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Daddies' Girls

"Are you sure you have enough clothes?" Rachel said tearfully, looking around at the boxes in her only daughter's bedroom. "Maybe we should go and buy some more...do we have time?"

"Rach, she's leaving in the morning..." Ross told his wife. "And I think its safe to say she has enough clothes."

"But she might not have enough sweaters...it might be cold there." She snapped slightly before more tears filled her eyes. "Do you want our baby girl to freeze to death!"

"Mom, I'm just going into the city for college." Emma laughed slightly. "I'll be fine, I've got plenty of clothes and sweaters...and I know you guys are only a phone call away."

"See, she'll be fine." Ross added. "She's a smart girl, she can take good care of herself."

"Oh, I know..." Rachel was crying again. "I just can't believe my little girl is leaving home."

"Mom..." Emma sighed slightly. "I'm not a little girl any more."

"Yeah, you're a young woman." She commented, making her cry harder before standing up off the bed and heading for the door. "I need tissues."

Emma watched her leave, shaking her head slightly before taping up the last box.

"So, is that everything?" Ross asked, leaning back and sitting on the edge of the desk.

"Yep, I think so." She nodded, casting a look around the room to double check.

"Good." He gave her a small smile. "So, uh... we thought we'd take you out for dinner tonight...just me, your Mom, Ben and Luke."

"Okay, that sounds fun..." She nodded, standing up off the floor. "One last night with my dorky older brother and geeky little brother."

"Come on, you're going to miss them whilst you're away."

"Yeah I guess I will." She agreed.

"Okay, we'll leave for dinner at 7:30." He told her, kissing her forehead before turning to leave.

"Dad?" Emma called out just as he reached the door.

"Yeah?" He asked turning to face her, frowning slightly when he saw her worried face.

"Everything is going to be okay isn't it?" She asked nervously. "I mean, the only time I've been away from home was when I used to go to sleepovers and sleep away camp."

"Honey, you're going to be fine..." He said, stepping back into the room. "You're just nervous...you'll be okay when you get there."

"But I won't know anyone... all my friends are going to different colleges...Jack and Erica won't be there for another year! Who am I going to hang out with?" She exclaimed.

"You don't need to know anyone because you're going to make a load of new friends."

"I don't know how to make new friends!"

"You don't need to, Honey..." He told her. "You're beautiful, smart, funny...you're a great a person...everyone is going to want to make friends with you."

"You're my Dad...you have to say that." She mumbled.

"But its true...you've got the gift...just like your mother."

"How is shopping till you drop going to help me make friends?" She exclaimed.

"Not that one..." He rolled his eyes. "Your Mother can make friends everywhere she goes... The room just lights up when she walks into it... She's so beautiful and smart and funny... everyone just wants to talk to her...and you're the exact same..."


"Yes, really..." He assured her, putting his arms around her. "Sweetie, everything his going to be okay...I know starting college is scary but once you're there, you'll have the time of your life... you meet a load of new people... you'll gain great life experience... you'll become an adult."

"Can't I just stay and live with you guys forever?" She asked, quietly, hugging him tightly.

"Honey, I wish you could...but you can't..." He laughed slightly. "Its time to grow up."

She stepped back from him and nodded. "Yeah, okay...I know."

"You okay?" Ross asked.

"Yeah, I think I will be..." She replied, taking a deep breath. "Just a little nervous, I guess."

"You'll be fine..." He said once more. "And your Mom and me, will always be right here."

"I know..." She smiled. "Thanks, Dad."

"No problem." He returned the smile before turning to leave. "Remember, dinner at 7:30."

"7:30..." She repeated, dropping back down on her bed, hugging a stuff animal to her chest. "Time to grow up."


"I don't think, this is a good idea." Monica stated, looking wearily at the car that was parked in her parents' driveway.

"Honey, Jack 16 years old, he needs his own car." Jack replied. "Erica can keep the one Chandler and you brought them to share."

"No, I agree with you but it's a piece of junk." She turned to him. "It doesn't look safe."

"We can make it safe." Jack told her. "Me and Jack can work on it together."

"I'm still not sure..."

"Come on, it'll be a fun project for the two of us and we'll bond whilst doing it." He answered. "Besides, who else will he do this sort of thing with? Chandler doesn't know anything about cars and you both have your hands full with the kids."

"You have a point there." She agreed, knowing that most of Chandler's and her time was taken up by the twins and their younger brothers, Danny and Kyle. "But you're not actually a world class manic either, plus your not 25 any more."

"We'll learn together and any heavy lifting or anything like that, Jack can do."

Monica looked at him for a moment, trying to decided whether to agree or not. She sighed slightly. "Okay, I'll talk to Jack, if he wants to do it then fine."

"Thank you." A smile lit Jack's face. "You don't know how much this means to me."


"Yes, I know I wasn't actually the best father to your brother and you..."


"Monica, we both know that I wasn't ever really there and when I was, I wasn't exactly the fairest of parents."

"None of this matters any more, Dad..." She told him. "We've already talked about years ago. I'm over it."

"I know but I just want to make sure I spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren." Jack stated. "Jack and me can work on the car, maybe I could take Kyle and Luke fishing with me day...and I don't know what I can do with Erica, but I'll think of something."

"I think it's sweet that you want to do this." Monica smiled.

"Well, we don't know how long I got left."

Monica rolled her eyes. "Dad, don't talk like that..."

"I'm getting old."

"So? You'll be around for years yet."

"Maybe, maybe not but I want to spend more time with my grandchildren."

"That's fine." Monica smiled. "And I'm sure Jack will be thrilled about not having to share a car any more...That's if you can get this thing up and running."

"Of course we can." Jack said confidently.

"Well, I'd better get back, I felt Chandler in charge of the kids...I'm pretty sure I shouldn't leave him for a too long."

Jack laughed slightly. "The kids will be fine."

"I know they will be... It's the house I'm worried about." She claimed. "Those kids have Chandler wrapped around their little fingers, he'd like them do what they like... My house will be a mess!"

"Well, I know how much you hate messes so I'd better get you get home." Jack replied, pulling her into a gentle hug. "Don't be to hard on, Chandler when you get back."

"I never am!" She claimed innocently but Jack just gave her a look of disbelief. "Okay, fine but he lets them put their feet on the coffee table!"

Jack just laughed. "I'll see you tomorrow, honey...I'll come around and talk to Jack about the car."

"Okay, I'll see you soon." She smiled slightly and kissed his cheek gently before heading towards her own car.


Rachel made her way down the path that she had mesmerised a long time ago. She ducked slightly under a tree branch as she stepped onto the grass before coming to a stand still. She stared at headstone for a few seconds before speaking.

"Hey, Daddy..." She said quietly. Almost 2 years ago, Leonard had died of a heart attack. The first few times, Rachel had visited the graveyard, she felt uncomfortable and stupid for talking to no one but now whenever something was happening with her or the family she would come and let her Dad know. "Emma is off to college tomorrow...I can't believe how fast she's grown up...You'd be really proud of her... I am... so much. She's so smart...She wants to be a doctor... And she's beautiful... but you already know all of this... She hasn't changed that much in the last 2 years... except, now she's leaving home."

She sighed, bending down and removing a few flowers that she had left there the last time she visited and were now dead. She placed a fresh bunch in front of the grave before taking a seat on the grass.

"My little girl is all grown up. I can't believe she's already off to college... She'll be getting married and starting her own family soon." Rachel sighed. "I oppose this is how you felt when I went off to college...I remember you acting all weird the day, I left."

Rachel brought her knees up to her chest, hugging them loosely as her mind wondered back over memories of the past with her father. She remembered when she tried to explain why she wasn't marrying Berry... She remembered the first time, he met Ross... She remembered when she told him she was going to have a baby... She remembered watching his eyes fill up when he held Emma for the first time... She remembered when he had his first heart attack...She remembered him giving her away to Ross on their wedding day...She remembered the second heart attack... She remembered his funeral.

She reached up and gently brushed away a few tears that threatened to roll down her face.

"I still miss you, Daddy..." She whispered, tearfully. "Even though you drove me crazy sometimes, I still miss you so much...and I know you wouldn't want me sitting here alone, crying at your grave but it helps talking to you... It helps to still be able to let you know how everyone is... So, that I can tell that Emma is going to college or that Luke this now captain of the debate team..."

She wiped her eyes again and glanced at her watching, seeing that she had to get going or she'll be late for Emma's leaving meal.

"I'll come back soon...love you." She said quietly, standing up..looking at the grave one more time before walking off.


Chandler headed up the stairs, reading the magazine he just confiscated off 14 year old Danny because he was beating 9 year old Kyle with it. He was to busy looking down at it, he walked into Jack as he fled Erica's bedroom, with a grin on his face. Before Chandler could ask him what was going on, he saw a pillow come flying out of the bedroom towards them.

"I hate you!" Erica screamed before turning her music on full volume.

"Jack, explain." Chandler told him.

"She got stood up by her boyfriend..." Jack informed him.

"Aw, that really sucks..." Chandler started before doing a double take on what Jack said. "Wait? What boyfriend?!"

"Brad Matterson." Jack answered. "He's in our year."

"Well, what has it got to do with you?" Chandler questioned. "Why is she throwing things at your head and shouting she hates you... When it should be at this Brad guy... What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything!" He claimed innocently. "I just simply asked whether she thought that Brad only asked her out for a bet."


"What? I was trying to make her laugh!"

"Yeah that's the right way to do it!" Chandler rolled his eyes. "You do realise that now I have go in there and talk to her about this."

"Leave it till Mom gets home." Jack shrugged.

Chandler sighed. "What? So she can deafen us all with that crap, she calls music?"

"Well, I'm going to meet some friends..." Jack started for the stairs. "I'll be back for dinner."

Chandler hesitated for a second before pushing the door open to his own daughter's bedroom. He stopped in the doorway and looked at her as she lead on her stomach, face buried in her pillow.

He slowly walked over to the studio, turning the volume down slightly.

"Jack, I told you to get out..." She started to yell before she saw Chandler. "Oh, hi Dad."

"Hey." He smiled slightly, sitting on the bed as she sat up. "You okay?"

"Sure." She shrugged.

"Jack told me what happened." Chandler placed his hand on top of hers gently. "This guy isn't worth it... You're too good for him."

Erica groaned slightly. "Dad, I don't really want to talk about this with you."

"Why not?" He looked slightly offended.

"Because you're my father, no guy is going to be good enough for me." She stated, standing up and moving to the stereo, changing the CD.

"That's true." Chandler nodded agreement, watching her. "But still, you're upset and hurt right now, I want to help."

Erica turned to face him. "Wouldn't Mom be better at this?"

"Well, you're Mom isn't here right now..." He rolled his eyes. "You could at least let me try...I use to pretty good at this."

Erica let out a laugh. "Yeah right."

"Hey, come on! Don't you remember when you were little, you use to always come to me when you fell over or you were sick..."

"That's because you always gave me ice cream afterwards."

Chandler smiled slightly. "There some chocolate chip in the freezer right now."

"I'm not really in the mood for ice cream." She sighed, sitting on the bed. "I feel so stupid."

"You shouldn't..." Chandler told her. "It's not your fault he's a complete jerk."

"I really thought he liked me." She mumbled.

"Maybe he does." Chandler shrugged.

"Why didn't he turn up then?"

"There are lots of reasons. Maybe he forgot..." Chandler suggested. "Maybe he was in an accident..."


"Sorry..." He replied. "Look, you must have thought he was a good guy or you wouldn't have agreed to go out with him...So, just give him a chance to explain."

She thought about what he just said to her before looking at him. "What if I was wrong and he's just a jerk"

"Kick him where it hurts." Chandler shrugged in reply.

Erica couldn't help a laugh escaping and she moved closer to him, putting her arms around him.

"Thank you."

"What for?" Chandler smiled slightly, holding her.

"For being so understanding and cheering me up." She replied.

"That's what I'm here for." He whispered.

She stayed in his arms for another couple of minutes. All her friends seem to do was fight with their fathers but her relationship with her Dad was different. They arguments but Chandler could never stay angry at her for too long and he would always do something goofy that would make her laugh and forget everything.

"I'm going to call him." Erica claimed, pulling back.

"Right now?" Chandler asked.

"Sure." She smiled, kissing his cheek. "Thanks, again Daddy."

"Okay but you do know I don't agree with this, right?"

"With what?"

"You dating..." Chandler answered. "I know you're Mom and I talked about it but it was your Mom doing most of the talking..."

"Dad, I'm not a little any more." She rolled her eyes.

He sighed. "I know."

"I can look after myself." She added.

"I know that too."

"You going to be okay?" She asked, as he stood up.

"I just gave my only daughter a peep talk about dating...sure, I'll be fine." He said sarcastically.

Erica laughed slightly, watching as he left the room before picking up her phone.

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