Go Too Far

Summary: Mokuba knew he went too far. But Seto shouldn't have done that. Now what can he do?

"Nii-Sama?" Mokuba poked his head around the door nervously.

"What?" Seto growled, not looking up from the computer.

"It's time for dinner." Mokuba whispered, alarmed at the angry tone of Seto's voice.

"I'm not hungry."



"You haven't eaten since yesterday morning! I know you say you don't need to eat as much as other people, but you still need food…" Mokuba trailed off as Seto stood up.

"How many times do I have to say this? I am not hungry ergo I don't want any food!"

"Nii-Sama, don't be stupid!"

"Oh, I'm stupid, am I?"

"You need to eat!"

"Brat, I know what I need to have." Seto's voice dropped dangerously low.

"Don't call me that! Contrary to popular belief, you are human, and therefore you need to eat! Don't try and feed me some line about you not being hungry, I'm not stupid!"

"Oh, aren't you?" His eyes were glimmering now, and Mokuba felt fear rising in his throat. "Let me enlighten you Mokuba. If you aren't stupid, then why have you been kidnapped by so many people? Why do you always trust people, why do you always believe in the best? People will only let you down, and then you'll get angry." Like now, he added silently.

"I hate you!" Mokuba yelled. "You always think you know best, but you don't! There is nothing wrong with wanting to have friends, Seto! Just because you're incapable of making them doesn't mean that no one else can have them! And I'm only eleven; you can't expect me to fight off three dozen bad guys at a time! You always say that Noah was just trying to split us up, well; I don't think that's true! You aren't my brother! You took me away from my real brother! You… you… You're just… Gozaburo in disguise!" Mokuba drew in his breath. He had gone too far. Seto wouldn't –


Mokuba felt tears welling up in his eyes. Seto had hit him. His big brother, Nii-Sama.

"Get out of my sight." The boy staring at him wasn't his brother… it was simply some stranger. "I never want to see you again."


"Go." When Mokuba didn't move, Seto raised his hand again. "Now."

Icy blue eyes watched as the little boy fled the room.


Seto buried his head in his arms, wishing he could cry. Didn't Mokuba know how much it had hurt him, to be compared to their foster father? Why were the brothers so different? Seto raised his head and looked longingly at the window. His eyes would have filled with tears, but all his tears had been shed years ago. His hand still stung. What had he done? Was Mokuba really telling the truth? Seto stumbled out of his office quickly. His treacherous legs bore him to his little brother's room. He sighed and leant against the wall, raising his hand to knock. Mokuba opened the door suddenly, grey eyes narrowed.

The breath was knocked out of Seto's lungs as he saw the damage he had inflicted on his younger brother's previously unmarred skin.

Seto turned and fled.


"Mokuba?" Mokuba looked up as Yugi and his friends made their way towards him. "Where did you get that bruise?" Tea looked at the spectacular firework of blue and black.

"Oh…" Mokuba nibbled his lip. To tell the truth or not? "Seto gave it to me." He said quietly, scuffling his shoes.

"Seto?" Tea covered her mouth. The bell went and Mokuba shot down the corridor, glad to be away from the questions.

But he couldn't escape.


"Could Seto and Mokuba Kaiba please come to Principal Fletcher's office immediately?" The voice came from the loudspeaker. Mokuba grabbed his bag and headed towards the head teacher's office.

Seto was slumped in one of the seats, headphones in, music turned up loud. When he saw Mokuba, he pulled them out, switching his iPod off.

"Ah. Yes. Mokuba, please take a seat." Fletcher motioned to one of the empty seats in front of him. As he sat down, Mokuba snuck a look at his older brother, who was mouthing words from the song he'd just been listening to.

Soon I know I'll wake from this dream… Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken… Don't cry…

"No doubt you are wondering why I've brought you here." Seto snorted and looked out the window. "Today, I was told in confidence about an incident involving the pair of you and resulting in the bruise on Mokuba's face."

"And you want to know if it's true?" Seto stood up. "If they're saying it's my fault, that I did it, then they're right!" He stormed from the room.

"If that's the case, we will have you removed from his abusive care. Everything will be ok Mokuba." Mokuba stared at Fletcher in shock.

What had he done?


Seto got in first after school.

"Nii-Sama?" Mokuba called, opening the front door. There was no reply, but he wasn't really surprised. Mokuba himself looked a state, his steady grey eyes were red rimmed and his black hair was even more rumpled than usual.

But Seto really did hate him. Maybe going to another children's home would be good, for Seto at least.

Mokuba paused as he got to the study, remembering the ill events of yesterday. He took a deep breath and pushed open the door. Before he saw anything, he could hear a small whimpering noise, like a puppy. His brow furrowed and he pushed the door open further, revealing his elder brother, head on the desk, his thin frame wracked with sobs.

"Nii-Sama?" Mokuba repeated quieter. Seto raised his head.

"Go and start packing. You leave first thing in the morning." He said, icy blue eyes hardening.

"Nii-Sama, I'm sorry!"

"No, Mokuba, you aren't. And it's too late for apologies. The deeds have been done." Seto pushed past him roughly, walking into his own room.


Mokuba sat up suddenly, heart in his mouth. He didn't know what had woken him, but he had a strange feeling of déjà vu. Automatically, he walked towards the connecting door that was between his and Seto's rooms. He paused before reaching for the door handle, consoling himself with the fact that his brother was probably asleep. He silently slipped inside, like a wraith, and stared at his sleeping brother.

Seto was not resting peacefully. He was turning in his bed, his hair stuck down with sweat to his forehead. His thin body shuddered and Mokuba could see every bone, every scar.

Without thinking of what Seto would do to him when he was found out, he slipped into the bed beside his brother, wrapping his arms around the thin frame. Immediately, Seto' shuddering stopped and his breathing eased. Mokuba got the shock of his life when his brother turned around, very much awake now.

"You ok, Mokie?" He asked softly, returning the hug.

"Nii-Sama… I thought you hated me!" Mokuba took advantage of the sudden change of heart and burrowed his head in Seto's chest. Seto tightened his grip.

"I'm sorry Mokie…" He murmured. "I'm sorry I hit you and I'll miss you when you go."

"I'm not going! They can't make me!"

"Mokie, it's child abuse. Even if it happens just once."

"Every time Joey gets into a fight at school, he isn't moved! You're still a child yourself Nii-Sama! How can it be child abuse? It's just… boyish scrapes!" Mokuba wrinkled his brow. "And you were provoked… not many people appreciate being compared unfavourably with their abusive step father."

"I'll remember that Mokie." Mokuba couldn't see his nii-sama's face, but he could tell by the tone of voice that he was smiling. Seto kissed the younger boy's forehead. "I love you Mokuba. Never forget that."

"I love you too Seto. They'll never split us up." Mokuba entwined his fingers in Seto's.

They would always be like that; tightly braided.

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