Chapter 13- Handcuffs

Roger came back in after hugging Mimi goodbye, to find Mark in the kitchen cleaning up.

He walked up behind him, put his arms around him, and grabbed his cock. Mark moaned with pleasure and dropped the bottle he was holding. Mark turned around and grabbed Roger by the neck pulling him into a kiss. Roger pushed Mark up against the wall pinning his arms above his head and starting to kiss his way down his body.

"Ohhh...uh..uh...ahh." Were the only sound that escaped Marks lips as Roger began kissing his chest and pulling off his shirt.

Mark grabbed Roger and pulled his lips to his. Roger moved his thigh onto Marks dick and started to grind his hips in circles. "I thought you wanted to let me take charge." Mark moaned. "You always please me babe, let me do all the work, to thank you for this weekend."

"Well when you put it that way." Roger released Marks arms.

Mark grabbed Rogers hand and pulled him into the bedroom. They quickly stripped off each other's clothes and Mark pushed Roger against the bed. He began to deeply kiss Roger to distract him from what he was picking up off the floor. Mark grabbed a pair of handcuffs and slipped them on Rogers wrists before connecting them to the bed frame.

"What are you doing Mark?" He said pulling at the handcuffs begging to be set free.

"Tonight is all about you." Mark whispered as he began to kiss Rogers ear. "What do you want baby?" Mark said playfully.

" I want you."

"Be more specific." Mark started to kiss his lovers chest.


"Gladly" Mark said as he kissed his way south.

Roger moaned loudly as Mark took him into his mouth. Roger began to thrust his hips uncontrollably. Mark moved upwards and let Roger push into him. Both men moaned uncontrollably at the amount of passion between them.

"Mark...Mark...Mark" Roger yelled as his thrusts picked up in pace.

Finally both men came and collapsed. Mark reached up and set his lover free from the bindings. Roger grabbed Mark and kissed him.

"Where the fuck did you get handcuffs?"

"Maureen gave them to me earlier tonight." He said laying his head on Rogers chest.

"Remind me to thank her." The song writer said running his fingers through Marks hair.

"Thank you for this weekend Rog. You were amazing."

"No, thank you for that hot sex. Now were even." Roger said before both men drifted off to sleep madly in love in each other's arms.