Completely Lost

By Natalie

Sum: The Teen Titans goes into a fight and Raven loses her memories waking up with new ones on how Beast Boy is the love of her life. What funkiness is going to erupt? Romantic Read!

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Chapter One: Memory lost

"Is friend Raven going to be alright? It has been…a long time."

"Yeah Star, I had a talk with the doctor just now; she's going to be just fine. She just needs some time out."

"Hey, after that ordeal I won't be surprise if she doesn't wake up at all! Maybe Doctor Freak sucked her brain out!"

"That's not funny Beast Boy."

"Heh heh, sorry."


"With out her around I can't really tell which ones are my bad jokes and good ones-"

"You had 'good' jokes little grass stain?"

"Tin bucket!"

"Tofu lover!"

"What's wrong with that?"

"Cybrog! Beast Boy! Shut up."


"Friend Raven in waking up! Oh marvelous!"

Everyone held their breath as Raven eyes fluttered open, her violet orbs scowling up at the bright white ceiling of the hospital they were in. Raven felt the tingling sensation of pain nibbling somewhere around the back of her head and growled in pain.

"What's wrong with her?"

"Oh! She is in pain!"


"Shush. Don't worry. It'll be fine in a sec. The doctors gave her some pain killers."

"Noooo! We have to save her!"

"Beast Boy, be quiet!"

"What if her brain was really sucked from her head!"

"BB, get a grip!"



"You needed it!"

Raven slowly got up and groaned as she sat leaning back onto her pillow. She blinked to see her teammates standing on the foot of the hospital bed, all looking slightly worn out. Starfire smiled and clasp her hands together her face beaming with joy.

"Oh dear friend! You are well!"


Before anyone else could act Beast Boy squealed and had thrown his arms around Raven in a flash. Forgetting that Raven didn't like to be touched for the moment.


The others yelled in surprise spring some sense back into him but as he was about to let go. He felt a pair of thin elegant arms reached up and circled themselves around his neck and hugged him back. Beast Boy froze in shock as Starfire gasped and Cyborg jaw hit the ground in awe. Robin, the calmest, merely quirk an eyebrow in surprise at the picture before him. Raven was hugging Beast Boy on the hospital bed like it was nothing at all.

"Ur…" Beast Boy uttered totally bewildered at her strange behavior and turned to whisper to the others. "Guys…I think she had brain damage!"

He felt her grip loosen and leant back to get a better look at her as the other three circled the bed. Raven blinked back at them seemingly a bit confused as to why they were all looking at her strangely. Raven was in her usual cloths and cape, the only thing that seems to be different was the pink bandage that was wrapped around her head and a purple bruise on her left cheek.

But before anyone could question her on how she was Raven did something completely surprising. She smiled.

"Hey guys. How long have I been out?"

The rest of the team was so much in awe nobody answered right away. The sight of Raven smiling all of a sudden, let alone, for no apparent reason was kind of freaky. Beast Boy however, cracked a smile they haven't seen for the past 2 weeks since Raven was admitted.

"Wow Rae! You're smi-!"

Beast Boy yelped as Cyborg clasped his metal hands on to his mouth and stopped him from talking. Raven frown at this but then turned to Robin who had made an a-hem noise.

"Shh BB!" Cyborg hissed so Raven couldn't hear as he released the squirming Beast Boy. Beast Boy growled and glared back up at him.

"Why did you stop me from talking?" Beast Boy huffed unhappily at being torn from the opportunity to tell Raven how wonderful it was that she was smiling.

"There's something wrong with Raven, BB"


"I know it's a good thing that she's smiling BB, I'm happy about it too." Cyborg paused to give Beast Boy a meaningful look.

Beast Boy sighed. "Yeah, go on."

"But we shouldn't be acting like how she's acting right now is strange. Act like she's acting normal. I'll go get the doctor. You stay and act…however she thinks you'll act."

"How the muffin am I suppose to know how she thinks I'll act?" Beast Boy asked but Cyborg was already out the door in search for Ravens' doctor.

"Ur, you've been out for 2 weeks." Robin informed Raven after seeing Cyborg leave the room with a small smile. "It's great to have you back Raven." He softly patted her on the back as Starfire flew up to Raven.

"Oh friend Raven! I am so happy to see you awaken! It has been horrible with out your presence at the tower!" Starfire squealed with happiness and hugged Raven as Raven laughed in a suffocating sort of way.

"Starfire, I can't breathe" Raven gasped as Starfire quickly released her. But Raven didn't scowled and said something sarcastic but she merely shook her throbbing head and smiled.

"Boy Star, you might want to lay off the hug for a while. My head's killing me right now."

Starfire gasped in horror so Robin quickly cut in.

"Not literally Star. She means it's hurting."

"So it is not doing the killing on her?"

As Starfire and Robin set on to their daily flirtation Beast Boy watched and notice something different about Raven. Not something negative, just something different. The air around her was slightly lighter but still as calm and still as it always was.

Raven glance from Robin and Starfire to Beast Boy. He watched as her purple eyes soften and Raven smiled, again. He didn't know why but he felt his chest gave a little joint upon seeing that rare smile, two times now.

"Beast Boy."

It took him a moment to realize she had just called his name. He smiled and bounced over to stand on her right side of the bed.

"Hey Raven. I'm glad you're up." Beast Boy smiled then added as an after thought. "Well, not up up but certainly in better shape than you were in for the last 2 weeks."

Raven nodded and patted the space beside her on the bed.

"Beast Boy, sit down."

It took him a moment to realize she had just asked him to sit next to her instead of throwing him out the window to fit her usual habit. Beast Boy slowly nodded and sat down facing her. He stared hard into her eyes wondering if some alien has had her hypnotized.


Beast Boy blinked seeing Raven made a face between confused and…could it be? He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him but it actually looked like Raven was lightly blushing and because of him? Beast Boy? No way!

"What what?" He asked staring at her.

Raven stared at him then let out a soft laugh causing Robin and Starfire to turn their attention. Probably wondering why Raven was laughing, let alone, with Beast Boy.

"BB you keep staring at my face and drifting off, are you okay?"

No, I'm a bit freaked out. Beast Boy thought as he felt his eyes bugged out slightly at being called 'BB' and hearing the sound of her rare laughter. Beast Boy quickly shook his head seeing as Raven was seemingly waiting for an answer.

"Nothing. I'm fine."

"People! The doctor's here!"

The team turned to see Cyborg strolling in with 5-6 doctors hurrying in after him yelling orders to the nurses running up and down the hall way.

"Gee Cyborg; did you get the doctors on the whole floor?" Robin asked looking at all the doctors fussing around Ravens' bed after Beast Boy had jumped off to stand with them. Cyborg shrugged and smirked.

"Hey, I wanted to make sure my lil sis was ok."

"She looks fine to me. Maybe a little change in personality but other than that her brain seems to be functioning fine." Robin observed as the doctors kept fussing over her.

"Hey, hands off!" Beast Boy, who was observing the doctors do a check up on Raven, suddenly yelled making the others jump in surprise and strolled over.

"I don't think you need to touch here and there that much to see what's going on. What do you think? She doesn't have chest pains!" Beast Boy found himself snapping at one practically horning looking doctor who was touching Raven in private places. The doctors backed off a bit and apologized as Beast Boy glared and crossed his arms.

"If anyone of you-" Beast Boy made a gesture towards Raven who was looking a bit amused at what he was doing. "I will-" He began making threatening gestures at them in a childish kind of way. The doctors exchanged glances at each other before nodding in a hurry at the pissed Changeling.

"Okay BB. I think they understand. Doc, please keep your hands off and get on with it."

Cyborg smirked and Robin made a 'ha' sound under his breath. The two boys exchanged looks and grinned as Starfire let out a sigh.

"Oh how cute Robin! Beast Boy is doing the defending of Raven."


"Would you do the defending of me if I were to be touched in, as I quote Beast Boy. 'here and there that much to see what's going on'?"

Cyborg let out a snort as Robin turned red in the face.

"Ur…well, you see Star." Robin thought about it for a minute then shrugged. "I guess I'll tear the bastard apart if one would be stupid enough to lay a hand on you, Star."

Cyborg made a puking noise as Starfire smiled shyly and the doctors continued on checking Raven, with Beast Boy sitting beside her. Beast Boy was actually surprised by two things that had just occurred. One, he had gotten the guts to yell at a horny doctor, on Ravens' behalf no less. Two, Raven wasn't punching him for nosing in on her.

Raven had even quirk an eyebrow in amusement from his little rant. After a couple of minutes the doctors nodded to each other and informed the team that she was physically fine and had taken the bandage off her.

"She's in great shape, the only thing you'll need to worry about is that bruise. Just be careful not to put pressure on it and it'll heal in a couple of days."

The team muttered their thanks and hurried over to Raven and Beast Boy as the doctors began to clear out of the room.

"I guess this means you can go home now Raven." Robin grinned and made a move to help Raven off the bed when Starfire shot past him and grab Raven around the waist hauling her up into the air.

"Oh let me assist friend Raven! I shall assist you down the halls of hospital and into the car"

Everyone watched in surprise as Raven laughed softly and shook her head.

"It's ok Star. I'm fine…don't worry…put me down."

Starfire nodded and let go putting Raven back on the hospital floor. Raven placed a hand on the bed to steady herself before looking up at Beast Boy. Beast Boy felt another joint in his chest as Raven sent him a small smile he couldn't help thinking it was for him only. Snap out of it Beast Boy! He mentally yelled at himself.

"BB can help me."


"What?" Beast Boy uttered in complete awe as the rest of the team half smirk half scowled in confusion.

Did Raven just say that? She, Raven, the mistress of mystery and queen of darkness, wants him, Beast Boy, changeling and a complete joke, to help her? To touch her? Raven frown softly as her face showed off her confusion. Beast Boy gulped as he realized that he had just let out a girlish scream.

"Is there something wrong? Did I say…something wrong?" Raven looked around curiously at their stunned face.

"Oh nothing…it's just that-" Beast Boy began but was cut off by Cyborg.

"Yeah, it's just that we thought you wouldn't want anyone touching you since…you know-"

"-since you could still be injured." Robin finished for him and nodded towards Raven.

Raven smiled and made a gesture for Beast Boy to come closer. He moved hesitatingly towards her as Raven circled her arms around Beast Boys' left forearm. The others watched as the colors slowly drained from Beast Boy face and then went right back up again, making him look greenishy red. (AN: I know it's not a word.)

"Oh I wouldn't mind, guys." Raven informed them gently leaning her head against the shoulder of a bewildered looking Beast Boy who was pin next to her. But no matter how bewildered they already were, nothing could prepare them for what Raven had to say next.

"He is after all…my boyfriend."

To be continued…

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