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Everyone wants what they cant have right? Well the same applies for a popular boy who can get anyone, and the one girl who doesn't want him. SasuXSaku and lotsa others

Haruno Sakura sat at the cafeteria table, a pencil twirling between her right hand as she concentrated on a Geometry problem. "Ugh!" She let out an exasperated word and slammed the book shut on her homework. "Stupid math..." she muttered angrily to herself. She glowered at the math book. Ohhhhhh how the subject taunted her. Finally, she tucked the book into her messenger bag and lifted her head to the topic of conversation that was going on all around her. Unfortunately, her least favorite name ever was what she heard first.

"Sasuke Uchiha! OhmyGod he's soooo hot!" A freshman named Rin had come over and was twittering away with Ino. Well...not with. More like to. Ino, on the other hand, looked like she wanted to sock the poor girl. Sakura rolled her eyes. The Geometry was starting to sound great.

Unfortunately, that was when Temari began talking to the random lass. "Yea...ya know, he's pretty dreamy, I'll admit it, but you DO know who he likes right?" the pig tailed kunochi was grinning evilly. The girl's eyes went wide.

"You actually KNOW!" Rin looked like she would happily die for the information.

On the other side of the table, Sakura was glaring daggers at Temari. "Well... EVERYONE knows...the lucky girl issss!" Temari dragged it out painfully. Sakura began to busy herself with her yogurt, the rest of the table looking at her. "Haruno." the girl finished simply. Looking straight at poor Sakura. Rin blinked twice.

"Who the hell is that?" Everyone at the table slumped their shoulders and rolled their eyes, muttering about freshman. Temari just continued to grin evilly, and pointed at Sakura.

"Yea. So?" the pink hair girl snapped. "What if he does? It would helped if I cared..." she shrugged, already severely annoyed with the topic. Rin's mouth dropped open wide at Sakura's words.

"Can I have him then!" she practically screamed. Ino snorted into her milk, but thankfully it didn't come out of her nose. Hinata blinked, and Ten Ten just looked amused. Sakura was looking at Rin as if she had three heads.

"Do whatever you like with him. Anyone can. I dont care." she sounded particularly annoyed. Rin took no hints. Instead she squealed and ran back to her own table, apparently to share the news.

"Where did you pick her up Ino?" Ten Ten asked, still vaguely amused.

"Ugh! She's in my Ceramic's class. You know, the one my mother put on there without telling me." she looked annoyed. "The thing follows me everywhere. Somehow I've become her idol? I have no idea..." she sighed. "That's all she talks about though. Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke!" she mocked. Everyone at the table snickered at least a bit.

"You have to be appriciative though." Temari once again piped up. "He's a pretty hot guy." she sipped at her soda, looking around the table at all the heads nodding, save for one ignoring the subject as best she could.

"I'm not sure how we were so lucky to get him at our school so we can look at him all the time." Ten Ten laughed.

It was Hinata's turn to say something. "He can't be good for much else then looks though, can he?" Hinata may stutter around a few guys and teachers now and again, but now a days when with her friends she spoke as much as anyone else did. Ino grinned.

"Well...I can think of a few things," she said with a wink, and everyone got what she meant, and all 4 participants started laughing like crazy.

Sakura on the other hand, started around at them like they were off their rockers. Hinata was the first to notice the odd look she was getting. "Ohhhh come on Sakura! You're the only girl he's actually after! And you won't even give him half a chance?" Revolted, Sakura looked at her.

"Ew. Just...ew. He's pompous and boorish and not to mention a JERK! Besides, he can have any slut he wants in this place. He ought to leave me alone!" she grimaced at the thought of him. The bell went off through out the high school, announcing the end of your period. 'Thank GOD...' Sakura thought mentally to herself. She stood up and grabbed her bag, being the first of her table standing. "I'll see you guys in training okay? Bye!" she called chipperly back and waved a few times.

She rushed away from the lunchroom up to the next floor and up to her locker, grabbing her gym uniform she stuffed it into her messenger bag, quickly. She was trying to not run out of time.

"Ah! Sakura-chan! Your radiant face is a blessing not fit for this world!" Damn. She was too late.

Cringing slightly she turned. "Hi Lee..." obviously she was less then ecstatic to see him. A gasp escaped him. She braced herself for whatever she hadn't done, the thing he was going to tell her wasn't perfect enough today.

"Miss Sakura! That skirt is far too short for you! I demand it lengthened! You're a woman of such beauty, and modesty! I'm shocked!" She was suppressing the urge to punch him in the nose.

"This is a school policy skirt Lee. Everyone has them." Granted, her hips were ridiculously small, so she had the smallest size skirt and it came up a bit higher then other would, she really didn't care, and heard this every other day from the boy standing in front of her. "Lee, please excuse me, I have to get to class." she said apologetically.

"Please give me the honor of walking you!" he exclaimed.

"Oi." a deep voice came out of no where. "She said she has to go, so leave her alone." The two of them turned. She rolled her eyes in sheer disgust.

"Ew. What do you want Uchiha?" she asked him exasperatedly. She just wanted away from the two of them and to go to gym already.

"That should be obvious." he said mischievously, a glint in his eye. "Besides, I don't know what he talking about. Your skirt looks great."

"Blegh. Go away." was all she said, shoving past him by bumping shoulders and walking briskly down the hall to her class. Behind her stood a hurt looking gangly boy in green, and a smirking Sasuke.

She darted through people as fast as she possibly could, as was the first in her gym locker aisle. She sighed happily and slumped onto the ledge that served as seats for the girls. She sat and thought for a moment.

Sasuke Uchiha. Junior, same as her. They'd been in classes together their whole lives. Actually...she'd been in classes with almost everyone she knew for her whole life, though that was beside the point. She used to have a big crush on him...as a second grader. Of course, so did every other girl in every elementary school for the next 7 miles. She'd told him in 5th. He'd rejected her. She's been upset. Then? She had lived. She'd tried to be friends; he'd called her annoying. After this scenario about 15 times, she'd given up and started to not like him at all. This would be 7th grade.

By 9th grade, when they all got into high school, Sasuke immediately was the most popular boy in school. And most beloved. By everyone. Him and his little group (Shikamaru who was dating Ino, Neji who was dating Ten Ten, and Naruto who was dating Hinata...) were the coolest guys in school. She had never paid any attention to it what so ever. Then one day last year, a rumor had started that Sasuke liked Sakura. It had made no sense. He knew she didn't like him. Even as a person, much less that way! She'd dismissed it.

That is...until sophomore year last year when he had stalked over to her in homeroom and demanded to know why she hadn't talked to him about the rumor yet. Blinking at him, she had asked what the hell he was talking about. He proceeded to rant about how he had started the rumor so she would ask him about it then he could ask her out because, and this is exact quoting, "your a lot hotter then you were in 5th grade!"

She began to fume again, and put on her gym clothes. Standard uniform was white shirt, black shorts. You could buy the schools, or bring your own clothes from home. No one cared, seeing as it was Kakashi-sensei's class. Sakura once again pulled her washed white camisole over her head, and pulled on a pair of tight black shorts. The reason she wore such small clothing was to get less over heated when she trained. This class was very strenuous and everyone loved it. It lasted for two periods instead of one and everyday it was challenging. Which was exactly what most of the students of Kohona High wanted. She started lacing up her small black flat-bottomed shoes when the 'gang' came through the door, sniggering.

"What's so funny?" Sakura asked out of reflex. Each head at the exact same time swerved to look at her. Instinctively she leaned back. It was creepy looking. "Uhm, yea, I don't wanna know. Meet ya out there." and she sprinted out the locker door, only to bump into someone. "Oh damn I'm sorry are you okay?" she blurted it out hurriedly. She looked up at the person, seeing only Naruto looming above her. "Oh, hey Naruto." she said casually. He was one of her friends, and more over Hinata's boyfriend.

"Hey!" he said with a cheesy smile. "Wanna spar" he started coughing hard for a minute, then finished his sentence, "today?" he offered, once again smiling. She shrugged. No one else had asked her, and she probably wouldn't be too nice to any of her friend today after all those cracks at lunch. She grinned back at him.

"Sure! You got it!" he gave her a thumbs up and she giggled.

"Great! See ya later!" he waved and walked off. She shrugged and entered the gym.

Well...that sucked

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