The Demon-possessed Moogle

"Look! A moogle!" The happy Keyblade Wielder shouted. He clapped his hands together and tried to run after it, but was held back by Donald. "Donald!" Sora whined. "I wanna pet it!"

"You aren't petting the moogle!" Donald squawked. "We gotta go talk to Leon!"

"Yeah! 'Sides, moogles hate to be touched anyway." Goofy added.

"It's just one little touch. Please?" Sora begged, his eyes so wide and… cute.


"Yay!" Donald released him and Sora went running towards it. "Hi, moogle!"


"You're such a pretty moogle. Yes you are…" He moved to poke it, but the moogle swatted his hand away.

"Don't touch the moogle!" It squeaked.

"But I--"


"Awe…" Sora sighed, turning to walk away. But just as the moogle though he was going to leave him alone, Sora turned back around and poked the red puffball sticking out of it's head. "GOT IT!"

"You little…"

Suddenly, the moogle jumped on Sora, pounding the top of his head. "What the--"

"I told you not to touch it! Don't ever touch it again you little bitch!"

Donald and Goofy gasped. Who knew a moogle knew such language? They didn't even know such language!

--In the waterway, 10 minutes later--

"What happened to you?" Leon asked as he saw the three enter is training area.

Sora's hair was in a massive puffball, and his left eye was purple. "Don't ask."


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