Friends Forever?

Disclaimer-I do not own DBz,this is a story about me and my oldest friend/

Pan has known Bulla since Bula transferred to her school in the second grade. There friendship didn't really start till the 6th grade. They were always hanging out together, rain or shine. Pan was always the first person to be invited to her parties and when she went out. Once Bulla got her own instant messager they were always on, the only thing that stopped them a very high internet bill. They had been there for everything deaths in the family, problems with family, anything and everything but now it feels like Bulla is forgetting about it.

"Bulla want to hang out today?"

"I can't I am going over my friends house, I go to my friends house every friday"


Pan went home and went online, Bulla was on but she refused to talk to her, it seemed like everytime Pan signed on Bulla went away, that is what happened.

"What's wrong Pan?"

"Nothing mom"

"I doubt that now whats wrong?"

"Bulla is starting to piss me off, all she ever talkes about is her other friends, and when ever she goes out she invites everyone but me"

"Is she mad at you?"

"Not that I know"

Pan went into detail about everything Bulla had done. From thinking her problems were worse then everyone else's and she didn't consider them best friends anymore which hurt Pan more than anything else. For she had always considered herself and Bulla best friends and they would stay like that forever.

Some years later

Bulla and Pan graduated high school and went to college. They grew further apart and never became as close as before. Bulla was still in Pan's mind so when she had the time she would e-mail her. When they saw each other Pan yearned to regain that past friendship but their lives were to different for one. Their memories would stay in Pan's mind never to be disturbed from there but when she looked back at them tears would come to eyes she never wanted it this way if she could change it she would.

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