#01 - Motion

Through lowered eyes, you watch the motion of his sword.

#02 - Cool

A cool breeze wafts over our entwined bodies.

#03 - Young

Without the paint he looks so young.

#04 - Last

We will last forever.

#05 - Wrong

So long as we are together nothing can ever go wrong.

#06 - Gentle

The slaves think he is gentle, it makes you laugh.

#07 - One

'There can only be one' and yet we are four.

#08 - Thousand

"Would you kill a thousand, how 'bout a thousand more?"

#09 - King

Living like a king, it is a good life.

#10 - Learn

Learn all there is to know because he will test you.

#11 - Blur

It's a glorious blur of blood, screams, killing, and death.

#12 - Wait

Sometimes he makes you wait.

#13 - Change

There is no need for change, you have everything.

#14 - Command

He gives a command and you obey.

#15 - Hold

He tells you to hold, just as you are to come.

#16 - Need

You need him more than he needs you.

#17 - Vision

He is a vision among the dead.

#18 - Attention

We all crave his attention, especially you.

#19 - Soul

If eyes are windows to the soul, what do his changeable eyes mean?

#20 - Picture

He led us to a remote village once and had us destroy everything including a temple that he refused to let anyone enter, you caught a glimpse of the painting inside; it was a picture of him...looking tender.

#21 - Fool

You know he has mortal loves when he leaves, you are not a fool.

#22 - Mad

You think you will go mad, then you beg him for more and you know you already are.

#23 - Child

He refused to return once because of a child, you had to wait until it grew old and died.

#24 - Now

Now he kisses you and bites through your tongue.

#25 - Shadow

He often stands in shadow and you can see nothing but his indifferent eyes.

#26 - Goodbye

He just leaves and never says goodbye

#27 - Hide

There always a few mortals who try to hide during raids, that's why you always make sure to set the village on fire.

#28 - Fortune

When you were mortal, your people believed that fortune favors the brave; now you are Imortal and know that fortune favors the ruthless.

#29 - Safe

There are always mortals that try to bribe us--we take their bribes and leave, letting them think they are safe, we always return to kill them later.

#30 - Ghost

A mortal vowed to return as a ghost and haunt us in vengeance for destroying his village, we left that one alive surrounded by the dead.

#31 - Book

The first time you saw a book, it was in his hands.

#32 - Eye

Most of the time you see eye to eye, but sometimes he looks beyond you to somewhere you cannot go.

#33 - Never

You will never truly have him.

#34 - Sing

He usually makes entertainers sing all the songs they know, once they've run out of songs he likes to make them run for their life.

#35 - Sudden

It was so sudden the first time he left, it is always so sudden.

#36 - Stop

How can he stop and leave everything—you—behind?

#37 - Time

Together until the end of time.

#38 - Wash

He's always bathing, wanting to wash almost everyday.

#39 - Torn

Why is he never torn by these feelings?

#40 - History

History is for mortals, we already know.

#41 - Power

We hold such power over all the world, you hold such power over me.

#42 - Bother

He always come back, why bother leaving you?

#43 - God

Who is God, we are gods!

#44 - Wall

In the midst of destroying a town, he drags you to a wall and fucks you.

#45 - Naked

Only in his tent do you ever see him naked.

#46 - Drive

We drive the mortals to the cliffs and they fall.

#47 - Harm

You are Immortal what's the harm?

#48 - Precious

Every memory of him is precious.

#49 - Hunger

When he is not there you hunger for his touch.

#50 - Believe

It's hard to believe that this is for eternity.