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It was overwhelming and nonexistent at the same time. Something so trivial, so unnecessary, suddenly left her life feeling more complete. It wasn't that her life had lacked something before--in fact, it had been progressing just as she had wanted it to--but this was one of those things where just because the pure joyfulness of it had been introduced to her, her life would never go back to the way it was.

Warm weight. Darts of pain--almost imperceptible. The little yellow sphere sat on her tongue, grazing the top of her mouth as she sucked on it. Her tongue moulded around its roundness as she pressed it to the roof of her mouth insistently, tearing the skin open just a little bit. Sweet sourness fell on every taste bud and exploded with tangy fervour. Her eyes squinted against the onslaught of tartness, but her arms sprang into little pimples of pleasure. It burst into liquid--thick, gooey, sweet--and covered her tongue, teeth and throat with sharp, yet strangely comforting sweetness.

She opened her eyes. Pushing her glasses down to the bridge of her nose and primly tucking a peppered lock of hair back into place, she stared at the yellowing parchment before her and the little black box that sat on top of it.

Try it, it read.

Standing up, her heels clicked purposefully out of the room and to the contorted stone gargoyle that stood as a fierce guardian to the door she wanted to reach.

"Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans."

She stepped onto the moving stairs and walked through the grand oak doors without sparing the griffin knocker even a glance. He looked up from the book before him, beard fluttering slightly in the breeze that was wafting through the open window, blue eyes twinkling quite like they always did. His lips formed a diagonal gash. He smirked at her, one eyebrow lifting in mocking inquiry.

She sighed.

"I guess Lemon Drops aren't so bad after all."

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