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The boys reunite during Christmas vacation after their first semesters of university. The boys, now 18, find that hardly anything has changed among them at all, which could be good news, but also very bad. Kyle has returned from law school at Harvard and Stan is taking Business Studies. Kenny, after managing to secure a loan, is studying Communications. Cartman however, just never really tried in school, so it was no surprise that he couldn't get enough credits to graduate and therefore had to stay back a year.

Stan's POV:

It was a freezing cold day, and I wanted nothing more than to get back to my house and fall back asleep under my warm blankets. But nooo, mom insisted that since I was home for the first time since September that I needed to help around the house, starting my walking Sparky, who insisted on stopping at every single tree to sniff it.

"Goddamnit Sparky, will you PLEASE hurry up? It's fucking freezing out here and I want to get back!" I cursed at my dog, who responded with nothing more than a confused look in my direction. My breath came out in tiny puffs from the cold, and I tried to walk faster in a futile attempt to warm up. I looked around me; I had made it onto Kyle's street.

Kyle. His name struck a painful chord within me. He had gone off to Harvard to become (surprise) a lawyer like his father. This meant that we were half a country apart. I hadn't seen him since we left South Park in September. Even though we talked a lot which sure as hell made a dent in our phone bills, it wasn't the same as talking to him in person. Fact of the matter was, I missed my best friend, and couldn't wait to see him again. I remember he told me that he insisted on driving back himself in his Ferrari his parents bought him as a graduation present, despite his mother's protests. She had wanted him to take a plane back; although she didn't show it too much, Sheila really missed her son and couldn't wait for him to return. I smiled to myself as I remembered that Kyle was supposed to be returning sometime today. My stomach clenched for a moment, which confused me. Why would I be nervous about seeing my best friend again? I quickly shook it off as excitement and kept on going.

I heard the sound of a car in the distance. I turned around, and sure enough a car had just rounded the corner at the end of the street. I squinted; as it approached, I recognized the metallic blue tint of the car that was Kyle's Ferrari. I stood across the road from Kyle's house with Sparky as Kyle pulled up into his driveway. I watched him turn off the engine and get out of the car. He turned around, seeing me, grinned and waved. I returned the greeting.

"What, did you drive all the way back?" I shouted at him jokingly as he made his way across the street.

"Are you kidding?" he replied. "I could drive this thing forever! Besides, there's no way I could part with Blitzkrieg for three weeks." We hugged each other for a brief moment, a moment which flooded my body with an unexplainable warmth. He released me, and I glanced over at his car which was 'Blitzkrieg'. I shook my head.

"I still say it's weird you named your car that." I said.

Kyle grinned. "And I still don't give a damn what you think," he laughed. "So when did you get back?"

"Late last night. I actually just woke up like an hour ago."

Kyle checked his watch. "It's four o clock dude. When the hell did you get so lazy?"

I smirked at him. "Around the same time you named your car Blitzkrieg."

Kyle punched my arm playfully, to which I responded by lightly smacking him upside the head. "You're such a dumbass," he said. "Why do you hate that name so much?"

I contemplated this. "I don't hate it, it's just really –"

"JEWISH!" I was cut off by the sound of Cartman's voice. I turned around and saw Cartman walking up the street. I saw Kyle's face contort with anger, the same as it always had since we were kids. Some things never changed.

"SHUT UP CARTMAN YOU FAT FUCK! AT LEAST I HAVE A CAR!" he shouted angrily at the overweight offender. Just then, we heard Kyle's mom's voice.

"Buhbi, is that you?" she asked as she opened the front door. Her eyes lit up as her gaze fell upon her son.

Kyle turned to me. "I guess I gotta go now. I'll see you around Stan." He started walking back to his house. Just then, I remembered something.

"Hey Kyle?" he stopped and turned back to me. "A bunch of people are coming by my place tonight. We're going to get pizza and movies and shit."

Kyle grinned at me. "I'm there," he assured me as he walked up the porch to his house. Just as the door, started to close, Cartman shouted out one last thing.

"Actually, it would probably be better if you didn't come. We're not planning on renting any Jewish movies." Kyle flipped him off before slamming the door shut. I frowned at Cartman.

"Dude. Just shut up," I said.

Cartman raised his eyebrows at me. "Oh hoh! Someone has their panties in a twist!"

I glared at him. "You know what? Fuck off," I retaliated before continuing on my way with Sparky.

End chapter one