My Way or the Highway

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts II, or it's characters in any way whatsoever. But I'll tell who which of it's characters own me: Riku, Sora, Axel, Roxas, Seifer, most of the other Organization XIII members, and uhhh… several other people…. Un.

Summary: Yaoi Seifer x Roxas Roxas manages to tick Seifer off, and accidentally agrees to a bet, that could lead to him leaving Twilight Town for good! "Know what, Chicken Wuss? Just looking at you pisses me off."

Pairings: Seifer x Roxas, some one-sided Hayner x Roxas and Olette x Hayner… and OH MY GAWD FINALLY some hints of Axel x Roxas (woot for AkuRoku)… but it's not gonna exactly gonna end with AkuRoku… it's gonna stay Seifer/Roxas, like it had been in the first chapter.

FFC: This is the last chapter, Folks! But just because it is, doesn't mean that it's the end! Oh no, I'm making a one-shot, songfic sequel.

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Roxas: That's the spirit!


Seifer: I think they saw it already…


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Chapter Nine

The End

Seifer ran through the forest leading to the mansion, and got there, but was blinded by a flash of light, and heard a gate opening. He managed to catch a glimpse of blond hair, grey pants, and a strange weapon in the shape of a key.

But he could still recognize the hair style anywhere.

The person was Roxas.

Seifer took a step forward, then stopped, seeing that the blond boy was holding a key of some sort. It creeped him out, kind of. He watched as Roxas ran past the gates leading to the mansion… and strange white creatures following shortly after.

It was then Seifer decided he had to know what was going on. And he had the strangest feeling that even if he didn't know… something bad was going to happen anyway.

And so he ran. Past the gates. To the mansion.

& 1 &

Seifer stopped once he got into the mansion. There was rubble on the ground, possibly from the rooms above… it made the blond shiver at the thought of having the entire mansion collapse on top of him. He continued on heading up the stairs, and saw a figure run to the door to his right, and decided to follow it.

The teen sighed to himself, and wondered what he had done to deserve whatever was soon going to happen. He made his way to the door, and paused, only opening it just a crack.

Pictures were scattered all over the walls… WHITE walls… Seifer didn't know what person in their right mind would be able to stay in such a place- it was so bright. He watched as Roxas looked at the drawings, he couldn't really tell what they were of.

It was then Seifer felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned around, coming face to face with the strange red haired man. Before the teen could let out even the tiniest noise, the taller male punched him in the stomach, and the blond dropped to his knees. He grabbed the man by skirt of his jacket.

"What's going on, d-dammit?" Seifer managed to spit out. He looked up at the red haired man worriedly. "what's going to happen to Roxas?"

The man didn't answer… and just stared down at the teen as if he were just a lowlife being.

"None of that will matter to you anymore," was all he answered, and a smack on the head was all that got Seifer to black out.

& 2 &

"Seifer! Seifer!" a voice called out.

"Sleeping." came another voice.

"I'm not blind, ya know! But it's not like him to sleep in like this!" the other voice said.

Seifer sat up, hand on forehead. He found himself in bed, and almost felt like something was wrong-- that he shouldn't have been there in the first place. He came face to face with Rai and Fuu.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked coldly.

"It's almost 10 o'clock, ya know?" Rai said. "you're always out after 7, so we thought it was weird, ya know?" Seifer sat out.

"Well, get out of here so I can get dressed."

His two followers nodded, and walked out of the room. The blond stood up from the bed and grabbed his usual clothes. He looked out the window, and saw Hayner, Olette, and Pence outside hanging out with a brown haired boy, a duck, and a dog. Something was seriously missing. And wrong.

He slipped on his clothes, put on his boots, and ran out of the house to meet with Rai and Fuu. It was then he met the strange new boy and his animal friends.

"Just who are you supposed to be? A newcomer?" Seifer asked, as his two friends came up to meet with him.

"I'm Sora, and these two are Donald and Goofy." There was something strangely familiar about Sora that the blond couldn't put his finger on. Was it the hair? The eyes? The grin? The… clothes? Man, the clothes looked at least a few years too small to be his size. Talk about an atomic wedgie.

To stop himself from gawking, Seifer cleared his throat.

"Anyway, this is my town, my rules, so if you even think about doing anything in it that'll cause havoc, I suggest doing it somewhere else." At that, the teen walked off. Sora and his friends looked at each other.

"What a scrooge!" Donald said.

& 3 &

He watched them get on the train to leave town. Sora seemed vaguely familiar, and yet… he just met the kid. As the train started to leave, Seifer felt tears stinging his eyes, and rubbed furiously at them. Rai and Fuu exchanged glances, and looked back at him.

"Are you all right, Seifer?" Rai asked.

"I'm fine!" Seifer snapped. "it's just allergies." he turned to leave. "if you need me, I'll be at my house." at that, he charged off.

The blond was so confused. He felt as if there was a piece of him that went missing the night before. He felt that none of this was supposed to be happening.

Sora did remind him of someone.

A blurry image flashed in his mind. Seifer couldn't make it out. He couldn't even think of the voice.

He hoped that whomever the person was… he wanted them to come back soon.

End Chapter Nine


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