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Discoveries with The Weasleys – Part Deux

Wedding Bells

Chapter One

Life was perfect.

It could not get any better. Last night Charlie had asked her to marry him, and of course she had said yes. Was there any question of her saying no?

Sighing happily, she cuddled closer to Charlies sleeping body.

Everything was wonderful.

Charlie smiled as Hermione moved closer. He wasn't asleep, far from it. He'd been lying there for a while, just basking in the glow. He still couldn't believe that she said yes, he could be a bit cocky, and say that there was no chance of her saying no. But part of him still feared that this gorgeous witch, would look at him one day, and wonder what she was doing with him.

Now he could relax somewhat, she'd said yes. He just had to get that other ring on her finger, and she would be his forever.

"Good morning Mrs soon-to-be Weasley," Charlie whispered in her ear. She couldn't control the shiver of delight that went down her at the sound of his voice in her ear. She hoped and prayed it would still feel the same years from now.

She stretched out like a cat, "I like the sound of that."

Pulling herself up level with him, whispering up against his lips, "Good morning."

What started out as a small kiss, quickly escalated. Till it seemed as though they had been parted for months, not just one night -in the same bed. Blankets were tossed away, as they became too bothersome.

When they parted sometime later, Charlie said somewhat breathlessly, "Well I think I should propose more often, if that's the good morning I get."

Hermione good-naturedly from her position lying on him hit his chest, muttering, "prat…"

"Ah you jest, but I know you love me…"

"That I do…"

Two weeks later…

Charlie chuckled as he watched Hermione pacing in their flat.

"It will be alright love," he soothed, as he laced up his shoes.

"You think so?" she asked eagerly, "God I hope so."

"I just don't want another blow-up like the last time we let everyone know something," she continued, sitting next to him on the bed.

"Don't worry," putting his arm around her, "If anything happens I'll throw a Canary Cream or something into the soup, and they'll forget about us, and chase the twins around."

"That sounds like a plan…"

30minutes later…

Charlie was sitting on the lounge in his parents' living room, Hermione had huddled up next to him, and they were listening to Ginny and Harry gush about their honeymoon.

"The beaches were gorgeous…" Ginny said excitedly.

"And the rainforests were like nothing I'd ever seen…" Harry interrupted.

Then various family members cut in, asking questions.

He leaned over, "are you okay?"

"Fine," she answered with a very nervous smile.

He kissed her forehead, and put his arm around her pulling her closer. Ron was here as well of course. Charlie didn't feel that it made it any easier for Hermione. It was bad enough making an announcement this huge, but they also had to deal with Ron, and his habit of overreacting. So Charlie was doing his best to ignore him, he hadn't really forgiven him for how he hurt Hermione, but he did realise that if that hadn't happened he probably wouldn't be with her, so it was an extreme catch-22.

Curse him for hurting her or thank him for being stupid enough to let her go?

Later, they were all crowded around the kitchen table, once again regaled with tales of how wonderful Hawaii was. Charlie gentle nudged Hermione, and gave her a look that indicated what he was about to do. She nodded her head.

Charlie stood up and cleared his throat. Everyone looked at him.

"I have an…uh…announcement to make," everyone looked at him expectantly. Ginny had a small smile on her face as she looked between the two of them.

"You're joining the circus…" Fred exclaimed.

"No, you dolt," George interrupted. "He's getting a sex-change and becoming Charlotte."

"No you idiots," grabbing Hermiones hand. "We're getting married."

There was a collective gasp that went around the table - Molly recovered first.

"Oh! This is simply marvellous!" Coming round the table and kissing Charlie on both cheeks, and repeating the gesture on a shocked Hermione.

The rest of the family quickly came and congratulated them.

"So could see this coming," Ginny whispered in Hermiones' ear.

"Thanks Gin," she answered hugging her gratefully.

None of them noticed, the upturned chair that had been Ron's.

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