Harry Potter and the Children of Genesis

The Start of Something New

'Oh it's so romantic!' Casi squealed at breakfast the next day. All around them new couples were forming in honour of the soulist Dance. Secret lovers were coming out in public, unrequited loves were declared, poetry was being exchanged like a handshake and puppy dog eyes were under every set of bangs.

'I think I'm going to puke in my cereal,' Phoenix blanched.

'Like you can talk Phoenix, what with your steamy hot love affair with Aether,' Casi poked her tongue our at him.

'Previous affair, as in no longer existing,' Phoenix reminded her 'We broke up remember?'

'And even when they were a couple, Aether and Phoenix were never…affectionate,' Lympha pointed out.

'The closest he ever came to that was cutting his name in my stomach,' Phoenix grumbled resentfully 'Not that I'd ever want a relationship as disgustingly warm and fuzzy as all these fools,'

'Oh yeah! That's right, Phoenix is single!' Casi beamed 'In that case you can take me to the dance little Phoenix,'

Phoenix promptly choked on his breakfast and Chima burst out laughing.

'Like hell I will!' Phoenix yelled.

'Oh I know you will,' Casi reached into her pockets and withdrew scandalising photographs 'Or I'll post these around the school and then maybe the internet?'

Phoenix rushed forward and snatched the photos from Casi of himself in the floral dress.

'Those are, of course, copies,' she grinned.

'You…are so evil!' Phoenix growled 'You're a devil woman,'

'A devil woman with a date,' Casi corrected 'And I expect you to look presentable little Phoenix,'

'Haven't I been humiliated enough for one lifetime?' Phoenix pleaded.

'Two actually,' Ari smirked. Casi giggled.

'You might as well just accept it Phoenix,'

'And you might as well accept that Aether is going to kill you when he finds out,' Gryps pointed out.

'Let him try,' she grinned.

'I've been meaning to ask,' Harry spoke up 'What is a Soulist?'

'It's a holiday,' Draco spoke up, the children of Genesis looked at him with intrigue 'A celebration of the self, who you are and what you can accomplish,'

Gryps looked down to his breakfast, a little disappointed.

'That's right,' Casi beamed.

'I…I'm not sure I like that idea…,' Harry spoke 'Everywhere I go, people judge me by my name. Expect this great legendary figure. No one really sees me,'

'What are you talking about?' Phoenix asked confused. Harry sighed.

'Never mind,'

'I know who you are, and you're friends know who you are. Isn't that enough?' Draco asked.

Harry looked up at him surprised. A huge grin spread across the Gryffindor's face and he lit up.

'Yeah, you're right, thanks Draco.'

'Of course I am. I'm always right,' Draco smirked 'And if it helps. The Soulist, originally, never had anything to do with the self or even people,'

Casi froze and looked up at Draco in shock.

'It was a day dedicated to honour the God of Soul,' Draco explained.

'The god of soul?' Harry asked.

'Yes, the day was to celebrate the God of Soul, which was also the God of the Chikyuu, which in translation, basically means us, humans/people,'

Casi gaped at Draco and both Gryps and Ari stared at the blond with wonder.

'How did you know that?' Casi asked.

'My father, he insisted I know all about our family's heritage. Where we came from, who our respectable ancestors were and where they derived their power from,'

'An aristocrat education?' Harry asked.

'Basically, yeah, our history dates back many centuries. I had much to study as a child,' Draco clarified.

'Amazing…I didn't think…' Casi stopped herself. Then stood up and hurried off.

'What's wrong with her all of a sudden?' Harry asked.

'What did you say?' Phoenix asked desperate 'You said something and she ran off. She left you alone and actually ran off. What the hell did you say?!'

Harry was running around an empty corridor in a panic. He was lost, he'd been at Genesis for nearly a month and he was lost and alone, feeling a lot like an abandoned puppy. He tried almost every door in the corridor and found empty cob webbed rooms. Harry cursed, why did he have to be so darn pathetic? He didn't even know how he got lost in the first place. After lunch Draco had gone on ahead to class, to ask something of the teacher, so Lympha had offered to escort Harry to class. One second Harry was following Lympha along a proclaimed 'short cut' and then he was alone in a dark and foreign hallway.

Harry whimpered and backed into something solid. He whipped around and raised his fist only to have it caught by the elegant and older Lympha.

'Here you are,' Lympha smiled warmly 'I was concerned when I noticed your absence,'

'You found me!' Harry beamed.

'How did you manage to wind up down here?' Lympha asked. Harry blushed and ducked his head.

'I got lost,'

'Not use to the size of the school?' Lympha offered.

'Oh no, Hogwarts is about the same size as Genesis…it's just still unfamiliar to me,' Harry excused.

'Ah I see, well in any case, we had best be getting to class. We are already three minutes late,' Lympha pointed out.

'Oh okay sure…do you know the way out of here?' Harry asked.

'Of course, follow me,' Lympha turned and walked down the corridor with Harry at his heel.

'This actually comes at a great convenience for me Harry, I've been meaning to get you alone for some time,' Lympha spoke.

'Oh?' Harry asked 'Why?'

'I find you quite fascinating Harry and I like you very much,' Lympha spoke.

'Oh thanks,' Harry grinned 'Likewise, you seem like a really decent guy Lympha,'

'Ahh, I don't think you quite understand my meaning Harry,' Lympha tear dropped.

'What do you mean?'

'What I mean to say is, that I-,'

Harry was grabbed from behind, a hand clamped over his mouth, so Lympha did not hear Harry's screams as he was dragged into a room, the door locked behind him. Harry pushed back against his attacker who stumbled and fell against the wall. Harry turned around to find a tussled Draco Mafloy.

'Draco? What the hell are you doing?' Harry asked.

'I'm subtly trying for your attention,' Draco smirked. Harry raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

'I…am hiding from Casi,' Draco explained.

'You're what?' Harry asked.

'I'm hiding from Casi, she's been acting odd all day. She's been following me, and giving me strange looks,' Draco verified.

'So you're hiding in an abandoned classroom…hiding from a girl?' Harry giggled.


'So don't you think you're being a little paranoid?' Harry asked.

'…maybe…' Draco shrugged 'What were you doing alone with that blue haired goon anyway?'

'Lympha was showing me to class, I…got lost…' Harry blushed again and looked at his shoes.

Draco smiled, Harry was just so damned adorable, 100 percent clueless, but adorable. Draco suddenly realized the very nice possibilities that arose with being alone with Harry in an abandoned classroom. Draco began to move closer toward Harry and smiled charmingly.

'Well I'm in no rush to leave, what with Casi on the prowl. How about it Harry? Keep me company?' Draco asked.

Harry looked up and suddenly noticed how damn close Draco was. He was suddenly reminded of their 'date', and his heart began to race.

'I…we should probably get to class,' Harry pointed out.

'What's the point it's just a muggle lesson?' Draco asked and stood so he was barely an inch away from his heartthrob. The temperature was rapidly increasing in the room, both boys well aware of how their bodies were uncontrollably responding to each other.

'Draco,' Harry whimpered.

'Please stay with me Harry,' Draco asked, his eyes locked with Harry's. Misty silver eyes locked with clouded green.

Suddenly Draco's arms were braced on the wall, on either side of Harry's waist. Harry could feel Draco's warm breath on his lips and he shivered.

'S-stay,' Harry promised.

Draco took one hand off the wall and ran his fingertip up and the material of Harry's shirt. Harry bit his lip and looked weakly up at the blond, who even up close seemed so damn beautiful.

'I'm not making you uncomfortable am I Harry?' Draco asked, placing his palm on Harry's naked belly. The touch seemed so hot. Harry shivered, he had never been touched that way before, it wasn't normal. It was soft and delicate, as if Draco thought Harry would somehow break if not handled delicately. Harry realized he was being treasured and wanted so much more of it. Draco's hand slid up under Harry's shirt and trailed those hot touches over Harry's bare skin. Harry shivered, and shook his head, not wanting…this…whatever it was, to stop.

'Are you sure Harry?' Draco asks 'I'll stop if you want me to.'

Draco's fingertip runs over the Gryffindor's nipple and Harry whimpers.

'N-no, don't s-stop…please,' Harry whispers. Draco fingers run patterns over Harry's skin, his other hand coming around to take grip of Harry's hip.

'Good, because I really like touching you Harry,' Draco whispers into Harry's neck and gently presses their bodies together. Harry's breathing harshly, lip quivering and body completely out of control. Draco raises his head and looks into Harry's eyes 'Feels so good. Feels right. Do you think so too Harry? Do you like this, what I'm doing to you?'

Harry bites his lip and nods.

'Let me hear you say it,' Draco whispers and presses his forehead to Harry's, forcing the Gryffindor to look only at Draco.

'I like it…a lot. Please touch me Draco,' Harry breathes and Draco finally pressed his lips against Harry's and the world shattered. Draco's sucked delicately on Harry's bottom lip, and with a gasp Harry let Draco into himself. Tongue's met and mutual moans flooded the room. Touches became grasps and the air became hot. Bodies pressed into one another, Draco's knee pressed between Harry's legs. Kisses became hot and wet, desperate and hungry. Draco's hand trailed down from Harry's chest, and wrested on Harry's belt buckle. Harry cried out, desperate for Draco's touch on that place most sacred to him. Draco thrust his tongue into Harry's mouth cutting off the cries and Harry's welcomed it eagerly. Draco skilfully undid the buckle and slowly unzipped Harry's pants. The door was thrown open and Draco jumped away as if he was zapped. Lympha looked from the tussled and breathless Draco, to quivering, aching mess that was Harry.

'You know it's usually polite to knock before entering a room,' Draco pointed out.

'What did you think you were doing?' Lympha asked coldly.

'Oh nothing, Harry and I were just talking right Harry?' Draco asked. Harry, just stood there completely shocked and shaking from what just took place. Draco smirked at the blue haired nuisance. He walked up to Harry and in a very obvious fashion zipped up Harry's pants, before taking the Gryffindor's arm and leading him to the door.

'Now if you don't mind, Harry and I are late for class,' Draco and Lympha's eyes locked as Draco passed him through the door. The first match was over and Draco Malfoy had been found the victor.

'For now,' Lympha promised.

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