Chapter 4: so this is how it ends?

Days later…

"H-h-how l-long-g has it b-be-…been?" Jazz stammered his voice quiet and weak.. It was so hard to talk. He was shaking so much that he couldn't speak. He felt as if his lungs were frozen; it hurt for him to talk. The whole group had huddled together in a corner to try to heat up but it was still to cold.

"Maybe we should just give him what he wants!"

"N-n-n-no way S-Sasha, we can't! Who…knows w-what he's P-planning…with the Anyguise H-he could j-just pretend to be anyone!"

"B-but Ratchet!" Al protested.

"If we d-don't what will we d-d-do? We can't hold up in here much longer."

"How cold is it?" Sasha asked.

"10 and declining more rapidly the l-l-longer we stay." Al said.

"All I know is I'm not staying here much longer." Sasha said.

"That doesn't sound like Sasha…something's not right here." Ratchet thought.

"Let's just grab the weapons and kill him!" Sasha continued.

"What do we have to loose?"

"It's not us, Captain…it's the victims to come. I-If we go out there then we risk loosing the anyguise." Jazz's voice was quiet and raspy.

"Yes, 'captain' I think it would be best if we don't…who knows what could happen." Ratchet agreed. Ratchet looked down…the ground was icy enough for him to vaguely see himself.

"You guys, look at the ground…wh-what do you see?" the others looked down.

"Or more importantly, what don't you see." Clank, Al, and Jazz looked at their reflections but couldn't see Sasha's. The three raised their heads in unison eyes widened at Sasha. They all stared at her for a moment.

"No way…" Jazz murmured. Ratchet Jumped at Sasha pinning her to the floor. Jazz, after processing what he just realized had happened helped Ratchet pin her down. Sasha squirmed around under them…then she realized she had a perfect opportunity, Jazz's neck was right there. She bit into it, he howled in pain and pushed her away. He sat on the floor holding his neck and trying to not let too much blood escape. Another opportunity; Sasha kicked Ratchet off of her, sending him flying towards the wall. She was incredibly strong.

"It's Sasha…how am I supposed to fight her?" Ratchet thought. Jazz sat in the corner bleeding fiercely. He held his wound, panting heavily as al and clank tried to help him. Sasha walked up to them her mere presents terrifying them. She pushed aside clank and Al with ease and cornered Jazz.

"Finally…" she hissed. Ratchet was just making his way to his feet. Sasha picked up the weak, green rabbit by the shirt and lifted his neck to her mouth. Ratchet charged Sasha but suddenly the door unlocked. Ratchet's eyes widened.

"It's you…" Ratchet gasped. The gray Lombax stared back at Ratchet…his eyes turned yellow and his teeth sharpened.

"Wait Sasha." He said.

"It seems we have reached a conflict."

"Let Jazz go Sasha, were friends remember?"

"I know you not, I'm not Sasha." Chills went down Ratchets spine. Sasha licked Jazz's neck, cleaning the blood from his soft fur. She purred at the taste (not literally, it's to describe the noise that she made just so people don't get all SHE CAN"T PURR ARG!)

"If you don't give me what I want, ratchet, I will have her kill Jazz."

"Wait, NO!"


"I won't!"

"…4…3…" Ratchet looked at Al and clank to see if they knew what to do.


"Wait, no! I…I'll do it."

"Good job ratchet. I knew you would listen."

"It's…10…26…9…1…6…13…" Bradley punched in the numbers and took out the anyguise. He became pixilated and became Ratchet.


"Ah, beautiful…" he said in Ratchet's voice.

"Kill them," he ordered

"What?" Ratchet cried. Sasha bit Jazz and sucked him dry. Bradley punched Ratchet to the floor and attacked Al, Biting him on his wrist. Ratchet got up and tried to fight back but they were too strong. Bradley simply pushed him back. Sasha finally made her way to clank and smashed him to pieces. Now, the only one left was Ratchet. He was furious, shaking with anger. He jumped at Bradley and hit him but was quickly grabbed by sashay and bitten in the neck. Ratchet struggled, he tried to get away but then Bradley joined, biting ratchet on the other side of his neck. Finally, they were done with him and let him hit the floor.

"Were done here, let's go." Sasha said, blankly.

"No…I can't let it…end like this." Ratchet moaned.

"You want to live?" Sasha asked.

The end.

Thanks for reading everyone this was a really fun story to write. I don't think this story will have a sequel but keep your eye out for more juvenile and maybe another new story (hint, hint)