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Title: Exposed 6

Rating: FRT - 13

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Summary: Speed's undercover been exposed.

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Warning: Blood, angst, violence. OOC just in case. OC's are mine. WIP

Chapter 6: Found A Lead

Current POV: Eric

Location: Pier

Once we got over the pier, I could see the SWAT officers suited up with guns exit the back of the truck. They run out and position themselves, pointing their guns at something.

And then I could see Frank takes out a gadget and points it at the back of the abandoned evidence truck. Frank turns and checks the video on the laptop. Frank puts the instrument down.

"Nobody's home, Delko," he said smiling over me, and then he added as heopens the evidence truck door, "let's check it out."

I follow him and stare at the inventory left behind.

I see all the stuff as it like waiting for us to take it back, so many kinds of them, "Heroin, weed, meth. Hell, they left the drugs behind."

"Everything but the cocaine." Frank mention over.

"It doesn't make any sense. There's millions of dollars worth of drugs here." I say as I look at him. There was something that doesn't seem to me right.

Frank assumed, "Well, maybe the flattened tire forced a change in plans."

"Like what?" I ask.

"Like they took only what they could carry."

"Yes, they did -- direct to their buyer. The question is who." I agree with him.

Then I circle the truck, scanning it, until I found something. I call Frank.

"Hey, Frank…"

"What did you find?" Frank asked me, and come forward.

"Well, looks like they changed clothes." I say, smiling, stare over him.

"That's a fake uniform." Frank mention while I find a tag, #529. On the cuff.

"Wait a second. It's a laundry tag from a dry cleaners." I mumble with smile. Finally I find a lead.

Somehow I think that I remember some stuff that Tim first teach, the way DNA could be find, I say over Frank, "Sweat on these clean uniforms, we'll get their DNA. There's also blood in the cab."

Frank stated, "One of our suspects is wounded."

"I'll track it down." I say, and thought that I might should call to Horatio to inform him what we found.

Frank gives me his huge smile as he said, "All right, sounds good." And then I watch him as he turned back, seemed walked away, I suddenly say. Hoped that he would be back, "There's a blood trail. So he got out of the truck over there, and ended up in what was probably a getaway vehicle over here."

Then after I say, I could see Frank came over me, and then he figures that I might give Horatio a call.

I dial over H, waiting for hearing his voice patient as I can.

"H?" I called, as I hear breathing from the other side.

"What is it Eric?" I could hear him now loud and clear. It was good to him.

"Me and Frank, we found a lead." I say with triumph in my voice.

"Good work. I will come soon, just hope to get away from Stetler… he almost killed Speed while he was alone with him."


"I hate him H, could we not kill the devil and dropped him somewhere?" I suggest over him, while a small smile cover my face.

I could hear Horatio giggles softly in the phone. It was odd and yet it was relief, sometime I do wonder if H is happy, and it seemed if it has something that concern Stetler he is somehow.

"As much as I want it, you know that we can't." he said with serious in his voice, though I could swear that I could hear pure joy in his tone.

Changing POV: Speed's deepest mind or what is going inside our man.

Location: Speed's Room.

When I first opened my eyes, I could swear that I see Ray, and yet there was a soft voice calling for me, and that voice wasn't Ray.

Where was I? What happened? I asked myself, searching answers, and yet I was blank, am I lost my memory?

Oh Ray… I miss… it was supposed to be that I would die, not you, it should be the other way around, and yet I really hope that you could forgive.

I feel that I let down you Ray, even your brother, Horatio, that took me under his care, teaching me everything that I know now very clear, and I do it like a robot I believe, doing all automatically.

I really hope that Horatio is not going to dump me over, after hearing the story of my life, or even when I tell him that I was the one to pull the trigger, to shot you.

Changing POV: Stetler

Location: Outside Speedle's room.

Tim you had to live, there are two jobs ready for you, and you need to be alive. I pray for him.

I know that I have to move Horatio from my neck, knowing that he probably wants to kill me after the incident, as the nurses and doctors stepped in.

Tim Speedle, I hope for your sake that you will wake soon, or your past will exposure to all. I thought, while walking back and forth waiting to hear the doctors.

I could see the doctors left the room. Oh boy, they looked tired.

I walk over them, and tell them that I'm his boss, that was no lie, and I'm demand to hear what's wrong with him, and if he going to live.

I could see one of the doctors walks over me, I swallow; hope that nothing had happened to Tim, I wait.

I see him as he opens his mouth was ready to speak but stop as a phone ring was heard.

It was my phone that rings.

Why? Why? I shout in my mind, why now?

I glance over the screen see the name 'Jack Seeger'.

I mumble 'sorry' over the doctors and leave over the visitors' room, and answered the call.

End of Chapter 6.

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