Running Out of Time

By Melissa

Summary: Leo, Piper and The Girls are against time to save Chris and Wyatt from Cole, whom returned from the dead. But why did he kidnap the boys? Let's find out.

Chapter One:

"Ha!"Take that and that ...Whoop Hook!" laughed Wyatt as he and his little brother were practicing with the Excalibur. Wyatt aimed to his brother's head as Chris ducked. "Woe! Hey!" Yelled Chris.

An Ancient Vase broke as Wyatt chased Chris thru the Hallway and down the stairs as they laughed. "Calm down you evil Brute!' smiled Chris.

"I King Wyatt, The King of the Manor, Kneel you imbecile or I will be head you, so you decide Heart or Head" smiled Wyatt.

"Heart!' yelled Chris.

With that Piper quickly made her way over to the boys as she looked to them. "Uhm, Wyatt Honey, if you kill Chris, You have to revive him, remember that" smiled Piper.

Wyatt and Chris looked over to their mother as they smiled, "Seems you are ready for the play Wyatt." said Chris smiling.

"Me, in a school play, Please I might Be king now, I rather not steal the show from my babybrother."smiled Wyatt.

Wyatt made his way over to his baby brother as he helped him up from the floor.

"Boy's get ready for dinner please" said Piper.

Wyatt and Chris Heard their mother as they rolled their eyes.

"Oh! yea put something else on, Your Aunts and Uncle's are coming for Dinner.

"Really!", the two boys yelled.

" Yes really!", she repeat.

"Excalibur away" summoned Wyatt.

Chris made his way upstairs as he entered his room, as he removed his shirt, he made his way to his closet door as he opened it there revealed a Mirror as he looked into it, as he reached for another shirt, he looked again into the mirror as he saw a man dressed in a black cloak.

Chris looked back , still the man stood there for a minute or so before moving over him, Chris moved away quickly from the man as he hit the wall with his back .

"Who are you?" asked Chris .

"Shih, " said the Man.

He slowly made his way over to Chris as he laid his hand upon his head everything went black .

"Chris, Chris are you ready in there?" called out Wyatt.

"Chris!" again he yelled out.

No answer was heard he made his way over to the bedroom door as he entered, he slowly looked around as he saw Chris on the floor unconscious.

"Chris, Chris. Hey are you alright?", asked Wyatt.

Wyatt didn't get a response from his baby brother as he tried to wake him, it was if somehow asleep .

"Mom, Mom!" called out Wyatt.

The man acted quickly Before Piper heard Wyatt's call . he made his way over to Wyatt as he placed his hand upon his head just as Wyatt looked up seeing the man in the mirror as he stood right behind him and gasped as everything went blank.

With that Wyatt and his baby brother disappeared.

" Wyatt, Chris," called out Piper.

The door bell rang as Piper sighed.

"Great, just great" she mumbled as she walked over to the door.

As soon as she opened the door there stood Paige and Henry and Phoebe and

Jacob Her husband.

Piper smiled . "Hey Guys, Welcome back come in Come in," she smiled.

"Give me a Few minutes I'm going to get the boys" said Piper.

Piper made her way upstairs as she searched for the boys.

"Wyatt? Chris? She called out as she looked in every room.still there was no answer

Piper felt strange as if she was burning up.

She made her way back downstairs, she cried out as she felt a sharp pain