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She had been crying for hours and she knew that she should have been stopping but she couldn't. The tears simply fell and fell like an ongoing waterfall. She hated herself for being so weak but she couldn't help it. The words still echoed in her head: brain damage. All of the things in the world, Riley had to have brain damage.

These two words, spoken by the pediatrician only three hours ago, still rang through her ears like a skipping CD. Booth had warned her a couple of days ago that it could be a possibility but she hadn't truly believed it until Dr. Truman had come along.


"Hi, I'm Dr. Truman and I'm the head pediatrician here." A man said as he walked in the room. "I've been following Riley's progress over the past few days and there are a couple of things I would like to discuss with the two of you."

Angela, who had been in the room with them, had taken this as her cue to leave. She had gotten up and had walked out of the room but not before casting one last worried glance at her best friend. Whatever the doctor wished to talk to them about, she really hoped it wasn't too bad.

Dr. Truman had pulled a chair to Brennan's bed and had sat down, resting his clipboard on his laps. He looked up at Brennan and smiled.

"I know this hasn't been an easy pregnancy for you." Dr. Truman started. "With all the Braxton Hicks contractions, the bed rest, the multiple births, a son who ate most of the food and left barely anything to his sister and a daughter who's currently on life support in the neonatology ward, I'm sure things have been really rough for you. How are you holding up?"

Brennan didn't answer and turned her attention to Booth, expecting him to say something.

"Dr. Truman, Temperance doesn't really talk about her feelings." Booth said, fighting the urge to add "except with me".

The doctor nodded, slightly disappointed.

"It's quite alright." The doctor replied after a few seconds of silence. "Not everybody is an open book and I completely respect that."

Turning back to Temperance, he added:

"I've spoken to the doctor in charge of you and he said that you're healing quicker than he expected from your c-section and that you would probably be going home in a day or two."

"Yes, Dr. Brodenick stopped by this morning to inform me of that." Temperance replied.

"Then, you would also know that Riley will have to stay behind. She still isn't breathing on her own and needs to be under constant observation until further notice. However there is a slight chance that she will be breathing on her own in a couple of days, we don't actually expect her to be on life support for the rest of her life. Nevertheless, if she were to start breathing on her own before your release, she would still need to stay here for a little while longer. There are a few tests I will have conducting and she will still be under observation to prevent a possible relapse."

Booth nodded but Brennan simply started blankly. Leave her baby? Here? Away from her? Not being able to hold her whenever she wanted? She hadn't even seen her yet and now they wanted her to leave her behind?

"What's the other thing?" Temperance cut in before the doctor had a chance to add anything more.

She didn't feel like talking about this anymore.

"Oh that."

It was obvious that the doctor was uncomfortable. He probably hadn't expected Brennan to be so forward.

"You probably already know, Temperance, that oxygen deprivation can cause certain damage to a person. We're not quite sure yet how long Riley was deprived of her oxygen even though we estimate close to a minute, if not more. Therefore, there are fairly big chances that Riley will suffer from brain damage. Since no test have been conducting, we are currently not sure which section of the brain was affect so we have no way of knowign whether it will affect her language skills or even her learning abilities. There is also a slight chance of her being either blind or deaf but only time will tell. The good news is that she is not at risk of cerebral palsy."


Blindness, deafness, learning disabilities, affected language skills... She certainly hadn't signed up for that when she decided she was keeping the baby. When she had found out she was pregnant, the last thing she had thought she would hear was that her child was sick. Here she was though, laying on her side, crying because this was exactly what had happened. Riley was sick. She was going to be different. She was going to be... stupid.

Guilt swept through her. No she wasn't going to be ashamed of her daughter just because she was going to be different from the other kids, including her twin brother. She knew from experience how being ashamed of a disabled person didn't solve anything and certainly didn't bring anything good.

She turned onto her back and stared at the ceiling. Poor Booth, she thought. He hadn't signed up for that either and wherever he was at the moment, she had a gut feeling (gut feeling?) he was freaking out. She wondered where he had gone. She had practically thrown him out of the room after the doctor had left.


"Are you okay?"

She had her back to him but that didn't stop her to hear the concern in his voice. But she wasn't going to give in that easily. It was his fault. If he hadn't waltzed in her life like he had, she wouldn't have been in this mess. Yes, this was HIS fault.

"Come on, Tempe, talk to me." He begged.

Booth's begging? I never thought I'd see the day. She thought.

She didn't answer him.

She heard him sigh and she felt guilty. He didn't deserved this silence treatment, especially after what Dr. Truman had just told them. She just couldn't stand to look at the moment but she wasn't quite sure why. Too many thoughts ran through her mind and she just wished to be alone to sort them out. But Booth wouldn't understand that.

He stayed silent for a while as he slumped in his chair and she was actually thankful for it. She should have known though that he wouldn't be able to stay quiet for too long because a minute or two later, he spoke again.

"She'll be okay, sweetie. I just know she will. So she'll just need some special attention from us. It's not like it's such a big deal."

He had pushed her buttons without even knowing it.

"Not a big deal?" Temperance said sarcastically as she turned around to face him. "Really? You think having Riley blind, deaf or simply incapable of speech won't be a big deal? Have you ever had a disabled child, Booth? I don't think that Parker being asthmatic is considered disabled. You don't even know what it's like to raise a disabled child.

Booth's face turned red with anger. No one was aloud to talk about his son like she had just had.

"And I'm guessing you do, Bones. Because, I'll let you know that just because you have a PhD, it doesn't meant that you know every single thing on every subject and by that, I mean parenting."

"As a matter of fact, Booth, I do know how it's like."

The words had slipped out of her mouth without her realizing it. She hadn't meant to answer him so honestly because now, she would have to tell him the truth, the truth that she had kept hidden from everyone all of her life. She'd have to tell him how she had felt (he just had his ways with her) back then. Not that she had been ashamed of herself, really. She simply just didn't care. But she did feel ashamed to have felt happy one that faithful night when she had died.

"How would you know?"

His harsh words hurt her and she sighed before looking down. This was going to be hard, she knew it. She didn't want to tell him but she just knew that he wouldn't let it go until she did. Might as well get it over with.

She took a deep breath before speaking.

"My parents had another child after me."

Booth looked at her, completely stunned. Had she lost her mind?

"How come you never mentioned that before?" Booth asked, skeptically.

It wasn't that he didn't believe her. It was just too... out of the blue.

"Because..." Temperance replied, frustrated. "Booth, this is my story and seriously I don't want to be telling you this. But I am going to because I know you won't let it go if I don't. It's going to be really though so please, I'm begging you, don't interrupt me."

"Okay Bones. Sorry."

He sounded frustrated too and Temperance felt a wave of guilt swept through her again. She knew he really felt sorry.

"As I said, my parents had another child after me. Actually, they adopted her when she was only six weeks old. Her name was Elizabeth but we all called her Lizzie. When she was a year or two, we found out she had Down Syndrome. It literally turned our world upside down. All of a sudden my parents just didn't have time for Russ and me anymore. Lizzie and she was doing were the only things that mattered. Then when she was seven and I was nine, she caught a virus, I think it was pneumonia. It deteriorated so badly that she wasn't able to make it and she died.

She paused for a few seconds debating whether or not she should tell him everything. She decided not to.

"What I mean to say is that during the six years that followed the horrible news, everything had been about Lizzie and my parents simply neglected my brother and I. If Riley turns out that, I know for a fact that we will have to focus most of our attention on her and we'll be neglecting Lukas and Parker."

"You don't know for sure." Booth replied when he was finally able to speak.

Temperance had had a sister with Down Syndrome? How come she had never mentioned that before? It wasn't like the opportunity hadn't come up.

Booth knew there was something more to this story but he decided to drop it for today. The time would come when she would tell him the missing part and he was willing to wait up. After all, they had other stuff to worry about other than a deceased sibling.

"I do know for sure, Booth. Riley will demand a whole lot of our time and Lukas and Parker will have to suffer the consequences. I just don't want them to go through what I went through."

"Sweetie I'm sure it won't happen that way."

"Would you quit calling me that? I am not your sweetie. I have enough of Angela calling me that, I don't need you to do it too."

"Well how would you like me to call you?" he asked, mischievously.

But Brennan didn't pick up on the tone.

"Just don't call me anything, okay? I am not yours, I never was and I never will."

She knew she had hurt him when, with his jaw clenched, he had gotten up rather quickly. She had wanted to call him back as he walked out of the room but the words had stuck in her throat. As soon as she had heard the door close, she had turned back on her side and had let herself cry.


"Crying doesn't solve anything." She thought to herself, trying desperately to pull herself together.

She looked at the clock. It was almost three o'clock which meant the nurse would be in any minute for Lukas's feeding


She heard the knocks and she knew that it just had to be him. She saw the top of his ruffled hair as he peeked out carefully from around the corner of the wall.

"Is it safe to come in?"

He was trying to make her laugh and he succeeded.

"Yes, Booth. Come in."

Judging that it was safe and that she wasn't just joking, Booth stepped in the room and walked up to the bed.

"How can I stay mad at you while I'm holding the most gorgeous boy in the entire world in my arms?" she asked, looking down at Lukas.

"Looks like he's hungry." Booth said as he looked at his son.

"He's got his dad's appetite, let me tell you that."

Booth smiled at her as he pulled a chair up beside the bed.

"I have a surprise for you." Booth said, staring intently at her.

"Me too." She admitted.

"Okay. You go first." Booth replied, a little surprised.

Brennan had a surprise for him?

"I changed our babies' names."

"What? Without consulting me?"

Okay so this wasn't the surprise he had expected and he actually couldn't believe that she had actually done that without, at least, asking him what he thought of it first. What was so wrong with Riley and Lukas?

"I had a lot of time to think while you were gone and decided that I wasn't satisfied with their names. I mean, Lukas and Riley Brennan is pretty nice but I thought that Lukas and Riley Brennan-Booth was even nice. Don't you agree?"

She watched his expression carefully as it changed from shocked in a negative way to a more positive one. She waited for the words to register in his brain and was really happy to see him beaming.

"Temperance, I can't tell you how much I'm happy to hear you say that. Now they really feel like they are mine."

"Of course they're yours, Booth. Now, what's my surprise?"

After the announcement she had just made, his surprise didn't seem so original.

"I talked to Cullen today."

Temperance's eyes grew wide with apprehension.

"And?" she dared asking.

"I told him about our situation and he was quite comprehensive. I think it has something to do with Amy's death. He's suddenly really comprehensive when it comes to sick children. I told him that I wouldn't be able to work on the field anymore. He offered me an office job and I took it."

"But Booth you love your job as a field agent?"

"Yeah but I love you more."

Temperance stared wide-eyed, her heart racing inside her chest. He loved her more? More than his job? That was impossible. Last time he had had to choose between work and her, he had picked his job. Why was today different?

"I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple of days Temperance. With Riley sick, it changes everything. She needs both of her parents for her and that certainly wouldn't happen if I died on the job. Of course it'll be weird to be working in an office all day but I'm sure I'll get used to it."

"That means we won't get to be partners anymore?"

"I know, that's the only downside. But there's something good about it also."

"Really? Tell me."

"I get to come home to you every night."

She was about to reply when she felt Lukas moving in her arms. She looked down to see he had stopped sucking and looked about to fall asleep.

"Can you hand me the towel?" she asked Booth.

"Come on, Bones, let me do it. I haven't done this since Parker."

Brennan nodded and handed Lukas to his father. Booth put the towel on his left shoulder and arranged the baby over the same shoulder. As he gently rubbed the baby's back, he hoped that his son wouldn't spit up on him.


"Someone wants to say hello."

Temperance and Booth turned around, surprised to see a nurse standing in their room, holding a tiny baby girl in her arms. They had been so caught up in their conversation as Lukas slept happily in his father's arms that they hadn't heard the nurse come in.

The nurse handed Riley to her mother.

"She's been breathing on her own since last night. We just wanted to make sure that it wasn't temporary before we brought her to you. Why don't you try feeding her, Temperance? I'll leave you two to give you a bit of privacy. If anything happens, just ring me and I'll be right over."

"Thank you." Brennan whispered, unable to reply louder.

She had never felt anything so strong in her entire life. As she looked at her daughter, she couldn't help the tears that fell freely, once again, on her face. This was truly beginning to be a habit.

"Look, Booth, she's sucking." Brennan said, turning to Booth, a hint of pride in her voice like this was the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

Then again, for Riley, it probably was.

Booth laughed slightly and nodded.

"She sure is. She's probably really hungry after spending eight months with a food hogger."

Brennan chuckled and turned her attention back to her daughter. She really was the prettiest little thing in the entire world. She could look at her all day.

They stayed silent for a while, both of them captivated by this little girl in Temperance's arms. They were so captivated that once again they didn't notice that two people had just walked in the room.


Booth turned to the sound of the voice to see Parker standing in front of Angela, looking at them excitingly.

"Hey buddy." Booth said before looking up at Angela. "You brought him. How did you do that?"

"Well let's just say that it wasn't easy." Angela replied.

"Hey Parker. Do you want to meet your new brother and sister?"

"Uh huh." Parker replied, as he nodded his head.

Booth motioned to him to come closer and he did.

"Hi Tempe." He said cheerfully, looking at her. "How's that?" he then asked, pointing the infant.

"This is Riley and the one in your dad's arms is Lukas."

"Is Riley a girl?" Parker asked, looking at the baby in Temperance's arms.

Booth and Brennan laughed at the same time.

"Yes pal, she is a girl." Booth replied.

Temperance pulled down her shirt since Riley seemed to be pretty full.

"You want to have a closer look?" Temperance asked Parker.

Parker nodded and, with Booth's help, climbed onto the bed.

"She's pretty." Parker said, looking at his baby sister.

Riley opened her eyes and looked at her older brother. Temperance could have sworn she had seen her smile but she knew that it was impossible. She wasn't truly capable of smiling yet. This was only a reflex.

Angela watched them from the door. Parker sitting beside Brennan on her bed and looking down at little Riley while Booth admired his son as he slept peacefully in his arms. Brennan simply smiled through the tears that were now falling freely on her face (for the third time in ten minutes). Angela wiped her own tears that she hadn't been able to stop. They looked like such a happy family.

Her eyes travelled back to her best friend. She couldn't be more happy for her. She knew that what Brennan thought she didn't want actually turned out to be what she had really wanted all of her life: she had found some sort of soul mate in Booth and had gotten two beautiful children out of it. She also knew that things would be difficult, especially with Riley's problems but she knew that they'd make it through. After all, they were Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan, partners in crime. They'd figure it all out, just like they always did.


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