Mistress Queen

Hey ya'll! I'm pretty new to this whole fan fiction thing but I just had to write this story. It was something in me that has been trying claw its way to the surface for a while now. This is just an idea and I hope ya'll enjoy it. Ideas and suggestions are greatly welcomed but don't be a complete mean asshole if theres something you don't like. Reviews are important to me and much loved! Hope you guys like this! Without further adue I give you… Mistress Queen. Enjoy!


I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.

-Douglas Adams

Dear my trusted reader,

Once there was a great mighty king who lived alone in a castle dead center in a grand labyrinth. This land, dark, and cold, was one of the two worlds of the "The Mystic Lands", known to may as the Underground. Since the time he was placed on the throne the king of this underground had a cold lust for power and control which most often was misunderstood.

Years and years, ages it now seems to me, there was a great war between these worlds, each fighting for total control of all the mystic lands. The Goblin King, ruler of unnatural, disgusting creatures of the shadows, naturally won the great civil war (as I can safely refer to it) and as expected of his dominant persona, took over the remaining destroyed world; The Land of the Light-my home, the only home I've ever known.

I was naïve then, a naïve princess who, as was custom in our world, taken from my home as a token to the Goblin King. A prize, his slave; a princess to unite two totally opposite kingdoms. I was a gift of peace, my father The Light King had told me, an honorable mission that only I could see as a desperate gift of surrender.

I say Jareth's lust of dominance is misunderstood because as my time in the labyrinth grew into months and as I gained experience, I learned as a slave to my master how the roles of master and slave could easily be reversed. It was only a matter of time.

Here in lies the erotic and powerful accounts of a princess of a fallen and now ancient kingdom who became a Goblin King's mistress and slowly arose back up to queen. This is my tale of love and manipulated power, give or take. I know not if my rein shall ever dissolve into a legend of the past found only in story books, but this is my testimony and what it took to get here.

Beautifully Yours,


Queen of the Underground


BY: MaybeBaby17