A/N: Just something silly I thought of just now!

Jack pulled up to Carter's house, noticing that Daniel's car was still in the driveway. Carter had been hit in the leg by a staff weapon on their last mission and the guys were taking turns caring for her. Now it was Jack's turn.

He walked up to her front door and knocked. Daniel opened it a few moments later looking haggard and stressed. "Jack! Thank God you're here! Sam's making me…watch soap operas!"

Jack laughed, "What's the matter, Danny-boy? Can't handle the emotional roller coasters?" He motioned toward Daniel's car, "Go on, I'll handle it."

"Thank you!" Daniel said as he ran away from the house and out to his car.

"Carter? Oh, Carter?" Jack called out as he walked into her house.

"In here, sir!" she called from the living room. "Quiet down! My soap is on!"

Jack furrowed his brow as he walked into her living room; leaning against the wall he said, "Haven't you been watching those for the past couple of hours?"

She shrugged without removing her eyes from the couple on screen, "So?"

Jack shook his head and sighed as he went to sit down next to his 2IC. "So…what's the name of this one?"

"As the Uterus Turns."