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Batou, Togusa, and Saito were at a bar not far from Section 9 HQ. After a long day of tracking some cyber-terrorist, they decided to go get some drinks to ease their minds and relax.

The bar was a small but busy establishment. The three Section 9 agents were sitting at a table near the back of the darkend bar. Batou was on his fifth beer, Saito was on his third, while Togusa was still on his first. "Togusa, is there somthing wrong with your beer?" Batou asked him. "No it's fine, I'm just really not a big drinker that's all." answered Togusa. "Then why did you come with us tonight?" questioned Saito. "I just wanted to spend some time with you guys outside of work, whats wrong with that." replied Togusa. Batou and Saito just chuckled at his response. "If you wanted to that, you should've just invited us to your house." said Saito. "Yeah, because if you come to the bar with us, you better be ready to drink." added Batou. Right after Batou said that, he finished his fifth beer and asked for his sixth. All of sudden, Togusa became tense, his face changed from showing joy to showing sadness. Batou and Saito were to busy drinking their beer to noticed this sudden change in Togusa. "Actually, the reason I came here tonight is because I need to talk to you two about somthing. Somthing that's been eating away at me." Togusa said in a low, sad voice. Batou and Saito turned to look at him, surpised to hear his sad voice. 'He was fine a minute ago, what happened.' thought Batou. "Togusa, what's wrong?" asked Saito. Togusa's eyes drifted to the brown, dusty floor then back up to Batou and Saito. 'Fuck it, I'm doing this, I'm telling them.' thought Togusa to himself. He drank the rest of his beer, and then finally said it. "I'm in love with someone other then my wife."

This confesion shocked the hell out of Batou and Saito. They always thought Togusa and Miki had a great relationship. They never got the idea from him that he was in love with someone else. For a half minute, there was nothing but silence between the three. Batou and Saito didn't know what to say or do. Finally Batou had enough of the silence. "You mind telling us who this person is?" inquired Batou. "Someone who seems perfect." was all that Togusa said. After a few moments, it dawned on Batou and Saito. " It's the Major, isn't it?" the two of them asked. Togusa just nodded his head. "How long have you loved her?" Questioned Saito. "It's was shortly after I was shot during the Laughing Man case. I remember laying there on the hospital bed, wondering if I was gonna live or die. I kept thinking that whole time about how much I didn't want to die, how much I wanted to see Motoko again. I was thinking about the Major more then I was thinking about Miki. That's when I realized I loved her."

"I never knew." was Batou's response to Togusa's shocking confesion. "Niether did I." said a voice from behind them. Togusa frozed when he heard the voice. He became sick to his stomach. He didn't want to turn around. He didn't want to look into her crimson eyes. Batou and Saito were stunned to see Major Motoko Kusanagi standing behind them. She had a surpised and somewhat sad look on her face. "Major, what are you doing here?" Saito asked her. "I was just driving by, but when I saw Batou's car outside I decided to come in and join you guys." answered Motoko. "Batou, Saito, I need you two to go outside for a few minutes. Togusa and I have some things to discuss." Batou and Saito left the bar without saying a word. Now Togusa has no choice but to talk to the Major.

It sucked didn't it. I always sucked as a writer. I've always had good ideas in my head, but I just never been really good at writing. But lately I've said screw it and I wrote stuff anyway. This story at first was a oneshot. Then I decided to break it down in chapters. This fic is named after a Bright Eyes song.