He wanted to say that he hadn't forgotten.

His name, yes, but not him.

Oh God, not him.

He'd woken up on more mornings than he could count with the taste of fire in his mouth and a painful erection between his legs.

He supposed he was gay. He didn't know how else to explain it. Other boys had dreams about girls.

Hayner had confessed to several sordid dreams involving Olette, sans clothing.

Not him. He dreamt about Sora, Sora's dreams about Riku and then him.

Those dreams were, he wouldn't say preferable--because being forced into a head-on confrontation with one's own sexuality was not preferable--but he would say that he could tolerate them better.

They didn't give him the painfully existential feeling of wrongness and intrusion.

It was as if it was his and that all the hurt and confusion that went along with it was meant for him and his body accepted in readily.

Far. Too. Readily.

Honestly, he didn't know what to say to himself when he was morbidly embarrassed by his own erections. If faces could catch fire from blushing…


He wanted to say that he hadn't forgotten.

He wanted to say that he could feel warm, sweaty hands all over him just because he was looking in his direction.

That made no sense though. None of it made any sense. Who the fuck was he? Who the hell was Sora? Why in God's name was he having these dreams about these people?

It was worse when all signs pointed to their existence outside of his head.

It was worse when he saw this guy.

The man had all that stupid spiky hair in that unnatural color. And was calling him. Roxas.

Why did his own name sound so fucked up coming out of that guys mouth!




"Tell me it's not real…"

Warm and skin.

"How can…it isn't fair."


"How can they say we don't have emotions?"


"No! It…no…"

Soothing, soothing hands.


"How can I not have any emotions when it hurts this badly, Axel?"

"We'll be whole…"


"Some day, don't worry."

Touch. Skin. Lips. Warm.


He sat up in a sweat and looked around in terror.

His body thrummed with pent up energy and…ugh, arousal.

He couldn't even remember his dream. Was it Riku or Kairi this time?

"Sora?" Donald croaked. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Weird dream."

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