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Temperance went over the remains one last time, knowing fully well that she would not learn more from them. She had been over them at least three times, thoroughly and carefully examining each inch of the body. The victim was a black female, aged 20 to 25 years old. She had concluded the victim had died from a bullet to the head. The rest of the remains were in pretty good shape. There wasn't nothing else she could learn from it.

Yawning, she clipped her pencil to her clipboard before putting the board down on her examination table. She looked around the lab and could see that she was alone once again. It surprised her. Her colleagues' departures had gone unnoticed. What time could it possibly be? She vaguely remembered Angela telling her good night just before she had left, but not without mentioning, not very subtly if Brennan could add, that it was seven pm and that she should have been heading home at that moment.

Temperance frowned. How long ago had that been? An hour? Maybe two?

She yawned again as she walked to her office. Maybe Booth had been right when he had told her that afternoon that she looked tired. Maybe she did need some sleep after all. The thought that she had been feeling rather weak and sleepy lately suddenly hit her. Was she sick?

Thinking that she might have just caught the flu, she walked into her office. She sat down at her desk, checked her e-mails before turning off her computer for the night. Reaching over, she grabbed her boots. She immediately replaced her shoes by her boots before putting on her coat and leaving her office.

"Hey Sweetie. I'm heading out for the day. I hope you didn't need me for anything." Angela said as she poked her head into her best friend's office.

Slightly startled, Temperance looked up.

"No, I didn't." She replied before going back to her work.

Angela nodded and was about to leave when Brennan called her back.

"Why are you leaving? It's not even noon yet."

"Yeah, I know." Angela replied, after sighing painfully. "I'm just no feeling very well."

"Nausea?" Brennan asked, curious.

"No. Menstrual cramps."

Brennan winced in sympathy, slightly offended by her best friend's blunt answer. She just couldn't understand how Angela could actually be so up front about it. On the other hand, she knew how these cramps could feel. A thought suddenly zoomed through her mind.

"So I'll see you tomorrow?"

Brennan turned around, slightly dazed. A quick shake of her head brought her back to reality.

"Yeah. Go rest." She replied, turning back once again to her computer.

She heard her best friend walk away but still waited an extra few seconds before getting up and closing the door. Menstrual cramps. Angela had menstrual cramps, something that she, herself, hadn't had in a while.

Nervously, she sat back down at her desk, double-clicked on the clock at the bottom of her screen and changed the calendar to January.

"This can't be right." She thought to herself as she looked at the calendar.

Puzzled, she counted a second time. Once again, her finger fell on January 30th. But that couldn't be right? It was impossible. Maybe she hadn't picked the exact date. She tried counting from today's date, February 16th. This time, she fell on a date that she clearly remembered. No, that couldn't be it either.

She swallowed. No, she had been right the first time. It had been at the beginning of January, around New Year's, more specifically at the museum's New Year's party. Booth and her had gotten really close that evening. But when, after making out for a while, he had tried to take it a step further, she had had no choice but to stop him and tell him the truth. She clearly remembered his expression as she had told him. She laughed out loud in her office. He had later told her that he hadn't felt disgusted but, deep down, Brennan had known that he had just been lying.

Turning away from the calendar, she decided that it didn't matter. So she skipped her period this month. Who was she to complain? It only meant that she wouldn't have these excruciating pains in her stomach and the horrible nausea that sometimes came with it. Yes, everything was fine.

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