I can help you.

Sniffling, the child looked up from where her head had been buried in her arms, green eyes still leaking hot tears onto the dust of the ground.
"Who.. What?" she asked, in a voice that reeked of a child's innocence.

I said, 'I can help you'

The child looked around in all directions, before realizing the figure's standing place.

Why are you crying?

The child sniffled again.
"Everybody hates me." she said, lip trembling, and nose dripping.

Why do they hate you?

… I.. I don't know…" she whispered, before a fresh sob pealed from her burning throat.

… You shouldn't cry

"Why?" she asked.

Because when you cry, it only hurts you. Crying does nothing, really.

The child shuddered as she repressed another sob. Maybe it was right.
She sniffed, telling herself sniffing wasn't crying.

Now, why are you so sad, little one?

"..Everybody hates me"

Oh. I'm sure not everyone hates you…

"Yes, they do." she said, her strained voice accented with a youth's sorrow.

Doesn't anyone love you? Anyone at all?


That's very sad. Poor little child…

"Who are you?"

I am who you want me to be.


I'm whoever you want me to be. I am whatever you think I am.

".. Where are you?" the child said, looking around again. "I don't see you anywhere"

Do you believe I'm real?

".. Well, yes. Of course you're real. How else could I be talking to you"

Then you should be able to see me.

The child squinted her eyes shut, lips twisting up in a scowl as sweat beaded on her face.
"Oh. There you are"

Do I look like what you expected?

"Kind of. I figured you'd be more brown"

Aren't I?

"Oh! Now you are!" the child said, happily.

See? I am whoever you want me to be.

"…. Are you gonna leave, too"


"Are you gonna leave me, too? Like Mama, and daddy, and everyone"

Silly, of course not.

"Really?" Joy shone through the dark green eyes.

No. I'll always be here for you.



"Yeah! This is great!" she shouted, jumping to her feet.

It is. I've never had a friend as nice as you before.

"Me neither. I've never had a real friend"

I can be your best friend.

"Will you?" she asked, trying valiantly not to let her hope rise.

Of course.

"Yay!" she yelled, jumping up and down in a childish act of joy.

Ha-ha. You certainly are a joyful one.

"Not really. You're the best thing that's happened in a long time to me"

You think so?


Ha-ha. Well then, tell me more about you.


Yes. "Well, OK. My name is Rian"

Rian? That's a nice name.

"It means 'darkness'" she explained, deadpan.

Do you like it?

"Yeah. I like the dark." she smiled slightly at this.

I like the dark, too.

"It's great, isn't it? You can hide from everybody, and no one knows you're even there! They can't hurt or anything!"

I'll make sure no one ver hurts you. Whether it's light or dark.

"Really? Thanks!"

That's what friends are for.

"… Hey. What's your name?"

You can call me whatever you like.

Author: OK, I know it was short, but, have some faith in me! It will get better! Or my name's not HMR!