "Fine fine… It's no big deal really. While you guys were resting, I met with one of Reeve's associates. Seems he wanted to try a new body for a while…so here I am! Like it?"

Like it? What a question… It was so…lifelike. Just as his last body had looked like a real cat, so did his new body look like a real young man. He reached out with his good hand and gently touched the side of Cait's face. So soft, just like real skin… He'd have to thank Reeve the next time he saw him.

"It's…satisfactory." Cait looked indignant for about three seconds before Vincent closed in and caught his lover's lips in a kiss. Lips that felt human! What an odd feeling after so long!

…The insanity of finding human lips stranger than the feline ones he was used to was not lost upon the gunman. He just tried not to think too much about it as he enjoyed the new sensation. A body near his own size, two hands instead of paws… Hands that were very good with buttons it seemed…

"We shouldn't waste our time alone," Cait whispered, his lips just barely ghosting over his lovers. "You never know how long one of my bodies will last…"

He didn't need to say anymore. Suddenly, Vincent really didn't care what any of the others might say or do. Cait was all that mattered now.

Reeve watched the scene within the comfort of his locked office with rapt fascination. The new body had been a spur of the moment decision, but it seemed that both Cait and his associates were very fond of it… Oh, and Cait was so flexible…

He decided that he'd have to follow his gut instincts more often.