Jason finds him sitting in front of his computer. The desk is cluttered. There's a small bottle of orange Hi-C, a bag of jellybeans, several CD cases and the DVD box to the movie 'Tron'. It's playing on most of the computer screen. In one corner he has open a small chat screen.

He knows Jason is there and chooses to ignore it. In fact, takes another swig of Hi-C and eats an entire handful of jellybeans.

"I could kill you. Right now," Jason murmurs. The barrel of his gun caresses the boy's temple.

"I'm not afraid of you," he whispers and tilts his head, nuzzling the weapon.

"You should be."

The boy reaches up, puts his smaller fingers around Jason's and squeezes. The safety clicks, and the kid's head rolls on his neck in order to look up.

"Why was the safety on?"

"I didn't actually come here planning to kill you, imposter."

"Why not?"

"I wanted to kidnap you and cause Daddy and Big Brother some emotional trauma. Good time for it, don't you think?"

"I'd sooner kill myself."

"What is with you, suicide punk?"

"I'm running out of things to lose."

"So, which one was yours?"

The kid doesn't answer him.

"Was it Superboy who we all know died so valiantly?"

The boy twitches.

"Yeah...real hero that."

"Shut. Up. Hood. Or I swear, I will kill you."

'Which will result in your eventual elimination...'

"Nheh-heh. I'm not much in the mood now."

The kid stares at him at length then holds out a handful of jellybeans.

"Ever seen this movie before?" He nods toward the computer screen.

The chat screen blinks, has been blinking.

AllaQuiver: Tim?

AllaQuiver: Hey Tim? You still there?

AllaQuiver: Tim? Please answer me?

AllaQuiver is typing...

tehR3D1: Sorry, someone was at the door. I have to go now, Mia, see you.

tehR3D1 signed off at 9:57:02 AM.

The kid turns to look at Jason, who is munching on those jellybeans.

"So, what movie is this?"

"Tron," Tim murmurs and then holds up the DVD case.

"Then, no."

"Tcch," Tim makes a disgusted sound. "What kind of childhood did you have?"

"Did you actually just ask that question?"


Jason sits down on the floor beside the kid's chair.

"Fair enough, give me some more of those jellybeans."

Tim makes a whispery little noise, Jason almost can't make out the words, "Do we have to try to kill each other when it's over?"

"I didn't come all the way from Gotham for nothing," Jason mumbles, reading the subtitles since Tim apparently has no intention of shutting up.

"I…I'm not Bruce."

"No shit."

"I don't….mind."

"Did you just say what I think you just said?"

"This is the best part…" Tim smiles and fixes his eyes resolutely to the screen.

"Did you just invite me to kill in your town, you little freak?"

"I just invited you to try."

"Are you that lonely?"


"I'm no Superboy."

"I'm no Batman."

Jason slaps the boy's thigh viciously. It makes his hand hurt. "We have an understanding, you bad excuse for a fucking imposter."


"Yeah, sure. Y'know, knowing you, these things are probably laced with a tranq."

Tim pops one in his mouth as a show of good faith.

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