Hello people, pointless little story about Howl and Sophie. Meant to be funny but you're the judges. The first part I got it out of a commercial by the way. Hope you like it!

Cup of tea

Howl and Sophie had been married for four months. The witch of the waste had gone to live on her own now and Markl was out doing the shopping while Calzifer kept the castle through the air.

Sophie sat on the table with a strange feeling inside her. Howl came towards her with the kettle.

"Sophie, do you want-?

"A baby?" Sophie said. Calzifer burst out laughing at seeing Howl's reaction.

"Um, no, do you want-"

"A baby." Sophie said.

"No I meant-"

"Howl, I want a baby-" Sophie said.

"Do you want a cup of tea?" Howl said and Sophie smiled at him.

"Yes please." Sophie said and Howl went off. "And a baby." Sophie added. Howl looked back and sighed but prepared the kettle. Sophie had been on the same thing for three days now but Howl's reaction was always the same, socked. Howl handed her the cup of tea and drank his own tea. Sophie smiled.

"Sophie, I know you want a-"

"Baby." Sophie finished the sentence.

"Yeah, that. But-"

"Don't worry Howl, I wont ask you any more." Sophie said smiling. Howl sighed and smiled.

"That's good-" Howl drank his tea.

"Because I'm pregnant." Sophie said and Howl choked on his tea and coughed as everything went the wrong way. Sophie smiled wider. "I'm so glad you feel so happy." She said in such a high pitch voice that Calzifer had to cover his ears (in a way of speaking).