So Little To Do, So Much Time

Summary: AU Set before Ourobouros. Harper gets a message from his cousin Brendan. His little sister needs help. And some Ritalin. Hold on…it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Chapter 1 Please

'Ah, finally, some peace and quiet to finish upgrading these minibots.' Seamus Harper thought as he relaxed into his chair in the machine shop. It had been so hectic lately with all of the unannounced battles and unnecessary boardings, that he never had time to just sit around and have some fun with his toys. As soon as he picked up his nanowelder though, Dylan's voice echoed over the intercom. "Mr. Harper, you have a message…it is labeled urgent." Harper pondered this for a moment. He never got messages, or even real time transmissions. But, he figured he might as well check it out. "Alright, patch it through to machine shop 17...I'll take it down here." 'This ought to be interesting' He thought. Then, he heard the vid screen in front of him blink to life.

Harper couldn't believe his eyes. Before him was a recording of his cousin Brendan, on Earth. He hadn't heard from Brendan since he left Earth, about seven years ago. In his rush to leave, he never thought to tell Brendan where he was going or what he was doing.

"Hey Seamus," Brendan waved, "I know it's been a while, but I need your help." He paused for moment, as if thinking.

Now that Harper was looking closely at his cousin, he saw that he looked older than the last time they had seen each other. There were sleep bags under his eyes, and deep worry creases around his mouth.

Then, Brendan continued in a hushed voice, "Listen, I know I promised but I can't take care of her any more. She's sick Seamus, but she won't stop trying to steal food from the high-to-do's. She needs sleep, but she won't stop annoying the Neits. Please Seamus, take her with you and give her a better life. I have heard rumors that you live and work on an old High-Guard ship. Surely they have the technology and supplies to handle one little girl."

Harper, unsure of whom Brendan was referring to, was about to record a return message, when he heard a low groan from the recording. When he looked back, Brendan was no longer looking at him. He was looking to his left. Then, Brendan release an exasperated, "Molli Rhenè Harper! What did I tell you about playing in the drainage pipes?" There was a slight, "uhhhhhhhh…do it very carefully?" Then Brendan grabbed a handful of his own hair as if to pull it out in frustration. "NO!" he looked really mad, "I told you NOT to play anywhere near it!" The small voice, obviously belonging to a girl, answered back, "I wasn't playing, Bren, They've been dumping whole chickens down there…that's what Seth said…Hey, who are you talking to? I want to talk too! Hello!"

Harper's mouth almost hit the floor when a thin girl appeared in front of the screen, waving. She was only a child of about twelve years old. She had curly blonde hair that fell to her shoulders and sloppily about her face. 'It's really her…Molli…' Harper thought. There she was, standing in front of him. He gawked at how big his little sister had gotten since he had left her. Then he noticed she was holding her arm gingerly. That was when he saw the broken Neitzschean bone blade embedded in her small arm. "Come here, Molli." Brendan beckoned, then he hit the "off" switch for the recorder.

The vid screen went dark and Harper was, once again, alone in his machine shop, with only his mess to accompany him. He sat there, silently for a long time. How long had it been since he had thought about his sister's well-being? How long had it been since he had even thought about his sister? Somehow, he had become so wrapped up in this new life that he had almost completely forgotten the few good things he had left on Earth.

Suddenly, Harper jumped up and ran to the command deck to make a request of Dylan to go to Earth and retrieve his baby sister from the clutches of the evil Dragons. Dylan was not opposed to the idea, but there was a problem arising with the Sabra-Jaguar pride that required the Andromeda's immediate attention. So, with only the Maru and Rommy to accompany him, Harper set off towards Earth, his past, and his baby sister.

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