A/N: -bursts through a screen door- HIGHTY HO, MINNA-SAN! It's Sniper! (Slash Mary XD) Yeah…If you're reading this, you now know that I like yaoi. Yes, THANK YOU, GRAVITATION. XD And my BFF Lexa got me into EdxEnvy….So I was like, what's the next big couple that you always hated, yet always wanted in on? ROYXED! Prolly because I love Roy so much…and Royai. XDD RoyEd would never happen, not in a million years, whereas Royai is very cannon…but who cares? RoyEd is still pretty damn hot. And this IS I just wanted to do a Roy/Ed little drabblot. To see if anyone liked it. XDD And to prove I can do yaoi! So yeah. If you like roleplaying, any couple, and I mean ANY, just IM me, and we can RP it on AIM; my sn is omoi tsumi. Yes, I got a new one. XD Anyway, any couple cept EdWinry. That one pisses me off. XDDD

On to the drabblot!




Sniper, a.k.a. Mary


Roy Mustang was, to put it frank, quite pissed off. His workload seemed to be only increasing, not ceasing to give him a break, for once. Tapping his pen against his desk, Roy glanced to the side of his office, heaving a sigh. "Damn…" he murmured, now wishing for ANYONE to enter the room, to give him comfort, and a distraction.

Luck was on his side, when the door flung open violently. Or was it?... Struggling not to throw his arms over his head, and dive under his desk for cover, Roy instead sat still, watching a small shadow make its way into his office. He smirked; he knew who it was.

"Ah, Hagane no, what wonderful timing," he said, leaning back in his chair, now that he knew that there wasn't some beast after his life.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Ed grumbled, padding up to Roy's desk and withdrawing a manila folder from his long, red coat. It was messy, creased, and the corners folded down haphazardly, as Ed shoved the folder into Roy's grasp. Roy, eyebrow cocked, gently took the folder more comfortably, his long fingers scaling the title.

"Ah! You finished the report!" Roy smiled broadly. He glanced up at Edward, who looked rather upset. "No smiles today, Fullmetal?"

"What's the point? All you're going to do is just saddle another mission onto my back!" Ed cried.

"Nah, I think this time I'll give you a break, just for kicks."

"…Just for kicks?" Ed sneered. "Bastard."

Roy shook his head, "Tsk tsk, such mean words from someone of such short stature."


"….Did anyone say that, Fullmetal? I think you need your ears checked."


Roy smirked, obviously enjoying himself. "You know, Fullmetal…" he said softly, and smoothly, "You're kind of cute when you're angry."

"Wh-What!" Ed demanded, a blush etching itself across his face. "I-I…"

Roy stood up, poking the tip of Ed's nose, still bearing a dignified smirk. He then removed his hand, strutting out of the room, leaving a dumbstruck Edward behind.