Chapter 52: A Family and Friend Visit

Day 21: 8:43 A.M.

"Who do you think is ringing the doorbell?" AJ said as he and the rest of the residents approached the door.

"Maybe it is the pizza guy again?" May said, "I tried again to order pizza using Morse Code with my flashlight."

"I thought Mr. Carry said not to do that again," Domino said.

"What he doesn't know won't kill him," May said firmly.

"I think the more important question is this," Alexis said, and then she turned to AJ, "When will you take this stupid collar off me!! It keeps zapping me and I cannot stand it!"

"It keeps zapping you because you keep having impure thought you little horny girl!" AJ said.

"I'm not horny!" she protested, "I am just a pervert! That's all."

"Well it's about time she admits it," Sakura said rolling her eyes.

"Alright," AJ said taking off the collar, "Here you go, are you happy now?"

"Hold on!" she said. She closed her eyes and she appeared to be in deep thoughts. She smile came across her face and she giggled as she rubbed herself from top to bottom tenderly.

"Oh yeah!" she moaned pleasurably, "That's the stuff!"

"I'm starting to regret taking that collar off you," AJ said narrowing his eyes, "Will you cut out that out and wipe that grin off your face? What the hell you thinking about anyways… do I really want to know?"

"Sure you do!" she said with a devilish smirk, "I'm thinking about you, Domino, and Sakura having a little fun and…"

After a bit inappropriate talking, she stopped and said, "What do you think?"

"I feel sick," AJ said sweating immensely.

"I never thought or consider a guy could do something like that!" Domino said with a huge blush all over her face, "But with AJ and me doing that like you described, I feel a little weird in my pants."

"I feel weird all over," Sakura said blushing as much as Domino.

"Wow," Ash said, "You could be a porn director with that kind of story telling."

"I have considered that a career move," Alexis said with a giggle.

"Shut up!" AJ said approaching the door, "Let's forget all this dirty talk and finally let whoever is still knocking in." Everyone nodded and AJ opened the door.

"Domino!" a girl said rushing into the room and hugging her tightly, "I missed you so much!!"

"Huh?!" she replied as the mysterious girl hugged her tightly, "Lovrina? Little sis?! Is that you?!"

"Who else would it be?" the girl replied with a grin. The girl had extremely long pink hair tied into two ponytails that nearly reached her feet. The girl had green eyes and wore a blue thin shirt with a jean skirt and white leather boots. Her face resembled Domino's a bit, definitely giving everyone the impression that she was for sure Domino's sister.

"Wait a minute," Domino said, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see you!" Lovrina said, and then turning to glance at AJ, "And to see the boy you have a crush on. He's very cute, kind of like that other guy you were childhood friends with. I see you have good taste in men. Also, why are you hiding your nice long blond hair under that hat? Let me take it off!"

"No don't!" Domino said, but it was too late. Her sister quickly pulled over her hat, releasing her long, following blond hair that nearly reached her ankles, instead of her thighs like last time.

"Wow," Melody said commenting about Domino's long hair, "Rapunzel! Let down your long hair!"

"Oh shut it!" Domino said blushing embarrassingly trying to cover her hair with her hat again.

"Oh!" Lovrina said turning to glance at the rest of the contestants, "That's not all! There are a bunch of people here to see you!"

They turned their heads to the door and saw a lot more people enter through it as well. "Ash!" an older female said as she rushed into the room and hugged him tightly, "How is my little boy?"

"Mom…" Ash said blushing, "You're embarrassing me!"

"Nonsense my little Ashy Washy!" she chimed.

"Yeah Ashy Washy!" Alexis and Domino chuckled, trying not to burst into laughter, "Your mommy isn't embarrassing you!"

"Max!" May said in surprised as her little brother came up to her, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you!" he stated, and then he glanced at Ash, "And to see your new boyfriend. I'm quite surprised. I thought you would for sure hook up with your childhood friend Brendon!"

"Max!!" she said blushing, "This isn't the time to talk about that!"

"Brendon?" Ash said pushing his mom off, "Who is Brendon?"

"That's my name," a voice said, "But I doubt you mean me." Everybody glanced to the doorway and saw a peculiar looking person. He wore a Stormtrooper helmet, black gloves, army combat boots, a green shirt with the logo for Halo 2 on it and a red vest over it, and he wore black and white pants.

"It's a Stormtrooper!!" Melody panicked taking cover behind Ash and May.

"As long as you are calling me that…" the guy said. He pressed a button on the side of his helmet and the music for the Imperial March from the movies started to play.

"Sweet…" AJ said walking over to him, "I see you finally installed the music feature to one of your helmets. Great to see ya man."

"Of course!" he said as they both high fived each other, "But more importantly, where are the two babes that want to be your girlfriend?" AJ pointed to Sakura and Domino near the back of the room.

"I see!" he said running over to them, and then examining Domino for top to bottom and then Sakura, "The force is indeed with this hot blond one, but certainly not the flat-chested one!"

"Hey!" Sakura said with a blush, "What's your deal!?"

"More importantly," Domino said knocking on the guy's helmet, "Who the hell are you?"

"That would be one of my best friends," AJ said walking up to them, "Allow me to introduce to you two, Brendon Galaxy. He is the biggest Sci-Fi fan in the world."

"That was very obvious from the start when he pressed a button on his helmet that played music from Star Wars," Sakura said, "I must say though, you have a very interesting friend."

"There she is!" an older girl said walking up to Sakura and then hugging her tightly, "I missed you!"

"Same thing!" Sakura said hugging the girl back, "It is good to see you too Tameo. How's my Espeon doing right now?"

"She is perfectly fine," Tameo said, and then she turned to AJ and back again to Sakura, "But more importantly, I have to talk to you about your situation with Brandon."

Sakura blushed and looked down at the ground. "Alright," she said, "Can we talk somewhere private though?" The older girl nodded and both of them left into another room.

"I wonder what's up with that?" Brendon said to AJ, who shrugged.

"There's my little sister!" another older girl said hugging Melody tightly, "How you been?"

"Carol!" Melody said surprised, "I'm doing alright."

"Are you sure?" she asked her, "I saw on the TV screen at the studio on that stupid Ash picked May instead of you." She turned her attention on Ash and glared at him fiercely.

"She's starting to scare me," Ash nervously said.

Finally, two more people walked in. One of them was Mr. Carrey and the other was another teenage girl. She had brown hair that went past her shoulder blades and kind of messy. She had fair skin that was slightly pale and she stood at about the same height as May. She had blue eyes, a delicate thin body, and average measurements. She wore green t-shirt with a logo for Luigi on it. She also had brown capris light pink sandals, and a green headband.

AJ froze up for a moment at the sight of her, while the girl blushed looking at him. He finally managed to say, "Kaitlin?"

She smiled and said, "AJ… it's great to see you again."

"Kaitlin!" he said excitedly running towards her. Both of them embraced each other tightly and then kissed each other on the lips.

The whole room fell silent at the sight of this. Lovrina and Domino's jaws dropped in complete shocked; the newcomers looked on in interested, Melody, Ash, and May's eyes enlarged in surprise, Alexis giggled, and Brendon didn't react at all. The two stopped kissing and turned around to look at everyone.

"Something wrong?" AJ asked.

"Wrong?" Domino said, "WHAT THE FG SHIT ARE YOU DOING?!"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Why the hell did you just kiss that girl?" she asked.

"Oh!" he said, "That's right. That was kiss. I never thought it was kiss before."

"So pushing your lips against a girl's lips never gave you idea that what you were doing was kissing?" Lovrina asked, and then she turned to her sister, "You clearly a dumb boyfriend."

"That's not what I meant," he said, "Let me explain, this is Kaitlin Glass."

"Hi," she said with a blush. Domino only glared at her furiously.

"We're both childhood friends," AJ continued, "Why we were about 5, we made our own way to greet each other when we saw each other, it was kind like our own version of a secret handshake, only without hands. We came up with what you just saw by seeing are parents kissed each other when one of them would come back from work. We just thought it was a way to say hello and we used that as our greeting."

"Alright," Domino said with a smile, "I'll take your word." She then looked at Kaitlin for a second and then delivered a piercing glare that literally made Kaitlyn start to shake in fear.

"Now you are all wondering why these people are here I assume," Mr. Carry said clearing his throat, "We, the producers of the show, thought it would be nice that you all got to see some beloved friends and family that you all through the rest of the time here in the mansion. They'll be here for a couple of hours, so feel free to confine in them and tell them all about your experiences here so far."

They all nodded, but he continued to talk, "Right now, I would like a moment to speak with Ash about a few things and to Alexis about her sudden appearance in the house. I would also like everyone to go to different rooms while the three of us talk."

The two of them glanced at each other and looked back at him. 'Alright," Ash thought to himself, 'I finally can confront him about what happened to Misty.'

"I like to talk to you," Domino said suddenly grabbing Kaitlin's arm, "Right now."

"I don't know," she said nervously in response, "I feel a little threaten."

"Good," she whispered in her ear as she dragged the girl away into the dinning room.

"I like to talk to you for a moment about your decision to be with my son," Ash's mom said to May.

"I want to talk to you as well about that!" Max said, "Let's go to your room." May nodded and the three of them left.

"Speaking of relationships," Lovrina said looking at AJ, "I want to talk to you about Domino." AJ shrugged and lead her into the living room to discussion things privately.

"Come on sis," Melody said to Carol, "Let's go talk in my room." They then left as well.

"Hey!" Brendon said glancing around, "What about me?! No one wants to talk with me? Fine! I'll go find that flat chest girl and talk to her and her sister!"

"Alright you!" Domino said pushing Kaitlin into a chair, "Let me get this through to you, I don't want you to ever kiss AJ again, even if it means just a simple hello to the both of you!"

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I don't want him to kiss any other girl besides me!" Domino said angrily, "Right now, he's deciding between Sakura or me and I don't want him to get sidetracked away from the two of us! So, you better stop kissing him if you know what's good for you."

"I won't!" she said firmly.

"Why not?" Domino said.

"Because I love him!" she stated.

Domino's eyes widen in surprise and Kaitlin blushed immensely. "You love him too?" Domino said, "Ah crap, the harem keeps getting bigger!"

"Well sorry!" she said, "I loved him longer than you ever had and I won't give up!"

"Can't you just hook up with that Brendon guy instead of AJ?" Domino asked.

"How can I be in love with him when he constantly hides his face behind a Star Wars Helmet?!" Kaitlin said, "Seriously, he always wears those types of helmets!"

"But why do you even love him?" Domino asked, "There's got to be some crazy reason why you love him."

"It's not crazy!" Kaitlin said, "It's just a… special reason…"

"So what do you want?" AJ asked Lovrina after they stepped in the living room. She moved in close and put her face close to his, without actually touching each other.

"Hmm…" she said, "You look handsome and cute I suppose."

"That's nice and all," AJ said moving backwards, "But I'm not trying to look cute or handsome. Plus, can you keep your head away from mine!"

"Fine!" she said taking a step back, "I just want to do one more thing!"

She then grabbed AJ in the most uncomfortable spot on him imaginable. Without going into much detail, it was very unsettling for AJ who keep punched her, which caused her to let go and tumble to the ground. "WHAT THE BLEEP WAS UP WITH THAT?!" he shouted at her.

"Just as I thought," she said rubbing her face, "Big! I'm sure my sister well be happy later when you two develop a deeper relationship!"

"SLUT!" he shouted, "You're even worse than Alexis!"

"Hey now," she said standing up, "I can take just about anything from anyone, but I refuse to be called a slut. I was just trying to see if you are the right guy for my sister."

"Why do you care?!" he said, "It isn't like you two are close or anything!"

Lovrina looked away annoyed and huffed, "I know that, but as her sister, I refuse to allow her to fall in love with the wrong guy! I just wanted to know a few psychical things about you, now I want to ask a few questions from you. Number one, have you had sex with any girl yet or are you waiting?"

"WHAT THE HELL KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?!" he shouted at her, "How sick and twisted can you get?! Plus, I haven't and that's everything you are getting from me!!"

"Fine," she said, "Just one thing though, you love my sister more than you do with Sakura, correct?"

AJ blushed and said, "That's none of your business! What's going on between them and me is none of your business!"

"Don't deny it," Lovrina said as moved in closer to him, "I can see it in your eyes. You look at Domino differently than you do with Sakura. It is subtle, but I see the gentle and happy look in your eyes when you look at her. Spill it! You love my sister more than Sakura!"

"I see…" Sakura said sadly to her sister, "Well, tell him what I said when he get home. It might not make a difference, but maybe it will." Tameo and Sakura had just finished up their talk with each other just then.

"Hey!" Brendon said walking up to the two sisters, "I want to talk to you Sakura about my friend."

"Well," she said, "I have something to say about him as well. It might be easier to tell you first. Tameo, can I have a moment alone with him?"

"Sure," I'll meet you back in at the entrance," she said walking off.

When the two of them were alone, Brendon started to say, "Alright, I have to ask you something…"

"Actually," she said, "I want to go first."

"Alright," he said, "I suppose ladies first…"

"Ok," Sakura said with a sigh, "I don't know how to say this, but… I'm giving up. I'm just through with trying to convince AJ to love me. Even with that weird dream last night, I've decide that Domino should be with AJ."

"Huh?" Brendon said, "You what?"

"Yeah…" she said looking at her shoes, "I just look at him and see something in his eyes when he looks at me and Domino. I also see how he acts around both of us and seems to be… leaning towards her instead of me. I just can tell…"

"You're giving up on him?!" Brendon asked, "I've watched you from the studio and see how much you fight to keep him away from Domino. Why are you doing this for real?"

"I already told you," she said clenching her fists, "Domino can have him. I just… you know? Why should I explain what I'm doing to you? I don't even know you that well!" With that, she stormed off back towards the entrance.

"So," Mrs. Ketchum said to May, "What makes you think you deserve my son?"

"Huh?" May said surprised by the answer. She, her brother, and Delia Ketchum were in May's room now.

"I want you to be honest," she asked her, "What do you think makes you so special that you think you deserve my son?"

"You're kind of scary me," she said nervously.

"I should be," she said in a low voice, "I want to make sure whatever girl falls for my son, and that she is deserving of his love and affection."

"I can understand why you care so much about him since you are his mom and all," May said, "But don't you think you are butting in a little too much?"

"Not at all," she said as she pulled out a couple pieces of paper from her bag that she brought along, "However, I would like it if you will out these forms for me. It is just routine paper work and all."

"What the!?" May said, "This is application form that I have fill out so I can date your son!? Isn't this a bit extreme?"

"I haven't considered that," Delia said, "But like I said before, I just want to make sure that the girl who goes out with my son is qualified to be his girlfriend."

"Ah…" May said looking at some of the questions, "Question one… do you want to have sex with my son before he is married? Question 2, if you answered yes to the last question, will you still agree to that if you knew that I would break your neck if you did so?"

"They are just routine questions," Delia said.

'They're so many questions on this thing that I want to answer yes to," May thought to herself as she skimmed over the sheet, "But I know I'll probably be killed if I answer yes to any of them! Why me?'

"Anyways," Max said, finally jumping into the conversation, "May, I have to ask you a big question."

"Just as long as it isn't as hard as these questions," May whined.

"What ever happened to you and Brendon?" Max asked her, "I thought you two were..."

May looked at the ground and hung her arms. "Well," she said, "Ever since he left 3 years ago on his Pokémon journey, we just lost contact. I miss him and stuff, but… I love Ash…"

"Wait a minute!!" Delia said, "Who the heck is Brendon? Is he another guy you are in love with?! I will not accept you have a second boyfriend on the side while you are dating my son!! See question 12 on the application!"

"Hold it!" May blushed, "He's just a childhood friend of mine! We used to do everything together, but I never really loved him! It just seems like we had something going on to any outsider, but we really are just friends!"

"Alright," Delia said suspiciously, "You better be right."

May nodded and then thought to herself, 'Actually… I never really thought about it. We were very close for friends… but I don't think we were in love. As I think about it… if he hadn't gone on his trip around the other Pokémon regions besides Hoenn… is it possible that I… Maybe…'

"So," Mr. Carry said to everyone, "Did you all have fun seeing your love ones again?" It was a couple of hours later now and everyone was pretty worn out from meeting their family and friends and everyone else's friends and family.

"It was interesting," AJ shrugged, and then he glared at Lovrina, "To say the least." She only blushed and looked away.

"Well," Mr. Carry said, "It is time for everyone to say goodbye. It's time for the visitors to leave now. You can have a few minutes to say goodbye to everyone."

Everyone nodded and said to goodbye. "Remember what I said and asked," Lovrina said squeezing AJ's hand and then whispering into his ear, "I know for sure you love her more than Sakura, just pick her already."

"I looked over your application," Delia said to May, "And you passed. You may continue to date my son."

"Wait a minute," Ash said, "What happened?"

"You're mom wanted me to fill out a form to determine if I was subtle to be your girlfriend," May said.

"MOM!" Ash said horrified, "You're embarrassing me!"

"That's what moms do best!" she giggled and then she pinched his right cheek, "See you later my little Ashy Washy!" Everyone snickered and laughed at Ash, while he just blushed.

"Hey AJ," Brendon said to him, "I think you should talk with Sakura. She seems to have something important that she wants to tell you."

"Really?" he said, "What does she want to say to me?"

Brendon glanced at Sakura, who gave him a threatening look. "You know," he said, "I think it might be better for me not to say it otherwise my health might be in danger."

"That's right helmet head," Sakura hissed.

"AJ," Kaitlyn said coming up to him, "It was good to see you again. I hope we can do something together after all this is over."

"Sure," he nodded, "It was good to see you again as well." Both of them hugged each other and Domino looked at the two of them intently. Kaitlyn noticed her staring at them and smirked devilishly causing Domino to grow furious.

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