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So, I randomly got inspired today while reading other people's Ryou/Bakura stories and listening to super good Fallout Boy songs, and deciding, why the hell not write a fic! XD Just what I need, another story I won't finish. Chh. Anyways, this is kinda…a bit of picking up some of my old ideas and warping them into something new and doing something that I've kinda wanted to write for a long time and hopefully will stick to for more than just the 1st chapter.

I don't know though, I guess I'll see what happens. It's kinda on a whim-but maybe during Spring break since I have nothing else to do, I'll want to write all week long..! Or…I hope I will. -Cough.- Either way…!

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Other than that, read on and enjoy or don't enjoy. Whatever you're up to I guess. Wouldn't Bakura make world's sexiest emo guy! ;O


Junior summer.

The time all of teenagers have dreamed of their whole lives. This is supposed to be the summer when your friends and you make it all happen. This summer, for 3 whole months, everything is supposed to come together and just…work out, no matter what. It's the last time you fully can call yourself a kid yet still argue with your parents over how that doesn't mean you aren't old enough to borrow their car to go on your road trip, you know, the ones your friends and you have been dreaming up since you were old enough to know what a big deal high school was supposed to be. Junior summer…is your last true chance to all be together with no worries. There's only 3 months left, then it's time to start on your future goals, which most of you probably don't have. You've got to plan on what college you're going to go to, where you're going to live, if you even have enough credits to graduate, how life is going to be when all your friends disappear and start making lives of their own…

It's your last chance to be free. For only one more summer, you're allowed to be young and responsibility, well…you can stay well hidden from it while the sun shines. This summer…life as you know it, is supposed to be perfect.

…Or so I, and everyone else thought until we actually made it here.

So, Ryou Usagi, what are you going to do this summer? On a cruise? The Florida Keys? Maybe Paris? London, Sydney, Honolulu? Back-packing through South Africa? What is it!

…Not even close. Even thinking about the vacation of my dreams makes me laugh; laugh until I cry because it's so close to not happening, it's a knee-slapper. Where am I spending my Summer through..? In a popular ice cream parlor on the pier of Domino Bay, stuck serving a zillion messy six-year-olds in which 1 in 5 of them will 'accidentally' drop their cone to the floor and burst out in an ear-piercing cry in which, I will be forced to hear and provide them with another free ice cream cone with a fake smile plastered on my face. "It's okay little guy! Don't you worry, here's another one on the house!" Then, that little kid will smile and devour the cone, covering themselves and the tabletops I slave to clean, with a chocolate-flavored, sticky mess.

…Then I will clean the table again, and pray it never happens another time on my shift.

…But it will, because it always does. Sigh. What an exciting way to spend your last Summer as a teenager, right? Oh yes, working 8-10 hour shifts of scooping ice cream at minimum wage is a teenager's absolute dream. Especially if history repeats itself, and our air conditioner breaks AGAIN like it did during a couple of weeks ago. Lucky us, we had an 90 degree weekend sneak up on us at the end of May and little kids and their parents were practically invading the shop. It was so bad, I can remember seeing a drop of sweat from Malik actually drop onto someone's ice cream cone. Thankfully, no one else saw.

Or else…? Malik would've been forced to have taken a good 2 dollars from his paycheck just so he could be able to give some random lady a free ice cream cone for the sweaty inconvenience.

God, I hope the air conditioner doesn't give out again. If it does, I think Malik and I might seriously die-well, actually, we might as well die anyways. Even if we'll be cool all summer, there's still the fact that we're going to be stuck. All day long, for five days a week, in hopes of at least making our Senior Spring Break dream come true, which still probably won't because it never does. Something always has to get into the way.

I guess, in a way, it doesn't really matter. Even if I didn't work all Summer, I'd still be bored out of my mind. My father's gone away on another Egyptian digging expedition, so the apartment is lonely. My friends?

…They're all doing something similar. My best friend Malik, thankfully, will still be with me all Summer in hopes that just maybe, working will be a little bit of fun, even if our boss is a complete hag. I suppose it's better than doing nothing-well, maybe. I guess I'll see how it works out, then let you know my final decision on that. Right now? I just want to mope, because even at 17, life is still managing to suck. Sigh. At least, I guess, every Thursday and Friday I'll be free to waste away my days how I want to. Malik too-then we can spend the Summer together, doing nothing, like we have for the last few Summer's past.

In fact…about the only thing keeping me from dying of pure boredom these days is one thing; shows. Local shows with local, teenage-ish bands, tons of restless, semi-weird kids like me, and really good songs to get your hardcore dance onto.

I mean…of course there's something else…

But I don't know if I really want to say. It's…well…

It doesn't take a psychic to figure out it isn't ever going to happen.

My favorite local band…ahh…

I don't even know what to say. Tomorrow night, they, meaning the Defects, will be playing at Domino Park in the local all-ages music festival which I'm of course not going to miss, even if I do have to fake sick from work to be there. So…I'm guessing it's probably a mystery as to why I like this band so much.

It's embarrassing but…it's not just the music. In fact, it's not close to being the music…it's…


The singer.

Bakura. Bakura of the Defects.

I saw them play…two months ago at a club one night and have made sure to be at every single show they've played. I can't not go, I seriously, seriously just can't.

There's something about this Bakura…I can't help but love to watch. I know, I probably sound like a crazed groupie or something but that isn't it! I'm not crazy, I swear I'm not but…

Hasn't there ever been a person you've seen looking at you, and you were watching them too and you knew, in that second, you wanted them and you weren't sure if you could handle them not wanting you the same? It's like that. It happened at their first show I was at, and Bakura was on stage, singing his heart out, grinning and jamming out like he always does, but…his eyes. He stopped all of a sudden in his song and he was looking at me. He halted singing, everyone in the club looked at him funny and you just knew it wasn't supposed to happen. Even his fellow band-mates watched him with exasperation. It wasn't meant to happen but it did…and he saw me. I feel so stupid now. When it happened, I just gaped at him, then hurried off to hide myself amongst the crowd.

So, if I'm so in 'love' with him, which I swear I'm not!- why haven't we actually talked..?

I don't really know. In fact, besides when he's on stage, I always seem to miss him. I never see him anywhere else. I've looked but I can never actually find him, not that I'd know what to say to him even if I saw him… I want to stop this crazed feeling inside of me, I don't want to feel so head-over-heels for a guy I don't even know a thing about, but I can't convince myself otherwise-but at the same time, I have this feeling like…

I don't want to meet him either. I don't want to find out what kind of person he is, because…

I don't want to be wrong. I like what I feel for him and I don't want him being a secretly bad person to scare this feeling away…

But then, even if we talked and he was as great as I have a feeling he is…

I'm so scared of love, I'd probably ruin it without even trying. I'm not anything like Malik, who can just say what he feels at any given time and not think a thing of it. I'm not…that brave. I don't have that same confidence… Even if I wanted to tell Bakura how I felt and get to know him better, I wouldn't know how to go about it. With Malik, it's so much different. The second he knew he liked Katsuya, he went for it, because it's what he wanted. He didn't think twice of what Katsuya would say, or what anyone else thought. He didn't care as long as he got it out and…he prevailed. Katsuya felt the same and so…it was perfect. Malik knew exactly what to do and how to make moves and how to further their relationship… Which is why they were still together, even after, god, how long has it been? Six months now? I guess it doesn't really matter.

I just don't see myself ever being able to hold up a relationship. Hell-I don't even know if I ever want to hold one out. Sometimes, when I think about another person having their arms around me…I feel weird about it. It's just…not a comfortable feeling. I'm not that used to physical contact and…if ever the situation comes up, I will have no idea how to react. I really think I'm too immature for anyone, even if I am actually really responsible…

I'm so scared but sometimes…just being able to be Malik would be so nice. I'd finally get to experience what real love feels like-or something really close to it, otherwise.


"Ryou, are you sure?"

The white-haired boy sighed fervently in response. Waving his hand in dismissal, soft chocolate hues gave the other a serious, yet wary gaze. "Yes, Malik! I told you already five times! I'm sure, in fact, I'm double sure! Now hurry up and put your apron back and get out of here before I decide differently!" He scolded, a small grin donning thin lips. The opposite person, Malik, smiled back and gave a soft nod, an arm reaching back to tug at the white cotton string that hung from the back of his neck, successfully undoing his apron.

"Ugh, okay, if you're sure. I just…you know I don't mind closing with you. Katsuya isn't that important to leave you here all alone for." Ryou gave a small laugh, arms crossing as he leant up against the ice-cream freezer, shrugging.

"It's not like I haven't done it before and plus, you already had to disappoint your poor sweetheart the night before since Ms. Ai said you had to stay until 7. I'll be fine, I promise! It's only for 20 more minutes anyways, then I can close up 10 minutes early if noone decides to ruin my night and come in here at the last minute! I swear to you, I'm good!" Ryou attempted to convince the other. And in all actuality, it was true! He didn't mind the other sneaking out early to go meet out with his boyfriend, especially since he hadn't seen him in three days. It was no big deal. In fact, if no one came in in 15 minutes, he was contemplating closing down anyways. In virtually no time at all, he'd be on his way back home and the workday as he knew it, would be over. No more serving ice cream for a whole 24 hours. It was almost too much to dream about, really.

Walking over to the hangers where the aprons were done once shifts were over, Malik undid the waist string, and tied the neck string around the hook, leaving it there for another day, which, thankfully like his best friend, wouldn't come until the Tuesday since they were about to both come down with an incurable 24 hour 'flu' AKA, they had to be at the local music festival or they might die of a broken heart. One of the two. Either way, Malik was just as excited as Ryou, and all their other friends were. Sadly, it was probably going to be the best night of all Summer, and it had only started a week ago.

It was just…besides the music festival, there wasn't a whole lot to do, especially since when most things closed, they were just rolling up out of work. Some Summer break.

Removing his pony tail from his hair, the sandy-tressed male sighed. "I know, but still. I still hate leaving you to walk home alone, just because I know how boring it is. OH-but don't forget, if we aren't out too incredibly late, I'm still coming over tonight, so don't go and grab a book and read, because we both know what will happen." Malik eyed his friend pointedly, who gave a playful glare back.

"Hey now! I don't purposely fall asleep at my desk reading always! Just once in a while and I swear to you, I only do it if it's at a boring part and the book I started reading is actually really good! It's so good infact, I'd even recommend it to you but…" Ryou gasped, "Oh wait! You don't read!" Malik gave a soft chuckle in response, shrugging.

"You know me, I have better things to do, like…about, oh, everything, like playing duck hunt, annoying the crap out of my sister, feeding birds rice…" He of course, had to name these off on his fingers to make himself seem all the more dramatic. Ryou only snorted, hand lifting to brush pesky white bangs out of the way.

"Don't forget having a nice meal in the bathtub. I can't stress to you how long it took to get the kool-aid stain OUT of my bathtub thanks to you and your odd habits." Ryou smiled at the thought. He could still remember the first time he had accidentally walked in on Malik while he was taking a bath in the middle of the night once. Ryou was groggy, having just woke up at 2 am to "pay the water bill" as they joked, and was paying no attention whatsoever to the humming coming from beyond Malik's bathroom door. He remembered the moment he was opening the door, his mouth dropped as he saw Malik lying there under a cover of bubbles with a plate placed comfortably atop his chest, happily spooning some leftover mashed potatoes from dinner into his mouth. Needless to say, Ryou closed the door quietly and burst out laughing. Malik only laughed, hips pushing past the small gate leading to the seating area of the small, unbelievably pastel-painted Ice cream parlor, heading for the door.

"Well, and who's fault is that? I told you when you made the fruit punch kind I liked pink lemon-aid better, but no, you didn't listen and made the messier one KNOWING I was about to go have my daily bath!" Ryou giggled in response, hand lifting to pinch at his temple in disbelief at how ridiculous his friend was.

"SO, you're still blaming that on me, huh? Chh, whatever. Just…" Ryou paused, eyeing his friend affectionately. "Have fun tonight, okay? Don't wait too long though, past 11 and you know me!" Ryou leant his head back, eyes closing, feigning a snoring sound.

Malik grinned in amusement and nodded. "I know and don't worry, I'll be there, somehow I'll convince him to let me leave early, though it's got to be hard! I mean, who would really want to take their hands off me?" Malik joked, giving his friend a playful wink, back pushing up against the glass door. A warm evening breeze met him as a navy flip-flopped foot stepped backwards.

"Oh, right!" Ryou chided back sarcastically, sticking his tongue out at the blonde. "See you later!" And with a wave and the blowing of a kiss from Malik, the Egyptian was heading away, the bell ringing as the door swung closed behind him. A sigh left the boy as he was now in solitude with only the bubbly voice of Hilary Duff singing over the speakers to keep him from utter silence. Sigh. Now what to do now that Malik was off…

"Well, we've already cleaned up all the tables and I just mopped the floor not even ten minutes ago, so there's nothing really to do," the boy mumbled to himself, turning around to fold his arms up upon the ice cream freezer's flat surface, head resting upon them. Giving a low murmur, Ryou rocked his lower body up against the freezer and back, unable to keep still. Oak depths peered over to the circular white clock placed upon a wall. 7:02. There was still a good few minutes until he was able to just shut down or the night-which, was better than having customers in a way. Then at least he didn't have to clean up another mess-but of course, if he had customers, then he'd actually have something to do instead of standing around doing nothing for a good 13 minutes more. No matter what, there just always had to be some sort of a downfall.

Dawning upon the fact that he was semi-thirsty, he decided to use the advantage he was allowed to have as many free sodas a day as he wished. Straightening himself out, he gave a tired yawn and stretched his limbs up above his head, eyes closing for a moment. "Mm…I think, I'm feeling a little lemon-lime-y today, so Sprite it is," Ryou told himself with a nod, reaching out and grabbing a small cardboard cup, padding the small distance over to the fountain drink machine. Placing his cup under the nozzle for ice, he filled his cup mid-way through, then got the actual soda, filling it to a sensible place in which he'd still be able to lid the drink without a spill. Reaching out for a lid, slender ivory fingers laced around one, lightly grabbing it from the stack. Setting his soda onto the counter top, he was paying to attention to the left hand which held the lid. As the plastic lid dropped to the ground, he sulked. "Dang it! Now I have to bend over. Life is such a pain…" Rolling his eyes in irritation, he began to bend over behind the ice cream freezers, reaching for his lid. When his fingers curled around it, the bells on the door suddenly chimed. Ryou's eyes widened in realization.

Another customer.

Dammit! Gritting his teeth as he rose with his lid, which quickly turned into a small smile as to not alert the customer something was wrong, he set the lid onto the counter and turned towards the customer, about to speak when his eyes finally saw who exactly it was.

A tall male, at least with a couple inches more height than Ryou stood there, adorned in medium blue, worn jeans and a faded black band tee, black tipped, milky bangs hiding the other's deep russet eyes as the male contemplated flavors, leant over slightly. The young male, no more than 19, nibbled at his lower lip where a small ring of silver nestled, thumbs hooked into his pockets.

'Breathe Ryou, breathe!' he instructed himself, mouth hanging open as he stared at the other, a pink glow beginning to ebb across the bridge of his nose. This couldn't be real. No way on earth could Bakura, of all people, just have walked into The Peppermint Parlor… This had to be a dream! After all, why would someone as cool as Bakura be here and all alone on a plain, old Sunday night? Gulping, Ryou decided to swallow all his nervousness for the moment being, and act as if Bakura were any old customer, even if it was the only customer who had ever made Ryou's heartbeat escalate without doing a thing.

"U-Uhm, Sir? Did you know what you wanted?" Ryou breathed timidly, nearly gasping as the opposite male stood, eyes widening as both gazes met. A pierced brow arched in curiosity. Hadn't he seen this boy before? Wasn't…it the one he had been looking for, ever since he had seen that particular face at his concert a couple months back? Of course, Bakura hadn't been freaking out about it or anything, as that wasn't Bakura's style, to go crazy over some person, especially not someone random he'd never met, though he couldn't deny when he'd seen this boy before, he wasn't completely mesmerized, at least, for a time-still, even; he wondered as his eyes scanned the other boy's features how anyone could still look so undeniably fucking gorgeous…

It was a face he couldn't forget, even if he had seen it for only a second. Now, however, it seemed fate had given him a second chance, and of course, Bakura wasn't going to waste it. Oh no, he was going to find more about this boy, so that way, when the future came, and he was making the boy quiver with his touch and whispering in his ear, he'd know what name to utter. After all, there was no way he was about to let someone as hot as the little ice cream scooper escape.

Ryou, however, was beginning to get extremely worried and/or flustered, blush increasing tenfold since the object of his desires was staring right at him, not saying a word. Ryou was finding it hard to breathe. He didn't want to break the silence yet or the intimate stare but he didn't want to weird the other out either.

"U-Uhm…s-sir…?" He stuttered, biting down at his lower lip harshly. At the shy summoning, Bakura smirked, leaning forward some until he was against the ice cream freezer, face only a short distant away from Ryou's.

"Mm, boy? Don't I know you from somewhere?" Purred Bakura, arm lifting to rest an elbow against the glass, resting his chin in it. He eyed the other inquiringly, making Ryou's lower lip quiver. Unsure of whether to say yes, he had seen him before or no, because they really hadn't spoken, Ryou broke away from Bakura's eyes, his own falling to the ground.

"I…I don't think you know me."

"Oh? Is that so?" Bakura lulled back, silvery brow quirking again in interest. "Well, I know I've seen you. You're too memorable not to see…"

"W-Well," Ryou spoke up, "I, I go to your shows a lot. I, I mean…I like you. Err…I mean..! I like your band a lot and yeah!" Ryou exclaimed, shutting his eyes at how ridiculous that had all came out. Feeling extremely stupid for shouting out of pure overwrought ness at the end, he gave a deep sigh, chocolate hues reopening again, gasping in surprise as gentle finger pads glided their way across his cheek for a moment. The feeling…it made him want more… Before he could get enough though, the fingers fell from his face all too quickly. Their eyes met again and Bakura chuckled.

"Mm, don't worry about it, people tend to freak out when they get near me. My band mates say it's my stench." Bakura shrugged nonchalantly, amused when the boy began to smile. He smiled too. Mildly, he wondered if it was strange to feel like smiling just because another person was. Probably. Did he care though? No, as long as noone ever found out.

"I-It isn't the stench, I can promise you that, Bakura…" Ryou's eyes widened. He had just used the male's name without him actually telling him it! Oh goodness. Bakura was going to think he was some sort of stalker! 'Oh damn! Please let Bakura not think it's weird, please don't let him know I like him. Please, please, please..!'

"Chh, oh? Then what is it, you? Why are you so hyped up?" Bakura gave the other a questioning look, staring at him intently, scraping his tongue ring up against the tip of his mouth idly. "I promise, I'm not that creepy."

Ryou settled down as Bakura hadn't asked why he knew his name already. But then, it kind-of made him curious why Bakura wasn't worried. Maybe a lot of people just happened to know his name since he was in a semi-popular local band. Ryou wasn't sure. Either way, he was turning out to be just as eccentric as Ryou had always thought of him to be and Ryou couldn't quit smiling… "No, I don't think you're creepy at all. I guess…I was just surprised to see you of all people come into this place, that's all."

"Mm, I see…" Bakura trailed off, making Ryou want to blush all over again with the way Bakura was eyeing him. It wasn't unlike the same way he had been watching him at the concert that night. Licking his lips, Bakura reclined, standing up straight once again, peering down to the multiple flavors of ice cream in the freezers, all labeled. Noticing this, Ryou bit down on his lips and went over by the cones and cups.

"Did…you know what you wanted?" Ryou asked, pony tail swaying as his head turned about to look upon the other again. Was Bakura already done talking to him? God, he hoped he hadn't ruined it for himself, though he guessed…finally being able to meet him was an improvement. It was still disheartening, but…then again, it's always hard to watch someone you like a lot when they aren't with you and when you don't know what they think of you.

'But he did touch my face… Why would he do that…?'

"Yeah, I think…I just want a scoop of cotton candy in the kid's size cone to go. By the way…" Bakura glanced towards Ryou again. "You never did say your name, you know? You sure make it hard to be friends with you, kid." Bakura grinned, "You won't tell me your name and you said I stink."

Ryou gasped, grabbing for a small cone, "I didn't say you stunk! You don't stink at all!" He cried, laughing shyly as he turned around to set the small glove on the counter, grabbing for a pair of plastic gloves and a scooper. "And my name is Ryou, Ryou Usagi." He looked at Bakura again, giving him a small smirk as he went to slide the plastic gloves over his hands, picking up the scooper, and opening the back of the freezer door to lean in to scoop up some of the cotton candy flavored ice cream.

"Mm, I know you didn't. I just wanted to see you smile again," Bakura said nonchalantly, meeting Ryou's surprised gaze when the boy looked at him, chocolate hues widened. Ryou was once again confused. Was…Bakura hitting on him, or was he crazy? Not sure which it was, he only kept smiling, bringing out the cone, and handing it over the counter to Bakura.

"W-Well, thank you, I think." Bakura grinned as he reached up to take his cone, fingers brushing against Ryou's own, all too purposefully.

"And thank you, ice cream boy." Bakura's tongue stroked against the brightly hued blue and pink concoction suggestively, making Ryou look away. 'Why…does he always have to look so damned hot..?' "And by the way…" Bakura paused as he made his way over to the cash register to pay for his cone. "Ryou is a pretty name. It fits you."

Ryou bit his lower lip at the complement, stepping over to the cash register as well, fingers pecking in exactly what Bakura had ordered. "I like…Bakura too. You make it work," he added, eyes peering up to the other in honesty. "It comes to $2.56." Smirking at Ryou's comment on his name, his hand slid down within his pocket, reaching for his wallet which, seeming so fitting to Ryou, was a black Rolling Stones one.

As Bakura fished out 3 dollars, he took another lick of his cone, handing the bills to Ryou, gazing up to the boy. "And…thank you. I'll be sure to tell my Mom you said that when I go home tonight." Ryou laughed, which made Bakura grin. Something about making this boy laugh…Bakura liked it…

In general, actually, it was the sound of Ryou's voice, so gentle and sweet… It was on the verge of girlish, yet seemed perfect for someone like Ryou.

"Oh shush!" Ryou countered, taking the bills, and placing them into the cash machine, taking out the .44 cents in change for Bakura. It was kind of sad, knowing all he had to do was give Bakura his money and the other was going to leave. It was so crazy and bad because…finally meeting Bakura like this, well…now Ryou was crushing him even harder. He was just as great to talk to as he was to watch on stage…

And his touch was the best of all.

As Ryou tried to hand him the .44 cents, Bakura shook his head, nose wrinkling. "Nah…" He said, picking up his wallet from the counter, slipping it back into his pocket. "Consider it my gift to you for complementing my name. I'd give you more but…then I don't know if I'd have money to take you out tomorrow night after the festival-which I'm assuming you'll be at. If you aren't going, I think…I might cry, really." Bakura grinned sheepishly, watching Ryou for his reaction to this. Immediately, as he expected, the boy's eyes widened in disbelief.


Did he hear that wrong?

He had to have heard that wrong.

There was no way he was just asked out by the guy he had been dreaming about for the past two months…


"I…asked you out and you haven't replied?" Ryou blinked, eyes closing for a moment, a smile crossing over his lips.

"I, I know, I'm sorry. It's just…surprising. O-Of course I'd be happy to go out with you though." Bakura grinned, silently thanking his mother for giving birth to such a sexy child that Ryou couldn't say "no" to.

"It shouldn't be that surprising, Ice cream boy. You're pretty damn cute, after all," Bakura said rather bluntly, taking a nibble of his cone, brow hitching.

"Oh…well, err…" Ryou began to stutter again, having no idea what to say to that. Bakura t-thought he was cute! This…had to be a dream. Nothing this good ever happened to him. Never. In fact, before Bakura, he'd never even been asked out before!

"God, quit being so fucking cute. You blush too easily Ryou. Makes me want to just lick you." Bakura gave the boy a wink, hand slipping into his pocket. Ryou, of course, was too busy turning red to say anything back. "Heh, well…I'd better be going though. I don't have a pen or anything to give or get your number but…how about at my show tomorrow, I'll meet you right in front of the stage? Then we can just figure out what we're doing from there?" Ryou nodded, giving the other a smile, hands clasping atop the counter.

"Yes, that's fine. So, just right in front and you'll be there?" Ryou asked anxiously, watching as Bakura began to slowly back away.

"Yep! Trust me…" Bakura rolled his eyes playfully. "I wouldn't stand you up, I'm not a jerk. I want to see you again. I'd even ask you out tonight, but I have practice." At that, Bakura stuck out his tongue jokingly in disgust. "I wouldn't lie to you Ryou, know that."

Meeting Bakura's eyes, Ryou nodded, heart clamoring in his chest. It was so strange… Just a few minutes ago, Ryou had been so worried about just getting Bakura to be his acquaintance…

Now he was going to go on a date with him!

It was still so impossible to believe, Ryou couldn't really think about it right at the moment.

"A-Alright, then I trust you." Giving Bakura a sweet smile, he waved to the other. "Good luck with practice tonight..!"

"Thanks and if you stand me up, Ryou, I know where you work..!" Bakura winked, giving his cone one more lick, feet padding across the white tiled floor until he reached the door, pushing it open with his elbow.

"I don't think…you'll have to worry about me being there," Ryou replied softly, crossing his arms and watching affectionately as the other went to leave. With a last glimpse of Ryou, eyes meeting the boy's again, Bakura grinned lightly.

"Me either…" He murmured back before stepping out the door. Ryou smiled to himself, still unable to believe what just happened. How did such a plain day at work turn into something so good?

Next, he did what any person would've done within the same situation. Once Bakura was out of the Parlor's window view, Ryou got on top of the register counter and did a victory dance.

'Maybe this is going to be a Summer to remember, after all…'


Until next time…

Eating in bathtubs rules!


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