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Robin pulled up and jumped out of the car heading towards the door quickly. He was inside and searching left and right for someone, anyone to tell him what was going on. On the couch was Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy. Cyborg sat quietly between the two, a peice of paper in his hand. Robin stood in front of them, his weight shifting from one side to the next.

"What is going on?" Robin asked frantically. Cyborg looked at him, his eyes solid and strong. The paper in his hands made a rustling sound as he tightened his grip around it.

"You are a shallow guy, yano that Robin?" Before Robin could defend himself, Cyborg raised his hand. "No. You're gonna listen. I told you to be a man and tell, you wrote a damn note. Then you ran out to sleep with some girl and you didn't even give a damn thought about what pain she would be in or what would happen when she read the note. You plainly don't care, man. This entire team has been following your rules and shit, but its obvious they are there so you could save your self some damn trouble. Star, is a great person and you chased her away...and I can't even stand in the same damn room with you."

Robin stood there stunned. His mouth was suddenly dry and his throat was thick with guilt. Even his stone heart was chipping away. Somehow he felt that he had to defend himself , his personality still couldn't let Cyborg tear him down, no matter how right he was.

"Those rules were not created to save me trouble, you know that. I care about this team more than anything and I thought they would help." Robin's quick response was weak but he was glad he came up with something.

"Those rules have made it hard for everyone else on this team. You don't get that. Yeah maybe you are afraid to love Star cause it's too much work for you but they are shitty when it comes to the rest of us." Beast Boy said shifting on the couch. His green eyes stared at Robin's face and for once Robin felt almost scared of Beast Boy. Beast Boy's entire body was tight with tension and his expression was that of rage, he was not joking and lost all his light hearted antics were no where to be seen. Robin's senses told him to step back, to back down and be quiet but his ego told him to push his argument.

"Dear god, seriously Beast Boy, besides me and Star there are three of us left. Cy is with Bumblebee and then you and Rae. As if I were stopping you from doing anything. She hardly talks to you or looks at you. So the rules have done nothing to intervene in the dead love life you already have." He said matter of factly. Beast Boy was up suddenly and in Robin's face before anyone could blink. Robin was slightly thrown back and now his ego was fading.

"You bastard, you have no damn clue what the hell even goes on in this team. You go out and get your peice of ass and come home sloppy drunk. For loving this team so fucking much you have no respect. We all live here, this is our home but you bring stranger after stranger in here allowing them into OUR home, not just yours. No one ever called you the leader of this team, but we all let you slide into that place but that was a long time ago, when you were a decent guy. You aren't shit now." Beast Boy stepped back but Robin foolishly closed the gap again, the fading ego being ramped up again, he was sliding back into the slot he wanted to withdraw himself from.

"You know what, don't be pissed off at me cause you don't get any, ok? The strangers I bring in here wouldn't even be noticeable if you were with a girl yourself. You have no life except hanging around here doing nothing." Robin spit the words and they were filled with poison. The poison hit everyone in the rooom, the air was filled with rage and Cyborg got up automatically, a jerk reaction when the atmosphere yelled fight.

"Robin, you have no clue what all of this is, you think its somehow jealousy but you have no idea." With those words Beast Boy slid off his shirt and threw it on the couch. He put his hand over his chest and laughed darkly.

"I got this because you were to hungover to do your job." He moved his hand and there was a dark scar on his chest, over his heart. "A knife hurts especially when it almost goes through your heart. I almost died for you, because when it was headed towards you, you didn't know what to do, you were so hungover you were throwing up right there in front of a battle, during your job, in front of the team you love so much." He placed his hands behind his neck and stared ahead. Robin was choked up, he had nothing to say. Instead of fading, his ego was gone, no longer aparent. He felt apologetic.

"I-I am.." Before he could finish Beast Boy interuppted.

"I don't need an apology, seriously. I survived and never asked for a thank you. I need neither of them now. You keep thinking I'm a burden to this team, but I've risen up to being one of the front leaders, we all have." He ended with a truth that everyone knew except for Robin.

"I am a bad team member and a bad person, I see. Any guy my age would be doing exactly what I am doing, they just don't have a responsibility like this. I just wanted to live. Beast Boy maybe you don't have a love life so you could concentrate on this but I can't let go of a young life I'm not going to have forever." Robin had a weak argument, he knew this, but he wanted to hold some sort of pride as he went down.

"You stupid fucking..." Beast Boy retorted and he picked Robin up by the collar and slammed him into the wall. His knuckles were turning white against his green skin has he gripped his shirt tightly. He let one hand go has he pulled his arm back to punch Robin but before he released his arm Raven was beside him.

"Beast Boy stop! Come on, stop. This isn't worth fighting over. Let it go." She pleaded with him. After a second of thought he dropped his arm and let Robin slide down back onto his feet. He put an arm around Raven's shoulders and kissed her head.

"I'm sorry." He whispered and he released her. The public affection left her feeling out of place but with the on going convorsation there was no need to keep her and Beast Boy's affection for eachother hidden. Thought their earlier fight left them unsure, that slight kiss on her head left her feeling as if they were healed. Beast Boy walked back to Robin but stopped a few inches.

"All of those girls you are oh, so proud of, Angela, Lori, Brandy, Michelle, Rachel.... Should I go on? How do you think I know so many of them? Each of them chose me before they chose you. None of them have ever seen you, or talked to you since, but they call all the time but they ask for does it feel to have the clock turned? Your love life is the one lacking." He was smug but honest. Almost every girl Robin had brought back to the house was a girl Beast Boy knew, one that he knew well. Along with his smugness was regret. He had just told a secret, one he didn't want Raven to know. She was behind him frozen. Beast Boy wasn't exactly who she thought he was, yes, she knew about Terra, but the others she had no clue about. He seemed shallow to her, she was hurt.

He turned to walk away but when he went to walk he met Raven's eyes. He stopped and reached a hand to touch her but she cringed away. His heart sank.

"Rae, I was going to tell you." He spoke but she turned her head away.

"Go." Was all she said and he choked on his next words and began to walk away.

"Beast Boy. One other thing, why don't you ask you're girlfriend about a certain Dr.'s appointment a couple years back? You'd love to hear that story, cause it appears I have an early lead in which one she chose first." Robin's words slipped from his mouth and as he said each one Raven's eyes grew wide. Beast Boy looked at each of them is disbelief. Without saying a word that was on his mind, he walked on.

"Damn you! We had a promise to never say anything about that. Fuck you, Robin." Raven enraged and fought the overwhelming feeling to hurt him. She had to strike him so the pain would be worse than her strikin him. " You got Star pregnant and now she's off in some apartment with your future kid and you're worried about showing off how many times you couldn't keep your pants on. Nice." She stalked away and left him to think.

The silence was overpowering as Cy and Robin stood there. Perhaps each didn't know what to say or neither had anticipated the fight that transpired. Robin was stuck on what Raven had said. Star was pregnant? He couldn't grasp that....he just couldn't.

"Why did she say Star was pregnant?" Robin asked, his voice the volume of a whisper and his eyes staring at the floor. He was hoping that Raven had said that to give him a scare.

"In the note she said she was going to be gone for 9 months. Figure it out." Cyborg answered. And he handed Robin the crumbled letter. He read over it and his stomach dropped. 9 months time....

"It doesn't make sense. It would be 10 months from when it happened." Robin suddenly rememberd. A month ago it had happened and 9 added to that would be 10 months. That was a month over the normal pregnancy.

"It gives her enough time to have the baby and then recover...I think she is going to give it up for adoption." Cyborg said.

"Oh." Robin managed to say. But that was all he could say.

"You take care of this. And you take care of it the right way." Cy walked off and left Robin there by himself. Each member had left, each left with hate on their mind...a hate for Robin. He sat down and put his face into his hands. He was stuck.

Beast boy sat on the edge of his bed, his hands grasped within eachother and his eyes closed. The anger that flowed through him was startling. He couldn't decipher whether he was more upset about himself slipping up, or at Robin and Raven. Before his mind could go deeper into thought, a knock was at his door. He got up and opened it and there she stood. The girl he loved more than anything but the anger he felt towards her could not be stiffled. He stepped to the side and let her walk through. She sat on the edge of his bed.

"Obviously there is a lot we haven't talked about." She said.

"Haha, that's an understatement." Beast Boy's anger rose. "You slept with him, and you never told me and now this mysterious Dr.'s appoinment has me completely out of my mind. I don't know what to fucking think."

"Let me explain."

"Go ahead. Because like he said, this will be a story I will love to hear."

"Stop with the attitude. You also have a lot to explain to me. One guy is nothing compared to the 10 girls you've been with." Raven hissed but took a deep breath when she realized this was leading to a fight. "Just let me explain."

"Fine." He answered.

"A couple years back, I had some rough times. One time I was down and out and Robin comforted me and somehow we ended up sleeping together. Awhile after it happened, I was scared I was pregnant, I'd never had sex before that and I just....just didn't know what was going to come out of it." She paused and took a deep breath. "I had to make sure so I went to the Dr." She stopped and ran her fingers through her beautiful raven colored hair and suddenly a small intake of breath gave off that she was crying. "I wasn't. Thankfully. I told him about it and we both swore we'd never say anything about it. It was so easy to forget cause I've never had any feelings for him, none, and forgetting felt good instead of heartbreaking. Neither of us wanted to remember. I'd almost forgotten about it myself until tonight. I let myself be vulnerable and it has never happened again."

"He took advantage of you." Beast Boy stated. It was all to obvious that Robin's asshole attitude began forming back then. Raven was broken an needed comfort and Robin swooped in and used what he could of her vulnerability to get the best of her.

"Beast Boy, please, it was both our faults. I never blamed him for it."

"Raven. You were broken, he wasn't, he could have chose to stop and realize you were not in the right state of mind but he let it happen." He walked over to her and sat next to her. She didn't know what to say.

"I-I...I don't..." She struggled to find the words.

"No, its ok. You don't have to explain any further. It's ok...I could never be angry at you for something that happened years ago and it makes no difference now." He put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. "It's my turn to explain. Those girls were awhile back...I didn't wanna tell you cause it would make me look like a man whore or something. I really don't have an excuse for why I did what I did..." He explained as far as he could. Besides Terra, he had no reason for being with the other girls, he just did what he did to maybe make up for the time when he was just the green kid or the loser, he didn't know.

"You know what, you aren't mad at me and I won't be mad at you. We gotta forget all that happened before we decided to be together, we'd never be able to continue if all we thought about was what happened forever ago." She wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his bare chest. The fight she anticipated hadn't happened and they found a common ground. They both had secrets in their past but it didn't matter much now.

"I love you, you're my girl." He kissed her head and rubbed her back softly.

"I love you too." She lifted her head up and kissed him.

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