Title: Swordplay


Warnings: innuendo, teasing

Line: "I guess it's true. The pen is mightier than the sword, but not nearly as amusing."

Notes: Written for Misanagi. Thanks to Anne for the beta!

Summary: Quatre is working, but there is a certain blonde distraction in his office.


Quatre could feel her undressing him with her eyes, her gaze like a touch. Groaning inwardly, he took in the pile of documents on his desk still waiting to be signed. Today.

Willing himself to ignore the blatant stare, he took another contract, reading through it quickly but carefully before putting down his signature in bold letters. One done, plenty to go.

She was still there, hovering. But he knew that telling her to leave wouldn't do any good. She'd simply ignore it. He really didn't know why he put up with her attitude. 'Because she's smart and witty,' a tiny voice whispered in the back of his head. ' Because she's got guts. Because she's a challenge. Because she's sexy. Because she's beautiful. Because you love her.'

Wearily, he pushed his bangs out of his face. Okay, yes, he loved her. But right now, she was driving him crazy. How was he supposed to ever get his work done with her lasciviously draped over one of the chairs in the opposite corner of his office, playing with strands of her hair, running her fingers lazily along her throat to her full breasts, trailing them over her flat stomach and down between her legs...

Quatre let out a strangled moan and crossed his legs. Damn her. Grabbing the next few documents, he viciously slammed them down on the table, briefly scanning the contents and signing them at a furious pace.

Suddenly he stopped and smirked. Why was he letting her get to him? His smirk widened. If she wanted to play, so could he. He looked up and caught her eyes. Then, deliberately slowly, he reached for the document on top of the pile. He dropped his gaze and began to read. He felt her eyes boring into him, and he could imagine the annoyed look on her face rather well. A quiet chuckle rumbled through his chest.

Looking up at her quickly, he deftly put his signature on the paper and reached for the next one, all the while playing with the pen in his hand, caressing it slowly. He glanced at the contract before him and barely suppressed a sigh. How many more would it take...?

This time he signed the document without looking up. However, just as he was about to put it on the pile, it was ripped from his hands and thrown somewhere on his desk. A firm weight plopped into his lap accompanied by the swish of long blond hair. He merely raised his eyebrows at the furious blue eyes glaring at him, and shook his head. "Tsk, tsk. Miss Catalonia. How impatient. That was a rather important document. I hope you didn't tear it. It would be a quite difficult to get a new one."

Dorothy snorted and tore the pen from Quatre's hand. Drawing it teasingly down his throat, she purred, a hint of annoyance still lingering in her voice. "More important than me? I'm hurt." She broke into a leer that belied her words. "What was it anyway?"

"Oh, just a contract over the funding of an entire new colony." Quatre said dryly, as if he were talking about grocery shopping. Then he added with a gentle smile. "There has been an empty spot in the L5 cluster for quite some time now."

For a second, Dorothy's face softened, and she kissed Quatre tenderly. "I guess it's true. The pen is mightier than the sword." With that her smile turned predatory again, and she reached down to give Quatre's hard length a deft squeeze. "But not nearly as amusing."