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Chapter 1-Mark Knows What He Wants

"Mark are you awake?" Roger gently shook his sleeping lover. No answer. He shook him again, still nothing. Dam Marks a heavy sleep Roger thought to himself. I know what will wake him. Roger leaned over and with great passion kissed Mark on the lips.

"Mmmm..." Mark groaned and reached up and grabbed Roger by his long hair, pulling him into an even deeper kiss.

"I thought you were asleep?"

"No just waiting for u to try to wake me up by kissing me." Mark always knew just how to get what he wanted with Roger.

"Thats a little manipulative." Roger said as he reached down and started to pull off Marks boxers.

"No baby not right now, we have to get ready to go visit my parents for the weekend remember."

"Of course I remember, but I know were not gonna be able to fuck there so I need to get it out of my system before we go." Roger said playfully as he started to kiss his way down Mark's chest.

"I know how you feel but I need to prepare for this. Remember my parents still don't know were a couple. This needs to all happen perfectly I mean telling them I'm gay and that I'm HIV positive all in one day they're gonna freak. And you have to charm them into liking you because the last time they saw you, you were just some drugged up guy in a band who slept with different women every night. Im pretty sure thats not someone they want there son with."

"Thats all in the past now Mark. I've changed your parents will love me. I won you over they shouldn't be that hard."

"What so to win my parents over are you planning on fucking them, cause I believe thats how you won me." Mark said sarcastically

"It's not my fault I'm amazing in bed." Roger said as he began to grope Mark. "Please babe just really quick! You know me I can barley go a day without sex how am I supposed to last a weekend? Please, you know you want to."

Roger looked at Mark with those amazing eyes and Mark knew there was no way he could say no.

"Fine." Mark said lovingly as he played with Rogers hair.

Roger had by now removed all of their clothes and was now kissing his way back up Mark, before flipping him onto his stomach and entering him. Roger knew just how to please Mark and as he was pushing deeper and deeper inside him he reached around and started to fondle Mark. The only thing that could be heard were the moans of passion from both men as they continued to fuck each others brains out.

When they finally finished they laid in each others arms, and Mark felt satisfied as he had again gotten just what he wanted out of Roger.