My Way or the Highway

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts II, or it's characters in any way whatsoever. But I'll tell who which of it's characters own me: Riku, Sora, Axel, Roxas, Seifer, most of the other Organization XIII members, and uhhh… several other people…. Un.

Summary: Yaoi Seifer x Roxas Roxas manages to tick Seifer off, and accidentally agrees to a bet, that could lead to him leaving Twilight Town for good! "Know what, Chicken Wuss? Just looking at you pisses me off."

Note: All right, this chapter could have some mistakes in it, since I've only played through Twilight Town once so far. And the reason for that is because I was at a friend's house when I was playing it (I got to the second visit to Twilight Town lol), and well, I don't own the game (yet, anyway, heehee). So yeah. I can't really remember what Seifer and Fujin and Raijin do, and I only know them well enough to make them kind of act like they do in Final Fantasy VIII, so please, bear with me, heh. Oh, and sorry if I rarely put Vivi in here… I just keep forgetting about him… her… it… oh, him. I'm pretty sure.

Oh, and also, I don't know about Seifer's age… so in here, I put that he's older than Roxas.

Timeline: Somewhere before the game starts, but a little bit after Roxas gets to Twilight Town… like, after a few weeks or so, maybe…

Pairings: Seifer x Roxas, could even get up to Axel x Roxas if I feel like it.

Chapter One

The Bet

It was usual for Seifer and his posse walk around as if they owned the place. Even newcomers to Twilight Town would just suddenly bow down to their feet, and act as if they were in the presence of royalty. It was so usual that, in fact, Seifer had gotten used to this kind of treatment. He expected everyone to treat him like a king.

All of them. Even if just one of them pisses him off to the point where he felt like strangling something.

That one person being a dirty blond haired teenager named Roxas.

There was something about Roxas that just ticked Seifer off to the core, and it wasn't just because he didn't treat him right. The kid always walked around on his turf, and just chickens out whenever Seifer got mad and challenged him to a battle.

All right, Roxas never did chicken out, he had a fighting level even higher than Seifer, and even the Struggle champion, Setzer (but some people had the strangest feeling that he had just bribed his way up). Seifer just hated it when Roxas would agree to the fight, and then suddenly lose.

In short, Seifer was ticked off at the fact that the guy was holding back. And anyone who holds back deserves a slap in the face and a punch in the gut.

And it was funny that one day, one very normal and fine day… Seifer was in the mood for just that. It was like one look at Roxas could suddenly get Rai flying into the air, with Seifer in the position that he had just punched something. But luckily for Rai, Seifer had not sent him flying when he saw Roxas. Instead, the leader just crossed his arms and smirked.

But the other blond haired boy didn't bother to run up to him, or even cast a glance at him. Instead, he just ran right past Seifer and the gang, as if he were in a hurry. It was like all the other people around him were invisible.

Seifer twitched. What was up with that? Roxas was supposed to run up to him, and agree to fight, mano a mano. The anger flared up inside him… and his gang was hoping that he wouldn't get more pissed than he already was (when Seifer got up that morning, he stubbed his toe, broke a mirror, spilled soda all on his favorite shirt, tripped on a rock which caused some people to snicker behind his back, got attacked by a black cat, had a ladder fall on him, and when he had sat down on a bench, he sat on a whoopee cushion, and a random kid ran away laughing).

The teen slammed his fist into the wall that was placed close to him, and his gang jumped, not knowing what or who he was going to hurt next.

"Roxas!" Seifer bellowed, and the younger blond boy stopped dead in his tracks, even from so far away. The angry teen took out a fighting stick, the kind used for the Struggle Battles and Tournaments. Roxas, who was oh, so far away, jogged towards him.

"What do you want now?" he asked, though the reason was quite obvious. "…Seifer, don't you ever get tired of fighting me? Besides I'm in a hurry…" the teen turned a bit to walk off.

"You stop right there," Seifer demanded, and Roxas turned to look at him once more.

"What?" he asked, with a glare.

"Know what, Chicken Wuss?" Seifer tapped the ground with the weapon. "just looking at you pisses me off." Of course, this was very, very old news, even to Roxas.

"I just said I was in a hurry-"

"Fight me."


"Fight me. NOW."

"I just can't-"

"If you beat me, I'll let you go," Seifer smirked. There was a silence, and the other boy got in battle stance, taking out the same kind of weapon his enemy had.

"And what if I don't beat you?" Roxas asked.

"Then you'll stay and become my slave… and if you don't bother with that, then you have to leave my town for good."

"You're on."

And then their little battle pursued. There was dodging and attacking and the running and tripping, Seifer grinned as he realized Roxas wasn't holding back… for once. But then the teen almost regretted it, since he didn't want to lose against the little chicken.

The fight ended. It was like it lasted only a second. Roxas flew to the ground, panting heavily, tired and beaten. Seifer pointed his weapon and the other blonde's face, who just looked up with a glare. The standing teen poked at his nose with the weapon.

"The deal, remember? You're my slave now."

& 1 &

"What's taking him so long?" Hayner sat on the ground Indian-style, with arms crossed. Olette and Pence shrugged.

"It's unlike him to be this late…" the girl let out a small sigh. They had planned to go to the beach that day, but since Roxas wasn't there…

Hayner stood up and let out a growl.

"What if something's happened to him?" Pence suggested, and there was a long silence.

"Nah, I doubt he'd be dumb enough to let that happen."

Olette and Pence just slumped over at what their friend had said. But seriously. Either Roxas had forgotten all about their plans, something happened to him, or he was just plain late.

Which, really, in his case, was almost all three. In a way.

& 2 &

"So, what was it you were in a hurry about?" Seifer crossed his arms, not bothering to help Roxas up. The younger teen grumbled, and stood, dusting off his pants. Seifer frowned. "why were you in a hurry?" he asked again. The blond boy glared up at him, which caused the other one to grab him by the shirt.

"What did we agree on again, huh, Punk? Tell me what we agreed on." Seifer clenched his teeth, causing Roxas to actually feel afraid of him for the first time. Not because he could get beaten up, but because Seifer really could get him thrown out of Twilight Town. Roxas sighed in defeat, and Seifer let him go.

"That's what I thought," he said. "now, tell me, what was the big rush?"

"I gotta go meet with my friends," the younger boy answered. Seifer only smirked in response.

"Is that so? Well, from now on, you can't meet with your friends ever again," he said, crossing his arms.


"Like I said before, Chicken Wuss, you're my slave now. And whatever I say goes. And when I say you can't see your friends anymore, I mean it." Seifer said. "and from now on, every morning you have to report to me. Don't go running off, because bad slaves get punished."

"I'm not your--!" Roxas furrowed his eyebrows.

"Yes you are. You agreed to it when we made the bet. You lost. You are my slave. Want me to repeat it again?" the older teen asked. "I can say it in several different languages. Al Bhed, Spanish, French, German--"

"Roxas!" came a voice. Seifer, upset that he was interrupted, turned to glare at the position of the voice. Hayner, Olette, and Pence came running up to the two blonds.

"Roxas, what are you doing, hanging out with Seifer?" Hayner asked.

"Seifer made me--" before Roxas could finish, the older boy walked him on the head.

"Loser," Seifer said. "he's hanging out with me now. Now go run off and play somewhere else, Dorks."

"Hey! You have no right to--!" Pence and Olette had to hold their angry friend back from pouncing on Seifer, while Fuu and Rai had to go and get into battle ready positions, just in case Hayner got free and pounce to rip Seifer's head off. "--Roxas, please. You can't be serious about all this! Don't tell me you're gonna hang out with Seifer now! He's a jerk! What about us? We've been with you since forever!"

"Hayner, please calm down…" Olette said. As if obeying, the boy took a deep breath, and looked up at Roxas and Seifer.

"C'mon, what's this all about?" he asked. The eldest blond just grinned.

"Roxas is my slave now."

"You're joking."

"Roxas is my slave now."

"You've got to be kidding me."

"Roxas is my slave now. Loser."

"How did--?"

"Why should you care?" Seifer draped an arm over Roxas's shoulders, and leaned on him so that the boy had to struggle to just keep himself standing.

"Roxas, you don't have to--"

"And if he doesn't obey me…" the elder blond said. "…then he's gonna be kicked out of town for good."

End Chapter One

Preview for next chapter:

He couldn't help but look through the drawers. They were filled with note books, paper, and other stuff like that. Maybe something in here would at least explain why Seifer wanted to make him his own slave, even if he just ticked him off.

Roxas found a photo at the bottom of one of the piles. His eyes widened. Why did his master have his photo?

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