A/N: This is my first Ginger Snaps Trilogy fic... I'm sorry if it sucks. This is just one perspective of some of the things Brigitte could have been thinking during the scene between her and Alice in Unleashed. PLEASE REVIEW. It keeps me sane.

Cigarettes and Threats

Brigitte watched as Alice pulled off her jacket and pulled out a cigarette.

"Do you mind?" the older woman asked.

Brigitte shook her head, her nose catching the scent of the tobacco as Alice held up the cigarette. For a moment, Brigitte wanted to rip the item out of the woman's hands and throw it out the window. That smell was Sam. Earth and plants, sweat and cigarettes…For a heartbeat, Brigitte felt the wounds on her heart more keenly. Alice just wanted to help. But Sam had just wanted to help and it got him killed. Brigitte wouldn't be responsible for any more deaths.

Her eyes flicked to the desk and she saw a picture frame with a missing side. Real glass. Alice stood and opened a window, her back turned for a moment as she lit the cigarette and asked why Brigitte had been keeping track of healing time for a cut. Brigitte didn't answer and slipped the glass from the frame and hid it. She had to make Alice understand. She tried to reason with the woman, "Look, Alice, if I was messed up in the way you think I am, I would really appreciate someone like you to help me."

Alice turned back to her and sat down, "And Brigitte, if I was stupid in the way you wish I was? I'd let you go…I've been where you are."

The scent of the smoke only made Brigitte's memories clearer, Alice's words striking the wound Sam's death had opened. All the woman wanted to do was help. But, just like Sam, she didn't understand, even though she thought she did, "You have no idea where I am," Brigitte said her voice soft and unsteady. Damn her memories!

"You cannot try this alone…"

She could hear Sam's voice. He just wanted to help her. Alice just wanted to help her too. But Sam was dead and Alice would be if Brigitte didn't get out, didn't get the monkshood. More people would die.

A sudden flash of anger swept through her. Why couldn't people see that? Why couldn't they see that their interference only made things worse? Yes, at first Sam had helped, but he'd interfered in the end and it got him killed. She leaned forward, her voice stronger, certain, "If you keep me here, people are gonna die," she said seriously. Not a threat. A certainty. To Brigitte it was just plain fact, one she was trying to get Alice to understand.

But the woman only looked at her with worry and slight shock and anger. The next thing she knew, Brigitte was being led down the hall to her room by Marcus, a firm, unrelenting grip on her arm. So much for plan A.