Meet The Parents 2:
Meet The Fockers

"Let's go Byrnes," Jack ordered, "We must keep on schedule, today we meet our new in laws, the Fockers."
"What's the rush dad," Denny Byrnes broke in, "We're just meeting the rest of the Fockers? I don't think they would be much different than Gaylord."
"His N-a-m-e is Greg and I don't want you cracking any jokes about his or his family's names no matter how hilarious they might sound." Jack responded to Denny's comment.
"Yes dad." replied the sightly disappointed Denny.
"Good." Jack complimented. He then looked closer at Denny's facial features.
"Is there something you want to tell me son." Jack asked suspiciously. "Remember your part of the Byrnes family circle of trust and also keep my C.I.A. skills in mind. -Are you still puffing the magic dragon?"
"What do you mean, dad?" put a nervous Denny.
"Smoking Marijuana."
"Ah - no wh-y would you think that? Those weeks of rehab changed me." Denny responded with a slight hesitation.
"Well keep what you just said in mind. If you start up again it's back to rehab for you."
"I'll remember dad."
"Ok, now go get ready to meet your new in laws." Jack finished.
Denny swiftly scurried up the stairs to his room, while Jack went off to the kitchen.
"Honey, do you know when those Focker's are coming?" Dina Byrnes called out to Jack while preparing some Hor Duerves.
"About an hour and a half dear, and remember our promise about their names." Jack answered.
"Of course dear, no offending any Fockers today." she said giggling.
"Ha Ha, well I'm going to go inspect the rest of the house to make sure it's Focker- proof." added Jack, "Oh, and could you get Pam's surprise diamond necklace that Greg asked us to hold on to for him?"
"Of course dear, where is it?" she asked.
"I thought, you put it away?" Jack replied wide-eyed.
"I thought you did?" she answered placing her hand over her mouth.
"Well that's ok, we have over an hour to find it." Jack responded confidently.
Just then, the doorbell rang.
"I don't think it could be them this early, especially if Greg made all the travel plans." said Jack slightly shaken.
"Mom, Dad we're here!"

To be continued...............