Summary: Hustle Danny thinks about Love.

I, Danny Blue, get laid on average three times a day. Ok, maybe not.

But I do know about love.

And that's something that Mickey Stone doesn't.

From the million times I've talked to him, it's obvious. He doesn't seem to realise that Stacie fancies him. The way she looks at him. I talked to her about it and she admitted it. But when I tried to talk to Mickey about it, he denied it all, saying she was just trying to throw me off track. He said it was obvious who she liked – me.

Now that isn't true. How many times have I tried it on with her? Only to be met with a laugh, I mean, I've heard of girls playing hard to get, but twenty rejections? That's going a bit far! I mean yeah, I like her, but there's plenty of fish in the sea. And stealing my best mate's bird, especially when that mate is Bricks, is not clever. And, even though I do hit on her a lot, she's more like a sister. I haven't decided if she's older or younger, but she reminds me a bit of the girls in Fagin's Gang, Nansy 'Dodger' Bates, tomboy and cocky, Nancy Dickens, quiet and intelligent and Rose Griffin, feminine and wily. Combine all of them together and you get Stacie Monroe – Female extraordinaire.

Mickey Stone is the best friend of my dreams, and I can't believe we're mates. It seems odd that Danny Blue, an ex from Fagin's Gang, is working with the world's best con man. Well, in my opinion anyway. He's taught me so much, but he doesn't seem to get that I don't want to one day take over the gang. I'm no decent grifter, not at putting them on the send anyway. That's Mickey's job, I just chat up the ladies (hey, who said being a conman doesn't have its perks?)

Albert has been like a father to me and Mickey. He's taught Mickey everything he knows, and Mickey in turn has told me. We are probably the ones who talk the least, but I do respect him and he knows it. He says that when he retires, it may be up to me to be the roper… and then laughs. He and I both know that I would be a pathetic roper. Thanks to my experiences with Fagin's Gang, I am only good for rubbing people up the wrong way and creating HUMUNGOUS distractions during jewel robberies. But don't tell Mickey that, he already thinks I'm useless.

Ash… is another matter. He's always there when I need him, apart from when Mickey and I took the Henderson's challenge, but we don't talk about that. He's helped me a great deal when I've been following Mickey's orders. Like how to find an elephant, though, thank god nothing happened in that train of thought. He's helped me so many times.

My beloved flowers are the final things I need to think about. Daddy isn't stupid is he? I love my flowers… they never think I'm stupid. And they never talk back to me.

So thank you, my team. Thank you Fagin, for teaching me all you know in the short con and thank you Bricks for teaching me the rules of life.

Ermmm… I don't know where this came from! Seriously lol. I have missed quite a few season three, so I'm not sure how this will work… Oh well! Look out for a story explaining all about Fagin's Gang… although it will probably also have beyblade in… no promises… I couldn't resist about the flowers lol.