Go Too Far

Now… I have to think about what is going to happen… This may drabble a bit… Ok, I give in. I'm adding beyblade characters.

Go Too Far

Mokuba buried his head further into the pillow. It was a Saturday and he hated Saturdays. Saturdays and Sundays were the only days he didn't go to school; and if he didn't go to school, he didn't see his elder brother.

"Time to get up!" The foster home master, Boris Balkov, snapped as he poked his head around the door. Beside him, Ian jumped out of bed, his blue hair in disarray.

"Mokuba? We have to get up now." Mokuba groaned and shook his head, not looking up from his pillow. "If you don't get up, then I'll have to get Bryan." Ian warned. Mokuba groaned again and swung himself out of bed, his black hair a tangled mess.

Most of the boys in The Balkov Institute for Unfortunate Boys were Russian, for some unknown reason. A lot of them scared Mokuba. Since he had left Seto, a lot of things scared Mokuba.

"Come on you two!" The cook's daughter, Winter-Rae, yelled from the room below. "Breakfast is ready!" Mokuba and Ian pelted downstairs, nearly knocking over the most fearsome boy in the Institute, Bryan Kyznetsov, who was also half dressed. Winter blushed as Bryan entered the room. It was well known to everyone but Bryan that she harboured a slight crush for the pale haired Russian boy.

"Morning Winter!" Ian and Mokuba called as they took their seats. Winter flicked back her dark purple hair as she waved.

"Mokuba, can you come and help me in the kitchen?" Mokuba started in shock. None of the boys had ever been asked to help in the kitchen before… But he stood up and walked into the kitchen.

"What do you need help with?" he asked quietly. Winter bustled past him, dodging her mother and her wooden spoon.

"Nothing. Just… my brother works at Kaiba Mansion." Mokuba spun around, his black hair whipping the edges of his face. "He plays the piano. And your brother gave him this note." Winter handed a scrap of paper, ripped from an exercise book. That much was obvious from the 'B-. Get your act together Kaiba!' on the other side.

Dear Mokuba,

I'm sorry I didn't try this earlier, but I wasn't sure if Kai was to be trusted. And I'm sorry I don't see you at school – because I can't. I don't know if you know this, but… well, I know some of the boys at the institute, and… well, if you are wondering why a lot of the boys, particularly Bryan and Ian, seemed to be always watching you or being with you, it's because I asked them to.

And I'm sorry Mokie. I screwed up. Again. If I could have had a clean record for a month, then I would have got you back. But… Hanging around with Bryan and Kai and Tala… I get into a lot of fights now Mokie. I… I'm very violent.

I'm sorry for being such a failure.

Your loving brother,



Seto pulled the hood of his coat up over his head and switched on his iPod. Since Mokuba had left, he had gone from bad to worse. He walked quickly to the corner his gang hung out and leant against the wall, eyes closed.

Kai was the first to appear. Seto could tell which each of them was with both his hearing and sight eliminated. He knew it was Kai by the fact that someone started poking the top of his arm ferociously, as if he wished it to fall off.

A tiny pinch below his elbow signified that Tala was there. And a clout around the head for Bryan. Through the coda in his music, Seto heard a giggle. He frowned… he knew that giggle… His eyes shot open and his iPod flew out the way as he held his younger brother close, as though he would never let him go. Mokuba was embracing him tightly. Both could safely say that they hadn't felt so happy in a long time.

"What are you doing here, Mokie?" Seto finally asked.

"Bryan kidnapped me!" Mokuba giggled. Seto raised an eyebrow and looked up at the lavender haired boy. He shrugged.

"Mokuba needed his brother." Bryan said quietly.

"Plus Winter suggested it!" Kai teased. Bryan flushed. It was well known that Bryan harboured tender feelings for the apprentice cook at the Foster Home.

"Shut up Kai!" He hissed. "Little pitchers have long ears!" Mokuba grinned brightly up at Bryan, who flushed and looked elsewhere.

"Anyway… isn't your court case soon?" Tala swiftly changed the subject. Seto nodded. "Well, you better get your story straight, else Mokie won't be going back with you, will he?"


"…And that's why I want to go back and live with my brother." Mokuba finished and stepped down from the podium. He squeezed into the space next to Bryan.

"Tell you what!" Tala hissed to Bryan. "If Mokie goes to live with Seto, you have to tell Winter what you feel about her!" Bryan blushed brighter than Tala's hair as he nodded.

"Now you've got me dreading the verdict!" He replied crisply. Mokuba crossed his fingers tightly as the jury walked out the room to discuss the verdict.

Seto held his head in his hands, his whole body shaking. Please please please please… He thought as he heard the jury walk back in. That must have been the quickest decision in history… oh god.

"We have decided that we find Seto Alexander Kaiba a fit guardian of his younger brother Mokuba Erik Kaiba." Seto's head shot up as the verdict was decided. There was a outbreak of cheering and Mokuba ran up the aisle, straight into his brother's arms.


"Well, Bryan?" Tala shoved his friend. "I believe you have something to say to Winter?" Bryan blushed beetroot red, which made his lavender hair stand out oddly. Winter looked at him in confusion, her purple hair tied up for once.

"I-I…" Bryan took a deep breath. "Winter… I really like you…" He trailed off. "I… oh screw it!" Suddenly, he captured her lips in a breath taking kiss.

"Bryan!" Winter blushed almost as red as Bryan. "I never knew you…"

The entire room burst into spontaneous applause.


"Nii-Sama?" Mokuba poked his head through the door. Seto looked up from the book he was reading.

"Yes, Mokie?" He asked mildly.

"Can I stay with you tonight? Pretty please?" Without waiting for an answer, Mokuba bounded into the bedroom and clambered into the bed. Seto shook his head, a smile on his face.

"Time for bed Mokie." He said, switching out the light.

"Love you." Mokuba leant his head on Seto's chest.

"Love you too Mokie. Never forget it." Seto wrapped his arms around the little boy.

In his mind, he would never let him go.


Well… that was a load of rubbish! Oh well, it's a second chapter, right? And I am NOT writing any more, ok? Nada. Nein. Nyet. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.