By Catrina

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By the way, they are both boys so this is classified YAOI.

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It was again raining. It seemed that this week Kyo could not escape the rain. So needless to say he was tired lethargic and grumpy. The walk home and been wet and lonely. There was no one to fight or talk with so he made it home quick, but since he forgot his umbrella, it was very wet. He pulled open the door and called out a greeting, already knowing that no one would be home. Crimson eyes looked around the quite house and smiled. This was home, he loved it here, he really did. He smiled softly, something that he would never do if he wasn't alone. He took off his shoes, and walked to his room changing his clothes and taking them to the laundry room with the rest of his clothes. He had time, he started his own clothes to wash, then went to the kitchen and started to make some rice and digging through the fridge to find some fish and veggies. He was on his own for the night. Shigure was out of town at some writer's convention, Yuki has student council and Tohru had to work. Slowly he made his meal, separated the rest on to two plates, not even noticing that he was making one for Yuki as well. He wrapped them and put them in the fridge before wondering to the TV room to eat. The last year or so had been amazing, he had made a few friends, trained in martial arts, and under his master's instructions had gone out for track and cross country, which amazingly he was good at. But since it had rained there was no cross country practice today. He sat down on the couch and picked at the meal realizing that he really wasn't hungry, but ate some before getting up and changing his clothes to the dryer. After that was done he slowly laid out on the couch falling asleep before he even realized it.


"Thanks Yuki for coming to walk me home. You didn't have to." Smiling green eyes greeted him as he looked up from the ground.

"It's my pleasure Miss Honda." Yuki stood up from his leaning posture from the light pole and smiled, motioning for her to come under the umbrella; no one ever seemed to realize that his smile was never reflected in his eyes. She smiled a little larger in return and started the long walk home.

"How was council?"

"The same as always, though we are getting ready for the annual school festival. Any suggestions on the booth this year?"

"Well the last two years we have done rice balls, maybe we should do something different? It is our last year to do it." She suggested looking over at the boy next to her. It still shocked her today that she was living with them, cooking and cleaning, friends with Prince Yuki and Kyo.

"I was thinking the same, that's why I was asking you." Again a false smile graced his lips as lightning lit the area. She raised a hand to her chin and 'mmm'ed for a moment thinking.

"Maybe cookies or another dessert? Kyo could help, he makes great cookies." She lit up thinking of the other cousin.

"Kyo, make cookies?" Yuki looked down confused at the girl, unsure if she realized what she had said. He never knew that his cousin could cook. They reached the porch realizing that the light was on.

"Yeah he's a great cook actually." She took off the light jacket she was wearing the motioned for Yuki to hand him his and he did. They noticed that Kyo's was already hanging up.

"I am really hungry actually. Miss Tohru do you mind?" He asked knowing that if he tried anything he might burn the place down. She smiled again. She was full of smiles today he noticed.

"Not a problem." He watched her move across the floor and pull open the fridge then stop. Tohru blinked for a moment then smiled.

"No need, Kyo made plates for us." She said taking the plates out and taking turns warming them in the microwave. She gave Yuki his plate first then warmed her own. She laughed as he looked at it skeptically. "He wouldn't poison it or anything you know. He wouldn't know which one I would take." Yuki realizing that she spoke true, picked up his chopstick and dug in, pleasantly surprised. Tohru sat down beside him and they ate in silence. Right when he was about to speak they heard a chime.

"That's the dryer," she sounded confused, "Kyo must have been doing his laundry…I wonder where he is?" She asked absently. "Well he made us dinner I'll fold his clothes. Excuse me Yuki."

"Of course." He went the motions of cleaning the dishes on auto pilot thinking absently. He never really did anything to help Tohru out, but Kyo had done his own laundry and made dinner, even made a plate for him. Damn cat…showing him up. It was then that he processed that the TV was on. He walked into the other room, the TV shedding light on the cat as he slept on the couch. For a moment he looked at the cat, he hated to say the cat was adorable. He lay curled on his side, hands under his chin, knees slightly pulled up. He saw the dishes on the coffee table and grabbed them taking them back to the kitchen and cleaned them as well, setting them aside to dry. Tohru came out the laundry room carrying a stack of folded clothes.

"I'm going to take these to his room, and study for my test tomorrow. Good night Yuki."

"Good night Miss Honda. Sleep well." He glanced at the clock noticing that it was indeed later then he thought. He walked back to the TV room and glanced again at the cat. Kyo was handsome no doubt. They had both grown taller over the last year, and Kyo was about an inch taller then him. His constant running and martial art training had made him even more lean and muscular. The girls at school were starting to drool over Kyo as much as they did over Yuki. It didn't help that he still had a prickly attitude that gave him a somewhat 'bad boy' image. Yuki himself had grown taller, but unfortunately he had not gained more muscle or really become leaner. He simply grew. His hair was a tad longer but not enough to be pulled back onto a pony tail. His face had slimmed down and both Kyo and himself had finally lost the last traces of 'baby fat.' He sat down on the floor in front of the cat studying him for just a moment. There was something about him that he could never place his finger on. Part of that came from the fact that part of their intense hatred for each other had died on a rainy night a little over a year ago. But they still fought, and Kyo still remade doors, on a weekly basis. Before really understanding what he was doing, he raised a hand and pushed a stray hair off Kyo's face and behind his ear. He jumped slightly when the cat let out a moan, slipping onto his back. It was then that Yuki remembered.

"It's been raining all day. You must be exhausted." He whispered to the still sleeping cat. For a moment he felt pity for the cat. When Yuki was younger he had loved to play in the rain, but Kyo had never know that. Just like Kyo had never know a really loving family. Maybe that was what he really wanted…why he wanted to beat the rat so badly. He wanted to feel loved…

Completely insane idea…just like the cat.

Realizing that he had been staring at his cousin for about 15 minutes Yuki blushed and finally shook Kyo on the shoulder. He would have expected Kyo to just suddenly wake but that wasn't the case. Kyo turned slightly on his back, eyes flickering slightly to reveal red irises.

"Yuki…" It was half moan, half whisper, and Yuki had never heard his own name sound so erotic. Quelling his own reaction he shook him slightly again, when the eyelids fluttered gracefully shut.

"Wake up you stupid cat," he rose to his feet as Kyo realized what he was saying. "It's late; you should go to your room." A tan hand collided with his leg as it reached for the remote to turn off the TV. Kyo fumbled slightly before finding it and pushing the power button. The room was then thrown into darkness as Kyo rose from the couch feeling slightly light headed.

Yuki watched as he wavered slightly, and he put an arm around his cousin's waist surprised when it wasn't thrown off.

"Stupid cat, you all right?"

"Fine." He growled pushing the hand off his waist and walking to exit the room, Yuki following behind.

"Thanks for making dinner for us." Yuki whispered, not sure if Kyo even heard him.

"Damn…" he stopped causing Yuki to bump into him, for a moment Yuki stood there blinking big grey eyes. "My laundry," He muttered turning around. Upon turning around he realized that Yuki was standing very close. He looked down slightly and looked right into the rat's eyes. Yuki was acting very strange today.

"Don't worry; Miss Honda already took care of it. I'm sure it's in your room."

"Oh…" The other boy turned and walked up the stairs and opened his door. "G'night rat." He muttered then walked into his room, closing the door shutting out the rat.

Yuki stared at the door, for a moment worried about his cousin, but the shook it off. He still had homework to do.


Kyo stepped in his room and looked to the pile of laundry folded on his bed. On top was a note.


Thanks for dinner, it was great!

I have to go to school really early tomorrow. Will you please make sure that Yuki gets off to school alright?



Normally she would have left a note like this with Shigure, but since he was gone, it was up to him then. He climbed into bed and was asleep when his head hit the pillow.

He woke with the sun like he always did. Trudging through the morning, he went down and made breakfast, and called up to Yuki. He set the table with food and drank his milk, then called up to Yuki. He grabbed their bags and set them by the door, then called up to Yuki. After the third time of getting no response he stomped up the stairs and pushed open the door slamming it against the wall. Yuki sat straight up in bed and blinked big blurry eyes to the door. His hair was tangled and ruffled around his head, his pink lips slightly parted, chest heaving.

"Yo Rat get up. You have 15 minutes till we have to leave. Get your ass up!" After taking in the crazed appearance of the rat, Kyo took a couple cautious steps in the walked to the bed, slightly shaking the upset boy. "Rat, you okay." Kyo froze then, Yuki leaned against his leg in support breathing deep. Completely frozen and tense Kyo had no idea what to do. Gently he placed a hand on Yuki's shoulder shaking him. "Man you got 15 minutes." He said softly, then pulled away leaving Yuki by himself.

Yuki stumbled down the stairs still feeling the slight effects of his nightmare. It was Akito, like it always was…Akito was his greatest fear. He looked at the breakfast that was set out at the table and grumbled something to Kyo, what he wasn't sure himself. But Kyo nodded pretending to understand, and looked at Yuki, dark wine eyes staring right through him. He knew that he wanted to ask, wanted to understand. But their wasn't any way for him to do that. Not unless he allowed for Kyo to beat him and see if he did become part of the great Sohma family. No, Kyo was better off if he never knew. When he finished eating the plate was grabbed from in front, quickly washed then set aside.

"Why the hell do you have such a problem getting your ass out of bed in the morning? We're going to be late, now."

"You didn't have to wait." Yuki muttered, wiping his eyes.

"Tohru asked me to, let's go." He said throwing Yuki his jacket and leading the way. He followed slightly behind the cat lost in his thoughts. The he walked through the steps of the nightmare. It stated as a normal day. He woke up, fought with Kyo, went to school, came home, then he got a call. Akito called. He had gone of course. No one denied Akito, never. But when he arrived he was taken to a dark, cold room. He had memories of this room, when he was younger. He looked at his arms, like he expected to see the blood, the cuts that had happened in the dreams. He stopped and just stared, shaken. "Stupid rat, come on." He looked as a tan hand wrapped around his wrist pulling him with, ensuring that they were on time for school.

Kyo watched him through the day, wondering exactly what was going on. The rat was off kilter, something from this morning. He just figured that he would pick a fight later today that would clear his head. School passed slowly enough dragging through the day. It was Friday, so they had a class meeting, then he had cross country and Yuki had council and they would meet to walk home with Tohru.

After the final bell, they all stayed seated as Yuki with the rest student council took the head of the class.

"As you know, it is time for the annual school festival, and while the last two years have been successful as the 'hit or miss rice ball stand' we are thinking that it may be time for something new. The theme this year is the Chinese Zodiac," only Tohru and Kyo seemed to catch the hint of sarcasm, " one suggestion was a cookie booth, are there any other suggestions or comments?" Yuki looked around noticing the hundreds of girls that seemed to wear their hearts in their eyes; he wanted to roll his eyes in disgust much as Kyo was doing now.

"Whatever you think Yuki." Was one girls answer. Yuki almost smiled when he noticed the absolute disgust on Kyo's face.

"Well, any other suggestion?" He asked looking around, a couple hands were raised offering up other desserts and in the end they decided on butter sugar cookies over anything else. Tohru volunteered herself and Kyo to make them and after some noisy unhappiness in Kyo's department he relented. The class meeting was dismissed and they made their way to their scheduled activities. Yuki went to council and Kyo went to practice and Tohru went to work.

After running about five miles, Kyo was done for the day, and his second fastest time ever, only five tenths of a second behind the senior leader. He drug himself to the school building to see Yuki already waiting for him.

Yuki stood from leaning against the building; he took in his glowing cousin. He had already pulled off his shirt and his skin was absolutely glowing. Sweat glistened on his skin and he felt a little bit of envy as he watched a bead of sweat trail down his chest to disappear under his athletic shorts. For a moment he blink realizing that he was lusting after the cat, but he raised his eyes and licked his lips. For a moment he processed the thought that he wanted to taste that skin.

"Ready?" He asked realizing that his voice sounded a little raspy.

"Do I have time to shower?" Yuki was surprised the cat was even asking.

"Like I would want to walk with you smelling of sweat?" Yuki growled, upset and what he knew was lust curling in his lower regions.

"Damn rat, I was trying to be polite." He muttered laying a fist on Yuki's shoulder pushing him away and walking to the showers.

Yuki watched him leave; god the cat had grown much more muscular. For a moment all he wanted was to run his hands down Kyo's naked back. He had never really felt desire for a guy before, but the shock was it was Kyo… the stupid cat. It was only a ten minute wait before his cousin returned.

"What no fight today?" Yuki asked sarcastically.

"Thought about, it was in the plan, but I'm to damn tired." Kyo reached up and ran a hand through his still damp hair. "But I'll get you after dinner." Kyo glanced over to Yuki and glared. The rat dressed in his all black uniform, white tie around his throat but still showcasing the long, pale, graceful neck. For a moment he wondered if the rat ever even got a glimpse of the sun, but he knew that was true, the rat did have his secret base of course. He heard the rat snicker at his last statement, and using his body bumped into Yuki this time stopping. "Hey what you snickering about?"

"You." He stopped as well, knowing that they had plenty of time time to reach Tohru.

"Hey who do you think is going to make all your damn cookies?"

"You agreed." Yuki pointed out.

"For Tohru, not for you."

"Idiot, I don't even know if you can make cookies."

"I make damn good cookies!" Kyo yelled grabbing Yuki's tie and shaking him slightly. Yuki wanted to laugh at the absolute insanity of the yelling match. He placed a slender hand over Kyo's wrist and smiled cryptically.

"We'll see, won't we?"

"Yeah and what are you going to do, huh?"

"Nothing, idiot. Let me go." Cryptic smile still in place.

"You know one of these days, you going to smile and someone other then me will realize how fake it is." Kyo amazed by the words that came out of his mouth. That had not been what he was planning to say. He watched as the Yuki's lips tightened and pulled back in a grimace.

"No one cares." Yuki muttered.

"No, you put on an act. One of these days someone is going to realize that your smiled never reaches your eyes, then what?"

"Then nothing." He growled.

"One of these days, Yuki one of your followers is going to realize that you are not as 'princely' as you seem. Just because you're beautiful people let you get away with everything. Out in the real world it won't work."

"Like you know."

"I know more then you. Look at you shocked that I can even tell what you are thinking. I fight you every damn day."

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

"I know you better then you think, and you better become a better actor, with your fan club growing daily, one of these days someone will pick up on something."

"What are you talking about?" Yuki asked.

"You've been slipping lately. Looking tired, confused, and angry. It will interrupt with your image."

"Are you helping me?" He asked a genuine smile tracing at his lips. And when Kyo looked he could tell.

"HELL NO!" He yelled trying to look horrified. "Just get your act together." He muttered and walked ahead, unconsciously giving Yuki a great view of his ass.


Needless to say a fight did break out that evening and once again Kyo found himself squirming under the lithe body of the rat above him. He looked up at the rat, his grey eyes sparkling, pink lips slightly parted, chest heaving. He painted quite an arousing picture. It was then Kyo realized with widening eyes that he found his cousin arousing, and that he was getting aroused. The blood rushed through his veins centering on his groin. Oh my god…I'm getting hard because of Yuki. The thought worked through his brain. His body instantly froze as he looked at Yuki. This was new, and odd, but not unappealing. He didn't control his thoughts and the fact that Yuki was a guy really didn't freak him out. Reaching up he planted both hands flat on the firm chest above him. He pushed hard dislodging the rat from above him. He quickly rose and tuned away from the rat.

"I hate you." He growled looking at the rat over his shoulder. Yuki observed the passionate emotions swirling in the red eyes of the cat and knew it wasn't hate that he was seeing there. It was lust.

Yuki watched the cat storm of realizing that what had been happening today had been happening for more then a couple days, almost a month that he could actually remember. He walked in to the kitchen and Tohru smiled, just finishing putting the dishes away.

"I'm going to go get the supplies for the cookies and Kyo's going to do them tomorrow. Do you want anything from the store?"

"No would you like me to come with you, Miss Honda?"

"No actually I'd like some thinking time, but thanks." She smiled and walked out the door. Yuki watched her leave and decided that he would do his homework in the kitchen so that he could wait for Tohru to come back. He walked up the stairs and was surprised to hear the shower running in the bathroom. Knowing that Shigure was still gone, and Tohru had just left he knew exactly who was in there. He grinned when he heard a moan come from the shower then a muffled shout. Moments after he heard the shower shut off and vacated the hall. Somehow, hearing Kyo sexually release himself he felt the need to do the same.

Kyo leaned his head against the shower wall. He almost felt like he had no choice. He had stood in a cold shower for almost two minutes and it hadn't calmed his aroused body. So he had taken matters into his own hands, literally, and thought of the damn rat the whole time. He wrapped a towel around his waist and exited the shower turning back to make sure that there were no traces of anything then opened the bathroom door only to see Yuki leaving his room.

"You're done?" Yuki asked raising an elegant brow, making Kyo wonder if he knew something.

"Sure, it's all yours." Yuki watched him leave the towel hanging low on his hips. He had a feeling he was about to copy Kyo's example.


He would never tell anyone but he actually found the art of cooking to be calming. He hadn't done a lot but when he was out training, he had discovered that his master loved cookies, so he had made them almost weekly as a way of saying thank you. Granted he had never made hundreds then rolled them out and cut them with cookie cutters but that was why he and Tohru made a good team. She did all that stuff and he just mixed it and rolled it out. They were a little over half way done when he realized something.

"Tohru, we're a bag short of flour." He mentioned looking over at her. She looked up at him and thought back for a moment.

"I am so sorry," She drug out on an anguished sigh. "I'll go get some right away."

"Wait, I don't…" he stopped motioning towards where she had been cutting them with cookie cutters.

"Don't worry, you'll figure it out…" she ran out leaving him by himself. He quickly learned how to do everything on his own and soon found a rhythm…until he ran out of counter space. Lifting up the bag of flour he turned around to set it by the stove, then a 'meow' stole is attention.

Yuki walked in the door and was automatically hit with the sweetest aroma he had ever smelled. He took off his shoes and peaked into the kitchen and for a moment and tried to restrain his laughter, but it didn't work.

Kyo looked up startled by the shocking sound of Yuki's laughter. It's a beautiful sound he realized and for a moment he was glad he was the cause. Just moments before one of his small feline friends had snuck in through the window, ran between his legs while he was walking, and cause him to fall. Unfortunately he had been holding a bag of flour which had burst when it fell on the floor and since he was already on the floor he found himself covered in the white powder.

"You look…" Yuki laughed observing his cousin's slowly reddening face. "You look…"

"I look what?" Kyo glared at his laughing cousin before breaking down and starting to laugh at himself. Yuki walked in and extended a hand to him, which Kyo amazingly took. Yuki pulled the other boy up, and then Kyo reached down to grab the bag of flour still mostly in tact. Reaching a hand in, he pulled out a hand full of flour and dumped it over Yuki's head. For a moment the ringing laughter stopped but was replaced when he reached in the bag as well and threw a hand full at the orange topped cat.

"What… you want to start a fight." Kyo tried to sound upset but he couldn't help it. Yuki's laughter was contagious. Instead he simply threw more flour at the boy covering him with the cooking powder. He danced away when Yuki tried to grab for the flour again. Before he knew it they were both grappling over the flour bag and between the two of them it was torn apart. Kyo despite his oh so graceful demeanor slipped on the slippery powder, and grabbed onto the closest thing, which was of course his laughing cousin, which he found out was not the steadiest thing to hold on to. He fell on his back bringing his cousin down on top of him. For a moment he was completely out of air, before it refilled his lungs with a powder filled gasp. He rested his head against the floor, as Yuki rested on top of him, still slightly shaking.

Yuki slowly brought himself under control, trying to remember he didn't like his cousin, even though he knew that wasn't true. He knew probably more then Kyo did that they were lusting after each other. Their fights, he decided, should be like this more often. It was with that thought he realized that he was laying on top of Kyo, who was still gripping his shoulders. He pulled up slightly looking down at the taller boy. His eyes were closed as he breathed, then as if he sensed Yuki watching him he slowly opened his eyes. They were close; Yuki could almost count each one of Kyo's incredibly long eye lashes. For a moment the just stared at each other trying to understand what was going on, they weren't mad at each other, no trace of anger, but there was something else.

"You were working on the cookies?" Yuki whispered, not wanting to get up, not wanting to lose the first human contact that he had had in forever, he could already feel his blood start to hum. This was it, his chance.

"Yeah, in zodiac themes." Was it him or was his voice a little huskier then normal, Kyo wasn't sure but his body felt very warm, more warm then normal.

"Oh," he knew that, "it smells great." And Kyo smelled good, too. He could still smell the earthy spice scent that was Kyo.

"Yeah just took them out of the oven." Yuki raised a hand and brushed some of the flour off of Kyo's cheek, surprised by the soft skin there. "Hey Yuki?" Yuki raised his eyes realizing how truly comfy he was laying here, and he knew what Kyo was going to ask. But there was something on his side too, something that had let him stay on top of his cousin this long, he moved slightly getting a little more comfortable. Kyo's legs seemed to part for him and he settled there very nicely, Yuki noticed.

"Kyo?" Something in the way Yuki said his name stopped him from pushing him off. Instead he looked in his eyes, those beautiful eyes that had every girl and every other boy swooning. They were mere millimeters away from each other.

Before Yuki really realized what he was doing he leaned down and kissed the cat below him just a brush of lips really, then pulled back slightly and waited for a negative response. When there was none he leaned down and kissed him again, slanting his lips over Kyo's as he took absolute possession of his cousin's mouth. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop, he was tentative, until he felt Kyo's hands one digging into his waist, while the other knotted in his hair pulling the him closer while he opened his mouth for Yuki to explore. Yuki should have known that Kyo wouldn't want it sweet and gentle. On a moan the rat swiftly plunged his tongue in taking possession and memorizing every contour of his enemy's mouth, he dominated over Kyo, locking one hand in his silken lock while the other traced down his side stopping at his waist. The cat was wearing his standard black shirt and cargo, which always left and trace of skin at his waist. He stopped there scratching at the skin before reaching under the shirt pulling it up.

Kyo moaned, god, Yuki tasted so good. He pressed his tongue up and against Yuki's so that Yuki would withdraw and let Kyo into Yuki's mouth, but first he traced the rat's lips nibbling on the bottom lip before continuing with his exploration. Yuki's hand felt hot on his skin and all he wanted was to have his offending shirt off. He felt something hard against his thigh and realized that Yuki was getting aroused, but when the rat shift on top of him he realized that he was already hard himself and breaking away from the kiss he arched his hips and brought the hand from Yuki's hair down to his slender hips and forced them to meet his own. He felt lips kiss his ear before teeth bit into it gently, goose bumps spread down the whole left side of his body. Said lips moved from his ear down his neck and bit into his collar bone. "Yuki," Kyo hissed slightly at the pain, but it was soothed away with a wet lick, and then blew on with warm air. In response he forced their hips together again causing a delicious friction between their hard erections.

Yuki pulled away looked up to see his cousin look at him through lust gazed eyes, and he returned to press those red lips back to his own moaning Kyo's name. The cat tasted so sweet, and his body, so firm and warm. He gasp as he felt Kyo's hands sneak in under his shirt, he pushed down with his hips and the friction raced up his spine making him kiss Kyo all the more passionately. Kyo's hips rose against his own and he pushed them back down. They continued to kiss as they thrust against each other both breaking away in a moan; only to return to their kiss after a moment of air. Lips, teeth, and hands raced over each others bodies as their hips increased with a frantic moment

They broke away as they both registered a door opening then closing. Quickly they pushed away from each other standing quickly and turning away from each other.

"Hi guys!" Tohru exclaimed coming into the kitchen. She stopped at the door and took in the appearance of both boys, covered in flour, rumpled and blushing. "Oh wow! What happened?"



Chapter 1 is done. Hope you all like it so far. Right now it is pretty light, but it will get slightly dark as the future starts to weigh on the minds of the seniors at the start of the senior year. We shall see what happens in the future, right?

Thanks for reading,