She stood in the bitter coldness watching the sky and admiring the beauty that it gave off. Though she shivered as if the coldness was soaking into her skin she still stood there not even thinking about what just happened. Her boyfriend decided to call it quits after a year of dating. She was heart broken but she didn't let it show. She was stronger than that, at least she and everyone else considered her a strong individual. She began to shake because the chilling weather finally got to her. She stopped her strong gaze on the sky and finally thought about what just happened. How could he do this? A YEAR! A WHOLE DAMN YEAR OF MY LIFE! She thought to her self trying to make sense of the situation. He told her that he didn't love her anymore though he did care. She laughed silently at the thought of him still caring. Just minutes after their brake up he was with a beautiful blonde that she had seen on previous occasions around her boyfriend or now ex boyfriend. She figured out that he was cheating on her but she never took action against. She knew why she never stood up to him, she was or she thought she was in love with him. Never again, never again would she ever let a boy take her as a possession. She felt tears welling up in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She switched positions making her self more comfortable and trying to hide her face that felt as if it was getting red. Two strong arms wrapped around her. She enjoyed the heat from who ever was behind her that they gave off.

"You looked a little cold." The man behind her had a husky voice. She recognized this voice and knew the person that it belonged to it.

"I wasn't." She spoke suddenly unsure of his touch.

"Rae I am just being nice."

"I don't need your pity. Its over and I am already moved on."

"I saw him with that girl and I know that must have hurt you." He tightened his grip pressing his chiseled chest on her back. She gasped at how close their bodies were. He could feel her getting nervous with every move he made.

"Gar, he can have what he wants. I could care less." She spoke with a dry tone hiding her true feelings.

"I never knew why in the hell you couldn't stick up to him."

"Excuse me!" She swung her body around so she was face to face with him.

"It is the truth! He never took care of your heart and you let him walk all over you." He took his hand and lightly touched her face. She started to cave into his touch and he knew that but he didn't want ot take it further than it had to go.

"He is out of my life. I thought I loved his but I didn't, I was just blinded by my own wishes, that was it Beast Boy." Beast Boy put his hands on her waist and held her close to him. He knew that she was hurting deep down, no it wasn't deep down it was visible at least to some one who knew her well.

"Rae I am willing to take care of your heart but with us being on the same team and everything it seems impossible. I know I can make your wishes of true love come true if only I had the chance." He leaned in but instead of expecting a kiss he waited for rejection. To his surprise she let him kiss her and not only that but she let him make it passionate. Before either of them knew it they were French kissing and acting as if no one was around but it was a Fair and people were swarming every where. Out of no where her ex boyfriend walked passed but stopped when he saw his once girlfriend tongue wrestling with another guy. His anger rose but they were apart and there was nothing he could do besides let her move on. It still hurt Alex deep inside his heart so deep he had to dig down just to find it. Right then and there he knew he wanted her back even if it meant he would have to go behind her back and cheat like he did for the past year. Once the kiss was broken Alex hurried passed making sure they didn't see him staring in the first place.

They stared at each other for a second. Beast Boy gave a small smile as she laid her head on his shoulder trying to stay as close as she could. They walked around like that until they had to meet the rest of the team. Before they went ot meet up with them Raven stopped and looked at Beast Boy with a sad expression covering her beautiful features.

"I don't think it would be a good idea if this went on as a real relationship. I want to but for us things are difficult." She put her head down wishing she could just disappear and never have to worry about love again. At 16 things seemed more difficult than they had to be.

"I know that. Maybe we will have our chance soon." He gave a fake smile and kissed her one last time then walking away leaving her confused and flustered. She walked far behind him as if they never even saw each other there. Even though after sharing a moment like that with someone then acting as if they don't matter is hard to do, even to the strongest people.


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