Well, this is chapter 1 of Breakdown, sequel to Breakaway.

Chapter 1 - Lost Without You

Piper's POV.

In Breakaway: Piper was trapped in a violent relationship with Dan. She met Leo and left Dan, taking her daughter Patty and moving back into the manor, unlocking a big family secret as she did so. After a lot of struggle, Piper was finally free of Dan and she and Leo married, and went on to have Wyatt and Chris. Everything was happy in the Halliwell household when Piper dicovered she was expecting her forth child ... but she fell apart as she leaned her Patty was missing ...

Recap: ""But ... But ..." I fell back against Leo.

"Call the police." He said to Ms. Wilson, who disappeared from sight.

"Where is she Leo? Who took her?" I gasped.

"I - I don't know. Breath. We'll find her."

"Leo, my baby's out there all alone." I gasped. My knees gave way and he caught me. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw orbs, which formed to reveal my sisters, Andy and Cole.

"What's happened?" Prue said quickly.

"Some-some one's taken her. Someone's got her Prue. They've took my baby."

Ms. Wilson reappeared and I heard them all talking, but I couldn't focus, couldn't make out what they were saying.

I couldn't hear, couldn't see, couldn't breath. My baby's gone.

HANDING the officer another photo, I wiped away more tears. Prue and Andy were at the other side of the room, talking to more officers. I could hear Andy saying "Just find her. This is personal, this is priority." I was grateful, but nothing could take away the pain I was feeling.

"Sweetie, are you OK?" Phoebe asked me gently. I wiped away more tears.

"What a stupid question Phoebe, of course I'm not." I snapped. She looked hurt, but tried to hide it. "I'm sorry." I muttered.

"Don't be. I'm amazed at how your holding up." She told me.

"Have you seen anything?" I whispered. She shook her head.

"I touched everything, her toys, her bed, her clothes. Nothing." She told me.

"What about Paige and Cole?" I asked. The two of them were looking through the book - Cole's knowledge of demons made us hope he could find something.

"They're still going through the book." She told me.

"Keep trying." I whispered. "What about Andy? The police?"

"Nothing. They're treating this as abduction. Andy's pulling out all the stops."

"She's been missing for over four hours, Phoebe." I stated. Four hours of hell.

Leo wrapped his arms around me. "I can't ... I can't sense her." He whispered.

"Does that mean -?"

"No. She ... could be in the underworld, or cloaked from us, or just ... just too far away." He told me. "Don't give up."

"I ... I want to go upstairs." I said. "I have to think."

He didn't ask if I wanted to be alone, he didn't try to follow. He knew how I felt.

I sat on her bed, picked up her favourite teddy. Burying my face in the golden-brown fur, I let the tears fall. I wanted them all to go, all the police, I wanted to be alone, I wanted to try to find her my own way. But I couldn't with them all watching me.

I put the bear down, just looked at it. Sometimes she couldn't sleep without that bear. Sometimes, if I was at the club or demon hunting and she was in bed before I got home, she couldn't sleep without that bear. For so long we'd only had each other, we were close ...

And now she didn't have me. She didn't have her Hugsy. She was alone.

Someone was interviewing Dan right now, apparently, but they didn't think he had anything to do with it. How could he, locked away like that? We weren't sure if it was demonic - who would go through all the trouble of talking their way past the school when the could just come to the manor?

She was just five. She was a little girl. Barely more than a baby.

"Mummy?" I looked up hopefully, and tried not to look too disappointed when I saw it was Wyatt. For a moment there, grief had confused me ...

"Hi." I said quietly.

"Patty?" He said. He was two, too young to understand. And Chris ... well, at less than a year old, how could he?

"I don't know." I told him, and Wyatt took a few steps closer.


I picked him up, hugged him tightly. "I really don't know." I told him tearfully. "But we will get her back."

I only wish I could believe it.

Leo came up after a while holding Chris. I looked up at him, tears spilling down my face, into Wyatt's hair.

"I ... can't be here." I whispered, pains throbbing in my chest, after several minutes in silence. "Not ... with her things ... without her." I put Wyatt down, picked up Hugsy and walked out. I heard Leo gently talking to the boys. I know it looks like I'm pushing him away, but I'm not.

I pulled the map and crystal out of the drawer in our bedroom. Paige and Cole were in the attic, I couldn't go there.

I spread the map over my bed, held the crystal over it, still clutching Hugsy.

The crystal swung, again and again. But it never landed. The map was of the entire world - Leo said she could be anywhere. If she was on the surface ...

I glanced at the clock, my arm aching, the crystal still swinging. I'd been sat like this for over an hour.

Tough. I had to find her.

I gave up after another hour and half, went to the top of the stairs, still clinging onto the bear.

A few police officers still lingered, even though it was getting dark. The boys were on the sofa, Leo was talking to Andy and Prue. Paige and Phoebe were talking quietly. I'm sure I heard my name.

I don't care. Cole's over there, which means the attic's empty. Good.

I walked in and put Hugsy on the table at the side, then lifted the book from it's stand. I sat at the table, and pulled the big mixing bowl towards me.

I flipped through the book, looking for ... anything. Anything to get her back. I stopped at a page, a spell I hadn't used before. I lit a fat white candle nearby, which cast shadows on the other wise dark attic.

"To Call a Lost Witch." I breathed. Patty's a witch, right? I got up and pulled down several jars and bottles for the shelf in the corner.

"Rosemary ..." I added a handful. "... cypress ... yarrow root ... Power of the witches' rise. Course unseen across the skies. Come to us, we call you near. Come to us and settle here ..." I picked up the atheme by my side, and pulled it across my hand. Blood glistened on the surface. I flet no pain. Only desperation. Several drops of blood fell into the bowl. "Blood to blood, I summon thee. Blood to blood, return to me." I finished. Nothing.

"Patricia Halliwell, blood of my blood, my daughter, come to me." I continued. "Blood to blood I summon thee, blood to blood return to me. Blood to blood, I summon thee, blood to blood -"

"Piper?" I flinched slightly at his voice, but I don't stop, I can't stop.

"Blood of my blood I summon thee, blood to blood -"

"Piper?" He was closer now, feet away from me.

"Blood to blood, return to me." I was sobbing now, but somehow I thought if I carried on chanting ... more blood ...

I picked the knife up again. He grabbed both my wrists, and gently squeezed my left until I dropped the atheme.

"It's OK." He said softly, sitting next to me, still holding my wrists. "It's OK."

"Where is she Leo?" I asked softly. "Where is she?"

"I don't know." He breathed. "But we'll get her back, I promise you." I looked up at him. "Piper I will move heaven and earth to get her back." He pulled me towards him and I buried my face in his chest.

All I could do was believe him.

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