Sister 25



05/12/1992 , Tuesday

At this time we see Akane, sitting in class, taking notes. but only half of her mind was on class. the rest was on the new house guest. Was he for her, or her sister? both had bonuses and prices. and to list them;

Hers, Pro;

Finally a boy that was worthy of Her.

Someone to advance her skill to the next level

those sky blue eyes, looking at her, day and night.

that ass would be hers to grip

Hers, Con;

That pervert would be drooling over her day and night

he would be thinking he could touch her when ever he wanted.

Nabiki's pro;

She would not need to worry about the pervert making any moves on her

Nabiki's Con;

He would be off limits to her. in all ways. wouldn't he?

As the day passed, her thoughts cycled around and around...


We see Ranma in his boxers. He is laying face down on a padded table.

The Doctor was poking him, tracing chi lines and ki lines. "impressive, massive reserve, you have woven a healing web, " picking up Ranma's arm "You have developed strong flows." 'the channels go straight through his finger as if they were claws. have not seen this formation before, will need to look it up...'

"Ok, now I was told that you have a Jusenkyo curse. May I see it?"

"Just add cold water." the doctors inspection was close to a good massage, and Ranma was in no mood to move at this time.

With small amount of water, the redhead shifted as her body reformed. After remapping her flow lines, The Doctor asked for the his patient to stand. As She slowly moved into a standing position, his trained eye flowed over her form. She is a fighter...

"How do you feel about the curse?"

"It is a bit of a issue. There is little I would not do to get a cure, but I am okay with it. Kasumi is helping me become use to it, but there are a few things a guy should not get comfortable with. Ya know."

"This form while lacking your male's Muscle mass, it will give you a more slim lined movement, so while you will be 'weaker' you will be 'faster'."

"We done here?"

"Almost, I have heard that you are engaged to the younger two Tendo girls. Have you thought about Sex? The risks of Sex against your Art, Your planned future outside of the Art?"

"Kasumi has said something about it, but I still have no Idea how I am going to 'play' the field as she put it." Ranma-chan shrugged, "She also tells me that Pops has engaged me to more then my share of girls."

"How do you feel about this?" The doc cocked his head to the side.

"Unsure. IF Kasumi is correct, then half of the girls my age we met in route to here are going to come looking for me. If not, I still have to chose between Akane and Nabiki. I think they are up to something. Last Night Nabiki started something, but Akane knocked me half way across town. " Ranma shook her head, "And Kasumi wants me to teach Akane to further her Art, But she is too Angry. Nabiki is up to something, and some of the girls at school are looking to be a problem in the near future. Any Advise would be welcome. " She scratched the back of her head causing her over sized breasts to jiggle, " Do you think I can get some hot water, I prefer my male form."


As Kasumi wondered the market, the little pig trotted along at her heels. Many of the market keepers hailed her. She greeted them all with a smile, asked after their families, and bartered with them, for once truly enjoying the game of the best bargain. Many of the shop keepers tossed tidbits to the black piggy at her feet, flirted with the young, unspoken for woman, and a few right in front of their wives.

Everyone Knew that it was all game, many remembered the fiery redhead that was with her last time, and the Damage that was afflicted to those who took it beyond the flirting.

Approaching a stall of a spice merchant that dealt in the more exotic spices, Kasumi noticed a Familiar face.

"Saotome Nodaka. I have been looking forward to seeing you again."

The older woman snapped around, and seeing who addressed her, smiled warmly at Kasumi. "Tendo Kasumi. How are you?" Seeing the piggy at Kasumi's feet, "New pet? or is this one for eating?"

"BWEE!!" Ryoga scurried behide Kasumi, quaking with fear.

Giggling, "No dear Auntie, this is a 'Friend' of your Son's."

Nodaka's head snapped up. " My Son. You know where he is? Is he okay?"

"Yes, Auntie. He is getting a check up from a Doctor that I know very well. Ranma and his Father showed up at our house two to three days ago. Ranma is enrolled at the local high school, but took the day off so he could have a full physical." Holding up a hand to stall any and all questions, "There are a few things you should know before you to rush to meet your son. How about we go get some tea."

"What is the matter?!?!" Nodaka's hand dropped to the silk wrapped bundle tucked into her obi.

"Most issues Ranma has are the result of Genma's stupidity. Most of them you will forgive or over look in time. There are three really big issues that we need to talk about before I invite you to dinner tonight. Now for that tea."


Soun was playing go with his old friend in Panda form. a small bottle of Sake and two glasses were beside the board. both were sipping sake and smoking a good blend of herbs, nothing 'drug' related, but a non-tobacco, leaf that grows not to far from japan.

suddenly the Panda shivered and sneezed..twice.

Bad Omen.

then the Panda's sake glass, sitting empty on the tray beside the bottle, Exploded.

Really Bad Omen

Then the Sake Bottle shattered

Really Really Bad Oman...