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Mistress Queen


Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a Queen, not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn…Tempestuous as the sea, and stronger than the foundations of the earth! All will love her and despair.

Lord of the Rings

The first sign of the ball that greets me is the music to my ears-literally, for as Jareth escorts me down the hall, it can be heard from the twelfth floor. As we make out into the ballroom, lords and ladies in fine suits and elegant gown, and a scene of pastel colors wash into my eyes. It is as though we're in a room entirely made from glass or crystal. The crowd parts when they see Jareth and I and bow respectfully from one royal to another, and we bow in return. I should be intimidated with all these judgmental, whispering, eyes on me but the only thought I return is that of greatness, holding my head high as I walk on Jareth's arm. They hate their negative attention to be ignored by someone in my position, and knowing that, this is why I do ignore them. I'm better then them, I'm better then they'll ever be. When your life has been difficult-even if it doesn't seem so to others-you learn, as I did, to radiate strength and beauty by way of compensation. Perhaps Jareth's arrogance is rubbing off on me? No matter…

The music plays on and I think that is what I like best about the dance; the notes are probably the most hunting I've ever heard. Like all the melodies of enchantment are, it is sad and sweet, deeply sensual, almost tranquil one moment, and then demented the next. Where many Fay creatures drink with talk and laugher, most twirl about in their movements making the whole room spin and dance.

"I want to dance!" I tell Jareth eagerly, the mood of the ball is getting to my senses quicker then any bottle of Calisto would.

"We will I promise you that much," Jareth smiles, "but first I want you to meet a few people."

"Ugh!" I groan, "If I must." And let the royal-butt-kissing begin…this is the part where I must (regretfully) prance about, working the room as if this event was some mortal dog-show. Oh well, the soon I do this, the sooner it'll be over. On the contrary after about an hour, I meet some pretty interesting fae creatures, each with their own stories that of course Queen Brighid has so tactfully already recorded for the human world. This leads me to wonder if she'll ever record the truth of my journey, my own story.

After much drinking and socializing, I excuse myself and head for the back wall with good reason, where no one will notice me. In all this laughter and music from the royal guest, I feel myself becoming too overwhelmed too early, and want to be alone; I just want a moment to breath. When lean against a stone pillar and close my eyes for a moment, they reopen when a feel my arm being tugged.

"Princess Amethyst!" the voice of a lost friend calls to me. And there she stands before me, blue hair swept out of her face for this fancy occasion. The Fay Lume.

"Lume!" My squeal causes her to smile, as she embraces me a hug, "Oh I haven't seen you in so long! How did you get here and how are you?"

"I can not stay long," she whispers out of earshot, pulling away, "and it is you I am concerned about! Are you all right? Are the rumors true?"

"Which ones?" I ask sarcastically.

"The reasoning for the war of course! They say the Goblin King started it for his lust for you, and each day the stories change; that his lust turned into love."

"Oh Jareth, god help me if start to love you." I whisper under a breath so that Lume can't understand me. "Don't be absurd Lume! A Goblin King doesn't love, he lusts; this I can assure you. And even if he did love me, I don't love him…I couldn't." It would be the destruction to all my plans; I'd be no better then some mortal girl, like Sarah. His powers aren't as magical or as strong on me, at least… that is what I tell myself…

"Capturing the last of the royal family and using her as he pleases in different way on different nights, is the most humiliating the Goblin King could have done to our kingdom." Lume whispers harshly, when we take a set on one of the many oversized pillows that rest in the corner, "The very mention of it makes me want to gag."

"Nothing can or will justify what was done," I say to her softly, "but I'm okay now. How are things at Home?"

"Not good, since Jareth took you from us. I can't describe it; I don't want to. Amethyst, you need to come home, your subjects need your homecoming."

"I know; I'm working on that. Give me two nights and I'll be back." I say catching Jareth striding over to me from the corner of my eye, "but I must leave you now. Jareth's coming and I don't want him to suspect anything. You understand don't you?"

"Of course I do Princess." Lume says with a hug and then whispers a bit sadly, "I hope the crown is yours."

"It will be, naturally." I give her a reassuring smile, "if I go back what bothers me is my subjects. They'll never look at me as Princess of the Land of the Light. What if the chose not to listen to my words?"

"None of that matters; you'll change our world once it's placed upon your head, I know how you are." Lume says, "I should go. It looks as though your king is coming." And sure enough Jareth is waltzing his way through the crowds of dancing couples at towards me. His presence is powerful in a way that he is able to weave his way in and out of the Fays around him, noticed but untouched. "We'll speak more when you return home." And in a flash Lume disappears and Jareth stands in her place.

"There you are," Jareth smiles, "I was beginning to wonder if you had left me to fend for myself amongst those boring, drunk, royals."

"Ditch my own ball!" I ask shocked, "Me! Never! How extremely un-queen like of me. And you forget Jareth, that you are one if those, boring, drunk, royals."

"I'm not boring!" Jareth tells me as my grin breaks into a laugh, "I was looking for you, you know."

"We're you?" I ask arching an eyebrow, "and why is that?"

"Well I do believe I owe my queen a dance your majesty."

"Soon-to-be Queen," I remind him in a whisper.

Jareth takes me in his arms and just as he is about to lead me into a much awaited and much promised dance, the music cuts off, some trumpets sound, and with it, the room stills. Stepping through the grand double doors, and down a parted aisle of royals, is the beautiful Fay Queen herself in all her glory, and fashionably late as it is allowed for one in her high position. To all who bow before her, she returns their gesture and makes her way up to where her throne sits in the front of the room.

"I welcome all of you," she smiles warmly to her alliance, "my thankfulness goes out to those who have journeyed from lands far and away. Now, to get on with business," she leaves her throne and begins to walk about, her eye searching every corner of the ballroom. I glance about and clearly see the royals flashing me a quick glance out of the corner of their eyes. She's looking for me, I know it and they know it. As warm and soft as the Fay Queen's voice is, it is also commanding and direct, and with the amount of silence that is in the ballroom, it is in these moments that I can't help but feel a bit intimidated by such a great icon. "Where is this Princess Amethyst and her Goblin King?" The fays that surround us say nothing but part away from Jareth and I, as though making a path for the Fay Queen.

"Your majesty," Jareth bows taking the queen's hand and placing a kiss upon it.

"Don't try to flatter me Goblin King," the Fairy Queen smiles, "I've been around for quite sometime; I would expect a difference."

"Some things don't change." Jareth flashes a smile.

"Apparently not," the Fairy Queen cocks an eyebrow at me, "Princess Amethyst I presume?"

"Your majesty," I bow.

"You may rise, my child. Follow me," the Fay Queen says, "As for the rest of you," she waves a hand to the rest of the Assembly and the musicians, "do carry on with the drinking and dancing. What would a ball of the Assembly be like without those elements? Jareth, you may stay here; your Princess and I must speak a bit of girl talk, as they say in the mortal world." When I follow the Fay Queen and her tall guards, Jareth does not follow; after all, what choice does he have? She's the leader of the Assembly and in a way the fate of my becoming queen rests in her perfect hands.

"Well, by the way you carry yourself" the Fairy Queen says once we reach a quiet room away from the noise of the party, "you certainly are not a commoner, that's for sure."

"No I'm not," I admit, "I am-was-Princess of the Land of the-"

"Land of the Light?" the queen cuts me off, "yes, yes, yes, I know."

"Then you know of my story?"

"By heart from the way every mystical kingdom has been speaking about it. You may or may not notice this, but your quite popular." The queen informs me, "You were a part of a long line of powerful rulers, am I correct? Your land shared equal power with Jareth's, yet somewhere in that neutrally, a civil war broke out. Your father's kingdom lost and as a result, you were taken from your home as a token of victory, where you have been residing with Jareth since."

"Do the rumors also confirm what duties I've had to said Goblin King since that time, your highness?" I ask coldly. Obviously, as you know my reader, this isn't a subject I take lightly.

"He made you a slave, and now he wants to make you his queen." The Fay Queen nods, "this is the small detail that makes your story so significant. The fateful Agrea informed me of this, the rumors did not."

"Forgive me your majesty but this is no small detail," I say trying with much difficulty to keep my posture, "it isn't to me."

"I believe that to be true, more then half of the Assembly believes you should take your place not just as Jareth's Goblin Queen but as a Queen in her own right. The last word, the one that truly counts is mine alone," the Fay Queen agrees, "but yet here you sit before me with potential to rise again out of humiliation and into a world of royalty again. Has your Goblin King explained the significance of the pendent he so arrogantly wears about his neck? It means infinity. Can you see yourself being with Jareth for eternity ruling over a land of goblins? I know this is something Jareth wants but is this what you want?"

"No one ever asks you want you want," I say looking away, "fate pulls you about until you hit your destiny."

"And is this your destiny? I remember many, many, many, moons ago I felt a bit of sorrow for the foolishness of the world so I decided to invite all women to come to my knoll to be given wisdom. Now many women disdained to come to me believing that they knew more then I which was fine; after all Princess, this was an offer, a choice, not a command. The human women who did drink from the shell were and still are considered the wisest of their race and those who did not are considered foolish, and they continue to grow in that foolishness. I suppose my long story has a point, and my point to you dear Amethyst, is that fate offers choices until you reach your destiny."

"My destiny?" I ask, "I-I'm not doing this for Jareth, I'm doing this for my fallen kingdom, I'm doing this for myself."

"Your position if acquired will not be an easy one, you do understand this? For all time you shall either be looked upon as a savior who delivered and reconstructed her fallen kingdom and it's citizens to a higher level of power, or just a king's mistress who slept her way to the top."

"I'm completely aware of all this my lady," I say, "I shall let them think what they want, I shall be whatever they wish me to be. I can be both, when I want to, a mistress queen, they'll say when they speak of my journey. Only I know the truth, and I shall be only what I want to be, when I want to be, because I have that choice. What I'm doing is right."

"There can be no going back from this." The Queen of the Fays simply studies me with her green eyes for a moment and then her small mouth breaks into a soft smile, "Very well, fair enough then. Smalls things hold great truth, remember that."

We both stand and the guards open the double doors. As the queen and I return the dancing, drinking and music (on queue as always) stops and the crowds parts for our entrance. The Fairy Queen beckons Jareth and I to follow her at the head of the room where her throne rests.

"Princess Amethyst," the Queen of the Fays announces to me and everyone else who stands before her in the ballroom, "I am pleased to proclaim that the Assembly and I see your potential fitting the profile of royalty flawlessly. King Jareth," she turns to Jareth and I, "The Assembly and I grant you your Goblin Queen; Amethyst my dear, I and the Assembly grant you your rightful title and crown. We're eager to see what you do with it next." I smile, first at the room full of Fay rulers and then at the great Queen herself; I know she knows I have things, changes even, up my sleeve which is why she smiles back. I can't help but wonder if in someway, her story, her difficulties were similar to the ones I'm facing now-or better yet-the ones I am about to face with this strangely wonderful new title. This is not yet the end; there are bigger obstacles that await me, with or without the crown.

As I turn to face the applauding crowd, a tiny, smiling, Agrea buzzes up beside me and whispers in my ear, "You got what you wanted your majesty; your Queen now!"

And in the other, Jareth smiles wickedly, and asks in that same sensuous voice that made me both fear and love him, "How does it feel love?"

"It's good to be queen."

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