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Me and my mate decided to create a Harry Potter and Divinitas Crossover. For those who haven't readDivinitas it's bloody fabulous with lots of boy love...and art to go with it. Go to Fiction press to read (which i highly recommend you do)

So Anyway

Divinitas Harry Potter crossover… written with lots of love and fangirling for Caleyndar by me and my best mate Kag.

Chapter 1

A Student Whata?

(A Chapter by me!)

Principal crossed his arms and sat back into his chair studying the beautiful blonde haired boy before him.

"Hogwarts?" the principal repeated, making sure he had heard Aether correctly. Aether smirked and sat on the edge of Principals desk.

"You have heard of it?" Aether confirmed.

"Well of course I've heard of Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry... but Aether… a wizarding school?" Principal asked.

Aether held his smirk and continued. "Yes well obviously all magic will be banned within the school, wands will be forfeited over to you before entry. There can't be many of them… about six should do, the headmaster may choose which students, I've heard praise of this Albus Dumbledore."

"Aether," The principal said gaining the boys attention. "Why?"


"I don't see your reasoning behind this," The principal said.

Aether raised an eyebrow at the principal. "Since when do I have to explain myself to you?" he spoke tauntingly, however principal did not miss the threat in those words.

"I want this arranged and carried out Principal," Aether said slipping off the desk and onto the floor.

"Well… of course I'll see what I can do, you did say six didn't you?" the principal verified.

"Yes," said Aether as he opened the door to leave the office "Don't worry Principal, I know what I'm doing."

Aether left and the door shut behind him. Principal stared at the door, running the past conversation over in his mind.

What's he up to? Principal though. What could he possibly stand to gain from something like this?

"A student exchange program?" Ron read out loudly, half from shock and half from normality. It was their second day back at Hogwarts of their sixth year. They had sat through the welcome feast last night and woken the next morning. 'They' being the golden trio Ron Weasley, Hermoinie Granger and the infamous Harry Potter. The group had gone down to breakfast expecting to receive their timetables, retrieve their books and then head to their first class.

However to their shock and dismay both Ron and Harry's timetables were not among the piled stacks of sheets. Fred and George, having returned to Hogwarts to actually finish their final year, also found themselves lacking in timetables. Instead Professor Snape had approached them and handed the four Gryffindors quite a different piece of parchment. Ron read his letter aloud to the table of confused Gryffindors.

Mr Ronald Weasley

I am delighted to inform you as headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that instead of continuing your studies as normal this year at Hogwarts, you have been selected to partake in a student exchange program. Where you and five of your peers will be attending the school Genesis, a refined and well-presented secondary school. However there will be conditions to your stay at this school. There will be no wand magic permitted on the grounds, upon entering the school you will give your wand to the principal and not regain it until the exchange is over. All behavioral rules still apply. As it is a muggle school, however advanced, you will not speak of wizarding, magic or of our world in the presence of students or teachers. And you will be paired with a student of Hogwarts whom with you will attend classes, partake in school co-curricular activities and share a living quarters with. This is a first for Hogwarts and a great honour, which cannot be turned down or abandoned. No doubt you will enjoy this rare and valuable opportunity.

Yours sincerely

Albus Dumbledore.

P.S. The name of your buddy whom you will be paired with is on the back of this letter.

"Well that's certainly odd now isn't it," Seamus announced.

"Very, who's ever heard of a student exchange program at Hogwarts and to a muggle school no less," Hermoinie pondered.

"No, I meant the name of the buddy," Seamus said. "Why put it on the back of the letter when you could just write it in the actual note."

Hermoinie rolled her eyes.

"Well who is your buddy Ron?" Neville asked. Ron turned over the sheet and read the print aloud.

"Luna Lovegood."

"What!" Hermoinie exclaimed. "They can't do that! You can't share living quarters with a girl!"

"It's not a girl Hermoine, its Luna," Ron comforted.

"This has got to be a mistake," Harry said, reading through his own letter. "What would we gain from attending a muggle school?"

"We didn't come back to school for this!" Fred exclaimed.

"Might as well just leave now if we're not going to finish our final year at Hogwarts," George said.

"You didn't come back for anything," Ron rolled his eyes. "Mum made you"

"Yes and she's being very badly ripped off of our education," Fred said.

"Besides that," Hermoine said "You couldn't leave if you wanted to, read down the bottom 'cannot be turned down or abandoned'."

"Don't we have to give permission for something like this?" George asked.

"Appears not," Harry mumbled.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" A voice rang out from across the hall.

"Look's like Malfoy's going too," Harry noticed.

"Imagine how happy he is, going to a muggle school," Dean smirked.

"Wait that means someone has to be Malfoy's buddy..." Harry realised.

Harry, Fred and George all quickly turned over their letters.

"Oh no!" Fred said.

"What, do you have Malfoy?" Hermoine asked.

"Worse," Fred said. "I'm stuck with this slimy bugger," Fred said, gesturing towards his twin.

Hermoine looked at Harry and noticed he had gone very pale. "Harry? What's wrong? Do you have-."

"POTTER!" Harry turned to see Draco storming towards him. "Don't think that for one moment I'm going to let myself be partnered with a prat like you. I'm going to get this all straightened out and you can go to your filthy muggle school while I enjoy a Potter free year!"

"Oh really?" Harry asked sarcastically. "And how are you going to straighten this out Malfoy? Daddy is in prison; noone is going to threaten people's lives and families for the sake of your pride. I don't want this anymore than you do, but as you read there's no way around it. So why don't you just shut up, buck up and get the fuck out of my face?"

Dumbledore watched from his chair the reactions of the children below. He raised an eyebrow at Harry's confronting words and sighed as Draco's fist connected with Harry's face, watching Professor Snape pry the bitter rivals apart. He wondered if two teenage boys coming to their senses was too much to hope for. Obviously so, Dumbledore thought as Harry threw a pancake that landed on top of Draco's head.

Authors (gravewalker's)Notes: Alright, first chapter! The intrigue! The puzzlement! The poor grammar!